The 2020 Garden Part 8 of ?

It’s Potato Planting Time in Central Texas.

We had a nasty frost here last night as the temps dropped below freezing. No damage though as the only things planed are garlic and onions, and frost does not seem to bother them. It will soon (as in a week) be potato planting time. As you can see from the pictures below, the seed potatoes have sprouted after being in the dark for about a month (left photo). Pieces are cut off the whole potato containing eyes (center photo). On the right are some of my Korean sweet potatoes that are making slips. After they grow around six inches tall, I cut them from the potato and place then in water. After a week or more, they will be growing roots and ready for planting. We here on the farm are looking forward to an abundance of potatoes this year. I am hoping to store some of them for seed potatoes next year.

The cut seed potatoes will have to heal for about a week before planting. Make sure that there is plenty of air circulation around the cut potatoes so they don’t rot. In the next day or so I will be getting a large amount of hay that will cover my long 100 foot potato bed, I will just place them on top of my compost and then cover with about a foot and half of hay. Ill probably water them a bit before covering. My mulch is already pretty damp so I won’t need much. If I regularly get some rain I may not have to water them much. Harvest will begin around the end of June, but I may cheat and dig out some of the smaller ones.

Ill put up some potato planting pictures up as soon as I have them.

One other thing, please get prepared for the virus explosion that will probably happen in the coming weeks. I sure hope not, but it’s not looking good. You probably need a minimum of two months of stored food.

If you don’t have a lot of money, rice and beans are still available and relatively inexpensive. Boring but will keep you alive. I also like grits, oatmeal, pasta and dehydrated potatoes. Grab some raisins, and some canned veggies and fruit. Want meat, get some canned chicken and hey some SPAM! I tried some Bacon SPAM and it was well OK. I suspect it may have passed by or been in the same room as a pig! Add that to the boring grits, potatoes and rice. Don’t eat them until you actually need them. My can of SPAM actually has a 2023 use by date. I suspect in 2025 it would be just fine LOL. Any of the above will store easily for two years or more. So if I am just a crazy doomer, none of the food I just mentioned will go bad and you can consume it later. Please don’t wait until people go APE – – – – and clean out the grocery store. You don’t want to be a part of that I can guarantee.

Best of luck from Central Texas


I eat an all plant diet and have for about a year. I am now 77 and have as much energy as I did when I was much younger. This book (PDF) is free. To get this Book HERE.

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