The 2020 Garden Part 9 of ?

The potatoes are planted and the starts are looking good

I just got a good break in the weather yesterday and went to work planting all those crying seed potato starts. They were crying “PLANT ME” and that is what I exactly did. I opened up my bed as you will see in the pictures below and placed the seed potatoes in two rows. I then watered them in rather heavily and then covered them up with mulch and watered again. I then placed hay over all of them. They will stay that way until I harvest probably in late July. I plan to sneak out there and dig around for some small potatoes from time-to-time. This method eliminates all the hard work that a Ruth Stout garden is famous for eliminating.

Korean Sweet Potato Slips

All of the starts in my greenhouse are looking good as you can see from the tomatoes I am starting. All my Korean sweet potatoes are starting to sprout and I am cutting slips and placing them into water to grow roots..

Once I get a nice sunny day, I am planning on creating an instant sweet potato bed by placing all that hay and horse poo that has composted into a six to 8 inch deep bed. Then I will plant all my slips and sprouted sweet potatoes into the compost and water. I suspect that violent growing will take place as spring settles in here in Central Texas. Its getting pretty overwhelming as Spring starts to show. The Purple Martins have arrived and taken up residence in my wife’s bird houses. Below are some pics of the potato planting exercise yesterday. As you can see from the pictures I have bunches of hay just waiting to be dispersed as I plant tomatoes, squash, peppers and a whole cornucopia of different vegetable plants.

That is all from this blog. As the Coronavirus makes it way into the US, make sure to prepare. You might want to read some of my resent blogs on the subject. I have added Vitamin C to my preparedness protocol.

Wishing you and yours the best of everything.

Take care of yourself, family, friends and those who have less than you do.



I eat an all plant diet and have for about a year. I am now 77 and have as much energy as I did when I was much younger. This book (PDF) is free. To get this Book HERE.

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A grumpy grandfather who loves his whole family. Growing for the coming cool, cold and icy times.

2 thoughts on “The 2020 Garden Part 9 of ?”

  1. Dennis, I have been enjoying your blog. I find it informative and appreciate the work you put into it. About the hay….I once used hay in my garden and within three days EVERYTHING WAS DEAD. Apparently, the hay had been sprayed with some type of herbicide. I do hope your hay is certified organic. Unless you know the source to be reputable it might save you some heartbreak. Me, I won’t ever use hay again. Sigh.

    1. Thanks, Jeffery
      Yes, I know where you are coming. It is almost impossible unless you actually know the farmer producing the hay to know what was used to produce the hay. I killed 350 tomatoes plants in a greenhouse and all of my field vegetables when using a mulch that contained tainted wood shavings. It is harder to get most anything that is not tainted with weed killers even our food and even baby food is tainted. Its all about money and our farmers are the worst polluters on the earth. If this does not stop soon, it may kill us all! Thanks for posting – Dennis

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