1 Gallon Herb Machine

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Herbs are great in food and are great for your health. Here s a small system that can grow all the herbs you will ever need, and it’s cheap as in crazy cheap. This is a simple system I created a few years back and grew in my small greenhouse before I moved out where I am now. I would suggest you get a small greenhouse for many of your starts that you can use in your garden and also grow hydroponic herbs in.



This bubbler system is a good example of making a hydroponics system from most anything. This system is constructed from 1 gallon plastic jugs. Two of them are milk jugs and the other one is from a distilled water jug that my wife used. Because you can see through the jugs, I painted them green with spray paint that is especially manufactured to paint plastic. When cutting off the tops, go slow, as the plastic is rather thin and easy to cut. If you are not careful, you will quickly cut the hole too big for the 2 inch net pots. Also, be careful not to wrinkle the plastic as you will create a crack. Because the plastic is so thin, they will probably only last one season. This system is a good project for school or for just having fun. Note that the end of the air tubing is connected to a small bubbler rock.


The graphic on the left is the completed 1-gallon herb bubbler. The air rock (stone) is placed at the bottom of the jug. Also note that when I painted the jug, I put some tape on the side of the jug so that when I removed it, I would have a small window (nutrient level window) on its side. Using this window, I can monitor the nutrient level of the jug. For this system, I made three of them and ran the bubblers from one air pump. If you have a lot of jugs and a lot of air pumps, there is probably no limit to how many of these could be made and put into operation.


Just as I had finished building the 1-gallon bubblers, my wife asked me if I could grow parsley for her as we were expecting a freeze, and when that happens all her parsley is destroyed. The graphic shows the parsley we pulled from her garden. Note in the graphic that I have used LECA rock to hold the parsley plants she pulled out of her garden. Obviously, at this point (two weeks) I am not sure how well parsley will do but I plan to take more pictures as time permits.

Jugpic4 Results
After a few weeks of operation, the parsley looks happier and has actually put on more growth. Hopefully, this batch will supply my wife’s kitchen when it gets a bit larger. My wife says that parley is almost a weed, so I think hydroponic weeds will probably grow quite well! I am thinking that if I had about 10 or 15 of these systems that I could grow almost all the herbs I would ever need. So why don’t you try this simple system? Then you can tell all your friends that you are a hydroponics grower.

Note, if you want, most hydroponic stores will have the needed parts and nutrients. Below is everything you can get at Amazon. The air pump and other things you can get at a pet store if you wish.

Each 1-gallon jug has its own bubbler rock. I have added nutrients up to a level that is 1/2″ above the bottom of the net pot so the new roots will be wet. Later, after the parsley grows longer roots I plan to let it drop to around an inch below the bottom of the net pot and keep it at that level. Note that you can see the nutrient level on the nutrient level window on the side of the jug. This system will have to be replenished after a few weeks or so. Just dump and immediately add fresh nutrients to the same level. NOTE: There is an off-grid way to growing this without an air pump. Start the plant and as soon as there are good roots, keep the nutrient level about 3/4 full. do not let it gets lower than that. As in all plants, you will need some good sunlight. This system would grow lettuce and other things. Forget Tomatoes! You can start seeds in the system, but the best is using your own starts or some from a nursery.



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Note these are reusable, just wash them out after using/


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AQUANEAT 12PCS Air Stone, Small Air Stone Cylinder, Aerator Bubble Diffuser, Air Pump Accessories for Aquarium, Nano Fish Tank, Hydroponics

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airpump_ PartAandB

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Suggest you get a bunch of nutrient. If you have questions, use the contact form on my blog site. Dennis


Let me know if you try this system. Herbs can be grown for food and medicine.

Dennis in Central Texas

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