The 2020 Garden And Something Different

Looking at Sprouts and Microgreens (small Scale)

Well my 2020 garden is in full swing. The tomatoes, squash, potatoes and peppers are prolific. I am waiting on my Okra and have had a meal only once, but more is coming. I also have a large amount of late seed potatoes to put in this week. It’s getting hot and humid here and it finally looks like there will be no more north wind in June (which we had). It looks like that is over. While the heat is great, I some how suspect that we will have a short summer and quickly go into a cool fall. I also have a feeling I will be harvesting late potatoes and Yams.

So what is up on my plate for the hot summer in my house? As the above states, I am growing sprouts and microgreens for all that salad I will be eating as I pick huge amounts of all types of tomatoes. Below are some pictures from a manual I am developing.

On another note, my wife just about has had it on me using her Nana room as she calls it for an office, so I am in the process of moving into one of our old and small (but air conditioned. RVs. To get my attention, she now has to call me on on of my radio’s. I must admit it is a bit quieter out here in the RV.

Here is a bit from my manual I am developing. Note: Probably in about three months, I will have an online store. I will also be looking for some Team Members to help me with it, so stay tuned.

Why grow food in your home?
I can imagine what you are thinking about food after going through the Corona Virus and feeding your family. That is exactly what is going through my mind and is why I am writing this little book. We live in a JET (Just in Time) world when it comes to food. Your local food store has at best 3 days of food on the shelf. It has a few hours of food if everyone who shops there for some reason like an ice or snow storm, hurricane or perhaps some dangerous social problems decides to stock up. The shelves would become empty. The JIT truck has just loaded up its haul to the store. The grocery store is low on some items, and that is where the trucks come in. If for some reason the trucks can’t get to the grocery store, the products that had a low inventory will soon be out and will not be replenished. At that point Too Bad – No Food. Hard to realize but the difference between having food and not having any is a truck and a warehouse that runs the trucks. What has been written above has always been that way, especially as people went from growing their own food (perhaps like your grandparents) to depending on purchasing food from the local grocery store. I would agree that it has been nice to get food from all over the US and food from many different countries. I bet you have enjoyed doing that as well.

What it all comes down to is three things:
• Growing Food and processing it
• Warehousing the food
• Distributing the food (JIT Truck)
If any of these three things fails, there will be little food to purchase, that is unless you grow your own food which this book is all about.

Wonder No More
The iGrow Green Machine located at our store (Mart) has thought out a solution to food and food security. It really didn’t take much thinking; we only had to look back at our relatives that grew their own food. We just sort of copied what they did, but inserted some more modern things to make it easier to get started,
Lets face it, it would not be easy to one day just decide to get a tractor and start farming. What the iGrow Green Machine has come up with is a way to grow you own food at home or in your back yard or In a small apartment. No tractors required and no digging in the dirt unless you want to. So follow along as we explore growing food at HOME!

The WHY of it

Why growing food in your home?
As you have just gone through the Corona Virus experience, you have seen the many things that have created problem with the food chain. At the moment while this has been written, things have gotten even worse, and at least where I live there has been a large increase in food prices. Even this should be enough to make you start thinking about growing your own food, but there is one thing on the horizon and that is that we will be looking at climate change and what warmer or cooler conditions in the coming years which will have a huge impact on the global food supply.
Huge food price increases
Possible Social Unrest
Global Cooling / Warming
Financial Problems

Any of the above things could take food off your table and leave you or your family hungry.

The End Game

If you are new to growing food, then this is the place to be. The path to food security is a path of many directions, but here at iGrow Green Machine, we have mapped out a really simple path. This path starts out simple and as you become more confident, grows in complexity as you progress down this path.
Before we start this path, let’s look at what the ending will look like. It’s always a good idea to see where you eventually end up as you progress.

That path should end with you actually Growing and Eating and Storing food that you actually grew. Not food from the store but YOUR OWN food.


So to get started, here are our suggestions. Obviously they are products we really feel will make your transition into growing food easy and successful. All of these are available on our online store.
Step 1 – Growing sprouts and microgreens Inside you home
Step 2 – Growing in a grow tower in your home
Step 3 – Setting up a grow bag system outside

Solutions Step 1
Sprouts and Microgreens
Growing sprouts and microgreens is pretty easy and will provide you and your family some really tasty things that you can eat directly or add to your salads, soups, that special sandwich you like to make or just about any food.
The wonderful thing about sprouts and microgreens are that they are nutrient dense. They provide many of the vitamins and other things that contribute to a healthy body and immune system. If you eat these two super foods you probably won’t need to take a multi-vitamin. Beside all the above reasons to grow and eat sprouts and microgreens, there is one other good reason. That reason is that they are kid friendly.

Solutions Step 1 (sprouts)

Growing sprouts is simple and it’s relatively inexpensive. Sprouts can provide you with the super food and the power-packed nutrition your body needs at a price that is right. So by growing sprouts, you can save money while eating right. Sprouts are just that sprouted seeds. You eat the seed sprout. With Microgreens you don’t eat the seeds or roots and only the stalk and leaf. More on Microgreens later.

Solutions Step 1 (sprouts)

Well that enough of that. Here a few closing pictures of sprouts and micogreens I am growing inside this summer:

Day 8 – microgreens not harvested yet and still under a grow light:

Well that’s all from Central Texas. I hope all of you ( you all as they say in Texas)are doing well and have returned to work.

Remember to keep your immune system in good shape and this virus will just fly past you. Recommend (not medical advice) Vitamin C, Spirulina, Chlorophyllin, St. Johns Wort, Zinc and Vitamin D3.

Go out side and get plenty of sun so all of these can work properly as they are all photo (sun) activated.

Wishing you all the best.


Author: sunmanprepper

A grumpy grandfather who loves his whole family. Growing for the coming cool, cold and icy times.

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  1. Sure glad to see your post….it’s been awhile. I’ve been a big fan of sprouts for a few years now; they are surely a super food, if there is such a thing. I have a garden, and have had mixed results here in Arizona….but I’ve had no problems at all with sprouts. It has been a challenge at times, however, to find bulk seeds to buy for sprouting.
    Take care.

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