The War on Meat – Global Control of Food AND you

So how are you feeling sitting there in your home just waiting for things to happen? What will our rulers and masters tell us to do next? Sorrowfully, probably 93% of the worlds population will go along with what they are told to do. The war on meat and food is just one part of what our rulers and masters want. Have you noticed that these lock downs are actually destroying the middle class even more. When I say middle class, I am talking about people who actually employ people and run small businesses. When we come out of this if we ever do, there will be a solution. The solution is that all of us rich and poor will need to be vaccinated. You will need proof that this has happened or you will not be allowed to go in public. No trips to the store or even drive your car.

First, lets be clear, this virus we are experiences kills. The following is my take on all of this. I would suspect that this virus kills people who have really bad immune systems. So who might that be? If you have had chemotherapy, then that completely killed your immune system. If you have some really bad infection or medical problem and you are taking drugs then you may have a compromised immune system. If you diet really sucks and you are a fast food addict then you may be compromised. If you stay inside and are rarely exposed to the sun, you may have weakened your body’s defense systems. Americans may have the worst diet in the world. Diet can contribute to a compromised immune system. GMO, junk, fast and processed foods are horrible for your health. Drinking, smoking and doing drugs take another link out of your body’s defense system. And finally it kills older people especially those in care centers. Why is this. It’s a no brainier. Most of the people there suffer from some medical condition that requires care and attention. If you are older, say my age which will be 77 this coming May, you probably have some medical condition you are being treated for. You may have eaten a horrible diet all your life. You may be weak and stay in a lot, get little or no exercise and rarely go out in the sun. Obesity is another killer. Just being overweight can have health effects. You may be taking drugs that compromise your immune system.

So lets look at another thing. Being shut up in your home can cause mental problems. Humans were never made to be isolated. Being isolated can cause health problems. You need the sun and to get that you need to go outside. This is a sneaky virus which seems to have the ability to infect people easily. So when it gets into your body, and you have a great immune system, you may have the sniffles or nothing at all.

Viruses are nothing new. There are perhaps millions of them in our environment. If it were not for the body’s immune system, humanity would not exist. It’s a healthy immune system that protects us from the viruses. So just being healthy goes a long way in protecting us.

The crux of the problem and an observation: If your system has a top notch immune system, this virus will probably just fly by you. BUT, any thing you do to destroy or interfere with your immune system makes you a target. With this virus, it looks like a short trip from a compromised immune system to being infected, to the hospital and in some cases a bad outcome. The solution? Stay healthy.

Below is a blog I wrote last year. You may have been reading about meat shortages, no eggs, or chicken and pork in short supply at the grocery store. All this works into what this shutdown from the virus is doing to our food system. Personally, I no longer eat meat, fat, oils, milk or eggs or any thing made from these items. But I don’t have a war on meat. I like all these things, but at my age with a history of heart problems (bypass surgery and diabetes) my decision to go plant based is my choice, not something being decided for me.

Here are three great YouTube video’s on plant based health. Please don’t eat one of those bloody burgers!

Link one HERE
Link three HERE

Yes there is a war going on and it’s trying to kill our consumption of that horrible disgusting meat.

As you probably believe (wink wink) that eating meat is warming the planet, and if we don’t stop will burn up the planet and we will all die!

From the Urban Dictionary:

If you have never heard the term “useful idiot” it was the attitude held by Vladimir Lenin towards communist sympathizers in the West (America). While Lenin and the Soviets held them in utter contempt they also viewed them as tools for dispensing communist propaganda to other countries, thus infecting foreign cultures with their totalitarian tripe. After their mission was complete, they were no longer “useful.”

Perhaps most were sent to reeducation camps and other places.

It’s a term the refers to brainwashed American Marxists who blindly support any ideology that gets themselves out of real work and causes others to pay their way. Jeepers, I hope I don’t offend anyone with the above. But surely anyone who believes that destroying the consumption of meat and eliminating animal agriculture to save the planet must be a “Useful Idiot”. But that’s my opinion and I am a flawed human. I have constructed a few graphics below for you to enjoy.

Coming to a school and restaurant near you. Yes veggy burgers are the real thing. I tried one as a test. Disgusting at best. Created gastric anomalies and was not sure what I was eating.

Yes meat products thanks to chemistry. My taste buds are on overdrive right now!

OK so whats this war all about? So what is the agenda. There is always an agenda and it’s not always obvious but this one sure is obvious. Its called global CONTROL of food.

The end result of all this is for corporations to supply all your food. Modern agriculture is frowned upon, and will ultimately reduce their bottom line if you eat good healthy nutrient dense foods you grew or others provided. It is the agenda of globalists that want to put humanity in a box where the will be forced fed (pun intended) anything they like. It’s the complete subjugation of humanity on a massive global arena.

Just think. At this moment if you are lucky, you are a FREE RANGE SLAVE. Yes you can move from place to place, but the company owns you and the store ( and your house if you actually purchased one) and this will get much much worse.

While I watch all this play out, I am amazed what people are not doing to save themselves from all this madness.

What they are not doing in my favorite bullet points:

  • Drinking the cool-aide
  • Be happy don’t worry as they drive down the road with their cell phone in front of them.
  • Not preparing for the above agenda
  • Not preparing for the Super Grand Solar Minimum
  • Sitting on their posteriors doing useless things like looking at their big screen TV
  • Eating the incredible bad for you GMO and processed foods
  • Not preparing for most anything
  • Not growing their own food
  • Not starting local communities
  • Having at best two weeks of food in their homes
  • When things get bad thinking they can call or write their representatives (too funny)

So soon if you ignore the above bullet points, you will be enjoying living in a corporate built and financed box where as I said above feed their processed food boxes.

It is my belief that we are quickly approaching a fracture of the global growing systems. Crop failures continue to add up, and you only have to look at the grocery store prices to realize this. In two years your life that you may have enjoyed the past years back will cease to exist and complete disappear.    

Food will = $$ and if you want to create value and food money in the coming years just start a garden. While food is not the ultimate solution, there are no other solutions unless there is food available.

Darn, again I could not sleep, and this is the result of that. Its 5:00 AM here in Central Texas, and I can hear that darn rooster crowing outside. It’s time to think about what is coming our way. Its not just you and that grumpy guy in Texas, but its the whole world.

It’s time to prepare.
It’s time to grow a garden
It’s time to join or start a community
Winter is coming and also those global corporations who are coming for you

See you next blog and here is wishing you the best of every thing for you and yours


I eat a all plant diet and have for about a year. I am now 77 and have as much energy as I did when I was much younger. This book (PDF) is free. To get this Book HERE.

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