Enjoying the Global Cooling Goodness?

What a strange middle of April as the north wind causes an old 76 year old grumpy guy to have to search for his jacket in Central Texas. Sounds like a grade B or C movie right? Perhaps worse. As the world descents into a world of global cooling, people remain locked in their homes and search for food. Again that sounds like the movie I referenced above.

Headlines: People hide in their homes as a virus rages and the earth cools. Fear struck people fail to see what the globalist have in store for them. The FED is pumping out huge amounts of dollars and the brain dead representatives in Washington don’t have a clue. Or do they? People are sent a pittance while corporations are bailed out with trillions of printed money that the poor masses will have to pay back. Life times of saving and investing are reduced to just coins in a jar. This would make a great movie would it not? Its almost funny until some place up in that 4G – 5G radiated GMO infested brain you realize that it’s not a movie but actually reality!

Below is a road map I published last year. Again I suggest that you place it in your car or on your refrigerator like a grocery list. I have placed two maps below so you can decide which one looks best on your refrigerator. Every time you open your refrigerator think: “I REALLY NEED TO GROW MY OWN FOOD”.

When I produced the above two graphics the Chinese Corona Virus was no where to be seen. I suspect that the virus will change some of the dates on the above two. I suspect it will speed things up.

More on seeds. Yesterday I was still looking to order seeds that I would like to plant this fall and in the spring of 2021. Of the five stores I visited online only two were taking orders. The other three had shut down their websites and were not taking any more orders. Of the two that were taking orders, many of the things I wanted were sold out and not available. If you are looking for seeds, I would suggest that you keep trying as it may get harder and harder to obtain seeds.

Make sure you don’t order hybrid (F1) seeds as that is just a dead end if you want to save seeds for next year. In fact, its getting almost crazy like at the number of hybrid seeds that are being sold. In good and what you could call normal times, purchasing hybrid seeds were a good thing as many of these seeds had really good qualities and could be purchased year after year. I suspect that this will not be the case soon and your (Heirloom) seed will become really valuable.

While I am waiting for spring to finally and fully arrive here in Central Texas, I am making my plans for this fall as I am planning on growing all winter long with a Low Tunnel similar to the one shown below. I am shooting for a 12 x 45 foot tunnel (walk in size) with frost blankets inside. There are an amazing number of vegetables that grow well during the winter and I am planning to put this to the test.

Picture on the left is by Val Vannet Permission – Creative Commons Attribution Share-alike license 2.0

I finally found some things needed, but like all the other seed companies, they were totally wiped out of things that are pretty standard when starting a spring garden. I am still looking for some Sunchokes (Jerusalem Artichokes). I really want to start a bunch of them around the farm. I have some Russian finger seed potatoes on the way, and feel lucky to get them as EVERYONE is sold out. These potatoes will go in my 7 – 30 gallon grow bags that are just sitting there waiting. Moringa tree seeds are the next thing I want to start.

One final thing. The Texas Dew Berry’s are ripening (see above). These are the sweetest berry’s on earth (my earth anyway. They are also wild, and I bet I could pick 20 gallons of them just walking down our rural road. Those in the above picture were picked around the back of my large Greenhouse. I see my wife making Jam and Jelly soon. Also our native Texas plumb trees are full of plums, so it looks like a good year and berry and plum along with wild native grapes makes for a bunch of good things. None of these have I planted and they are just there for the picking.

While you are sitting there frustrated, start thinking about food security. Plan out a garden and search for and purchase some seeds.

Cheers and best of everything from Central Texas.


I eat an all plant diet and have for about a year. I am now 77 and have as much energy as I did when I was much younger. This book (PDF) is free. To get this Book HERE.

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