Cosmic Rays and the Earths Magnetic field

Things are getting interesting and perhaps more dangerous. Dangerous to humans and things like DNA and dangerous in the geophysical relm like increased cloud cover. As you can see from the recent balloon flights, the intensity of the Galactic Cosmic Rays has increased even more. You can look at this graph at the following URL. Note how high the recent flights and readings are.

The balloon flights are sponsored by and the students of Earth to Sky Calculus almost weekly since March 2015. So there has been a 22% increase from 2015 until the present (December 2019) Picture below is from one of the balloon flights

HEY! note the earth is not flat!

On the left is my probably not so well done graph of the increase in intensity over time and it doesn’t look like it will get any weaker and you can’t blame it on global warming or something crazy as a climate emergency caused by man.

There is certainly something going on to cause the decreases. But sunspots are not the cause but are the smoking gun that is a dead give away. It’s the SUN. The sun is gradually going into an inactive period. This was posted on January 24th. and the sun did break another cumulative record for minimum sunspots in 2019.

But there is something else going on causing all those Cosmic Rays to increase and it’s happening right here on our planet. What is happening is that the earth’s magnetic field is moving and lately moving really fast. As you can see from the graphic, the earth’s south magnetic field is moving out of Canada and moving in the direction of Russia. So indeed, it does look like the magnetic fields of the earth are headed for a polarity reversal. When this happens, now only do the fields move, but they also weaken. From measurements today, they have weakened by 20% and are getting weaker. The earth’s magnetic field and the weakening sun allow more Cosmic Rays to penetrate the upper atmosphere of the earth.

So the increase in Cosmic Rays can be attributed to two things. First the sun is getting weaker and the earth’s magnetic fields are too. These decreases are cumulative in their effect. The effect is an increase in clouds and an increase in the Albedo Effect.

As you can see from the chart, snow and cumulus clouds reflects the sun’s energy back into space more than other things like water which is at the bottom of the chart. So what does all this have to do with global cooling? Obviously this is a cumulative thing. More clouds and more cooling. More cooling and more snow. More snow and more increases in the Albedo Effect.

As you can see, they started building SUVs right after the Maunder Minimum (1700) and has caused all the warming to date! Actually, Carbon 14 ratios point to the sun. We are coming to an end of that period and the earth will and is starting to cool. You can listen to Rolf Witzsche’s new YouTube post at this URL The video talks about the above graphic and what caused global warming and the fact that it is ending. As I have stated in other blogs, this 300 year period was a great blessing, at least for those who were not killing each other in wars. Just like the curve upward, we became better and better at killing as the population increased and we developed new technology some of it really bad.

I am a follower of Rolf Witzsche who has many and I mean many very good YouTube video’s on climate and what He thinks is a coming icy cooling period that will cull a large part of the global population unless something is not done. I must agree, that is what it looks like, but:
THE TERM ICE AGE IS TABOO and should never be spoken about. It is for that above reason you will hear little on the subject. And mostly from a crazy old guy on this blog and wonderful and amazing people like Rolf.

There may be one more reason that we are seeing an increase in Cosmic Rays and this is what Rolf talks about.

This is a decrease in the sun’s output from reduced plasma stream energy that powers the sun.

So to sum sun it up

  1. The Sun’s magnetic fields are going in and out of phase causing reduced SI.
  2. Decreases in the sun’s output from reduced plasma stream energy that powers the sun.
  3. The wandering and decreasing of the earth’s magnetic fields.

In Item 2 there is a hidden thing that is probably happening. This is the Ice Age TABOO thing. This taboo is not spoken about and only in whispers by a very few. Please note that gravity sucks. Very true, but magnetic fields suck much more. Once you realize that our sun is a plasma and electrical sun, then you can fully understand the cycles in the Carbon 14 ratios in the above graph. All the ups and downs are caused by variations in the sun. These variations are caused by electrical, magnetic and plasma energy that feeds the sun. It is that simple and requires no atomic power plant in the center of the sun which is really a child’s story. Remember that ice core data shows that the earth is an ice planet 85% of the time.

Perhaps we need to prepare? If you see any please let me know.

Cheers and best of everything from Central Texas

I eat an all plant diet and have for about a year. I am now 77 and have as much energy as I did when I was much younger. This book (PDF) is free. To get this Book go HERE.

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A grumpy grandfather who loves his whole family. Growing for the coming cool, cold and icy times.

2 thoughts on “Cosmic Rays and the Earths Magnetic field”

  1. actually, you are wrong about the earth being an ice planet most of the time… you havent gone back far enough. For most of the history of the earth there is no ice at the poles and its in “hot house” conditions. Its natural state is not to have ice at the poles.

    In geology, when there is no ice at the poles is is called “hot house conditions” (like when the dinosaurs were about)
    When there is ice at the poles its called “cold house conditions”. During these cold house conditions (which we are in now, we see see the ice sheets expand and retract which we call glacials, and interglacial cycles (ice age is just a redundant word now – but we call it a glacial period and it is still very much studied).

    Whether we are in a glacial or interglacial period is governed by the orbital parameters of the sun aka – the amount of energy we receive from the sun, based on our proximity and orbit – milankovich cycles). We have no control over this. These periods last 10s to 100s of thousands of years. This is something reasonably predictable – and based soley on that, we would be due for another glacial period – which would most likely lead to our annihilation without doubt.

    However, what shifts us in and out of hothouse and cold house conditions is not fully understood – CO2 MAY play role. There are a couple of things to note though – the earth has been fine for most of its life with hot house conditions and very high levels of Co2 (far higher than now), the earth and its flora and fauna will adapt and change, its called evolution. There has never been a major extinction even associated with climatic shifts (not in the same way as asteroids etc) So all the scare mongering pisses me off.

    We might actually be BETTER off if we increase global temps as large areas of permafrost such as in alaska, china russia, greenland, Icland and Antarctic will become available to live in, mine and farm…. We would likely gain land rather than lose it.

    What we NEED to stop doing is polluting with noxious gasses, chopping down and destroying habitats and using plastics. Those are the problems – climate change – in my opinion – is not. And we are better off pumping out CO2 to avoid the next glacial period

    Heres a link to the entire history of the earths temp – the “cool” periods are the only time ice has existed at the poles. Enjoy×367.jpg

    1. Thanks GoJo. I completely agree on your comments on pollution which is destroying the earth and the food we eat and the health of humans. You may have not understood what I mean when I use the term ICE PLANET. When I use that term I am talking about the Pleistocene period in which we are living. So yes we are now living in an ice age. If you look at ice core data, the earth during this period is mostly an icy cold place. During these periods there are warm periods like you and 7.5 billion other people on this planet have lived through and why we are alive and eating three meals every day. But that has nothing – nil – nada to do with global warming caused by CO2. As you state CO2 is not a bad thing and CO@ is really plant food. If we reduce it any more plants may just one day not grow, What we have just experience. is just a cycle. It is my opinion we are coming out of a period of global warming (not caused by little bitty man) and into a Grand Solar Minimum caused buy the sun or even worse a dip back into the icy thousand years of ice and cooling of the Pleistocene . The milankovich cycles are not the reasons for the earth going into icy and cold periods, and generally and recently the scientific community agrees on this. BUT please understand, this blog is not a scientific publication. It is a collection of what I think and what I am blogging on. Additional I am not perfect and things I comment are what I think. I have a huge problem just getting things spelled properly and many of my explanations are rather crude. You are free to believe anything you wish. Time will tell, but being pissed off could be a bad idea as it is always better to evaluate everything. It is impossible to create a place where everyone agrees with your or my assessments. You are free to post on my blog al long as you post in a gentleman’s manner. If you or others don’t follow that, as the owner of this blog which I pay $300 a year for, will then just delete the post. I find interested that you posted The “cool” periods are the only time ice has existed at the poles. What about what created the great lakes and New York city area being under a thousand feet of ice. Best of everything Sir!

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