Taking care of your personal garden

We all have gardens. Mine is my family
and those who I love.

If you are now living a life that seems to be lost in this world, then you are probably like most are not living in a garden of your own making. I know that I tried to live in this world that you see on TV, or as the privileged seem to live. I spent a large part of my life trying to get that sparkling new thing. Often I was never satisfied with any of it, as it was all based on a false promise. In the end, I failed miserably as it was never about me but what others told me it should be about.

All the above begs the answer to the question “How can I live in this world and be happy”?

Well, I bet that you thought that I was going to answer the above question, but you are wrong. The question can only be answered by you and what kind of garden you want to live in. I have my own garden and no two gardens look exactly the same. So let’s look at some things that you might add to your own garden. That garden that you may live in or go home to or one that you are working on. It will probably contain things that matter to you and to your family if you have one. It is something that you will work on every day as all gardens have weeds.

Please note, even if you have nothing and must live in this world almost exclusively, there is always the Garden of the Mind.

Joy and Peace
Joy is a strange word, as many people do not even understand what joy is. The definition of joy from a quick search of the internet brings up this description of joy:

“The emotion evoked by well-being, success, or good fortune or by the prospect of possessing what one desires”

So, Joy, is emotion is it not? It’s an emotion that we all need to get through this thorny, weedy garden we call the world. The other really important word is “Prospect” in the above definition. If you have no prospects then you are stuck in the mud so to speak. But most do not understand that prospects are mostly created out of choices, and of course, choices can be good or bad. The next thing in the definition is “Possessing what one desires”. There is one big problem with desires and that is they can drag you into that thorny weedy garden, not of your making.

The most destroying thing about desires can be what is called “Unfulfilled Expectations”.

So in reality, joy is an emotion that we all need to feed and nourish.
Joy can be the reason for getting up every day. It can be the smile on your children’s faces or looking after someone. Joy can just be the prospect of being alive another day and what that day may bring. Joy is understanding that we probably cannot have everything we desire, but to desire them anyway.

Peace really is the icing on joy.

The definition of peace is “freedom from disturbance; tranquility”. With Joy comes freedom. You may be a slave out there in the world, but in your personal garden of family and friends, you are free to interact with all those who are members. If you set up your own personal garden, the disturbances will be at a minimum and tranquility could be off the charts.

So I am wishing you all Joy and Peace from me to you. As this virus keeps a lot of us worried and shut in and looking at things that you never thought could happen, be sure to invest in your own garden. Bring into it all those who you love and are about. The best way to pass time is to do things for others even if over the telephone. Make plans for what you will do after this is all over. Think about growing your own food and a garden.

I have a saying “Things will always work out even if they don’t”.

We are on this planet for just so many years. Make sure those years are years of Joy and peace.


I eat an all plant diet and have for about a year. I am now 77 and have as much energy as I did when I was much younger. This book (PDF) is free. To get this Book HERE.

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A grumpy grandfather who loves his whole family. Growing for the coming cool, cold and icy times.

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