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Updated April 3rd. 2020 – go to bottom of this Blog.

The whole world is going through this Corona Virus infection and all that entails. Here is the states like most of the rest of the world people are being locked down and are finding it harder and harder to get food. Many things are out and not available. The store shelves are not being filled as fast as they need to and some people are running scared. People globally are loosing their jobs and world unemployment is growing. While the US is being locked down, the government is handing out a pittance to those in need while, trillions are being used to bail out big businesses while small ones who are shut down fester and fail.

If you can not see that, then your are perhaps blind. From the collapse of our financial systems, it looks like a world wide depression is on it’s way. While this and the Corona Virus are devastating, the implications of FOOD SECURITY are even more important as it looks like the world systems of providing food for its almost 8 billion people are failing. Even in the best of time those billions of people just had enough food to get by while those in richer countries ate and wasted food as it seemed that the supply was endless. Even worse we are burning corn in our cars while others starve.

All of that is changing and I am seeing cracks in that perspective of endless food in those who I talk with and interact with. Some people see what is coming and are actually starting to grow their own food. Seed is in demand and the usual rush for spring seeds for planting which happens every year has not stopped and gotten worth. It is hard to get starts at the big box stores in places and baby chickens come at a premium.

Our farmers who grow and supply many of the day-to-day items we eat are having problems getting seeds, fertilizers (there is a shortage) and equipment and parts for their machinery. The growing season is not looking all that good as well and our climate is slowly changing into a wetter and cooler environment which can cause all types of environmental problems with plant growth. We may see a wetter spring and a shorter growing season as NASA is saying the next solar cycle which is just starting will be the weakest of the past 200 years. Only the Dalton minimum had such lower solar activity and that brought on huge problems with agriculture. To make matters worse there is a shortage of farm labor. The US brings in every year migrant workers who help produce a large amount of our food. There workers are not being protected from the virus and this may become a problem in the food chain. This is especially bad in the UK, EU and in India as workers are being told to go home or there are not enough available locally.

As I have said over the last two years, in 2021, the world will wake up and realize that there is not going to be enough food for everyone. When that happens all hell will break loose and the world will be stripped of any food reserves (if there are any), and that will be the start of the big culling of the world population. I think it is time to repeat what is headed YOUR WAY, not just the other guy. Note the things below are Gloom and Doom and reality which is a hard teacher.

  • The Grand solar minimum – Lasts 35 years and will almost completely destroy modern agriculture in places.
  • The Sun is getting weaker and the earth is cooler from the weaker sun.
  • The earth’s magnetic field is weakening and moving and there may be a pole flip coming. This is bad news for people, plant life and animals.
  • During grand solar minimums there are an increase in volcanoes and earth quakes.
  • There is in increase in cloud cover caused by an increase in Galactic Cosmic Rays.
  • There are more thing but I will stop here.

None of the above is conducive to food production. Also because of more clouds and cooler and wetter climate, there is more disease and health problems (for you and plants and grains). Again and again I repeat, this CO2 thing and global warming is an agenda to tax and fool very stupid people. A cooler, wetter, icy earth is on it’s way and we better do something or we will be a part of that global culling. Please try to wrap your mind around that for your own self and you’re family.

The only solution is for industry to start growing in protective greenhouses and for the population to start growing it’s own food. This will require a life style change. We will all need to become farmers and be responsible for our own nutrition and a large part of our food. There is nothing wrong with having a few chickens.

At the moment I have a hen that is hatching out around 7 chicks. You can grow your garden in your back yard and keep the chickens there as well. Seven grown hens and a rooster is all you will need for a continuous bunch of chickens. If chickens are properly fed, they can produce an egg a day or perhaps a little less. You can grow things like winter squash that you can store. Also potatoes, cabbage carrots and other things. Grow beans that can be dried and used in the winter. You can eat well all through the growing season. Get a dehydrator and dehydrate tomatoes, peppers, and squash.

Or you can sit on your rear and starve. That’s your choice. If you think there are food availability problems now, just wait another year, then you will be begging the government to help you and it may be too late.

Get your seeds HERE or any other place you can. It getting late in the game. It’s not too late, but very soon it will. 10 to 12 months max?

UPDATE – April 3rd. 2020
Can not purchase garden supplies because they are NON ESSENTIAL.

Dennis in Central Texas

I eat an all plant diet and have for about a year. I am now 77 and have as much energy as I did when I was much younger. This book (PDF) is free. To get this Book HERE.

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A grumpy grandfather who loves his whole family. Growing for the coming cool, cold and icy times.

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    1. When it’s all over with there will be a small remnant (perhaps 500 million) left who will be a loving community and will understand that God is their everything and their only thing. During all of this Christians will have a target on their backs.

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