World Gone Crazy

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F.D.A. Grants Full Approval to Pfizer-BioNTech Covid Vaccine Note: The above did happen, but they did not approve the death jab everyone is receiving. That still is an experimental vaccine (which is not a real one). The press ran with … Continued

In My Face

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Yes indeed, cool North East wind hit me in the face. Last night reminded me of a fall evening here in Central Texas. The problem is that it is not fall, but the start of normally the hottest month of … Continued

Texas Cooling?

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Is Texas Cooling? Is the Earth Cooling? From my point of view, here in Central Texas, this is the coolest summer I can remember. As you can see from the above GFS temperature anomaly map, yes things are cooling across … Continued

The Trap

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The TrapWhat goes in does not come out If you don’t have a good evaluation or you have bad internet or social media “Digital TRAP Records” or have been a part of a “ HATE POINT” then there is a … Continued