It’s a Cool Wind Blowing


It's a cool wind blowing here in Central Texas. I guess if you live way south of here like in Australia, then it would be a Cold South Wind Blowing as it's winter there. It KINDA feels like a small part of winter never left here in Central Texas.

Greenland is piling on the snow and ice. Take that you Global Warming useful butterflies.

It's been cool almost all of the spring here and I thought the North Wind would never stop blowing which was rather harsh on my newly planted garden. Today is June 14th. and the north wind just stopped blowing. For the previous 7 days we have had north wind.

I suspect this cooling is directly being caused by a cooling sun, and the Grand Solar Minimum which is slowly showing why we call it a MINIMUM. It's not over yet and we are just getting started.

Some of the things I am hearing is crop failures all over the earth. China is having problems and there are runs on grain. Australia is importing wheat this year and Vietnam has shut down it's exports of rice.

Last week the pacific North West saw unusual snow, and its been very cool from Denver north. Ontario is seeing the coldest weather in years. All over the earth seems to feel what is happening and it's not good for global food supplies.



The war on meat and humanity seems to be getting worse as riots, burning and general anarchy seem to be creeping into our society and all the mushrooms are just sitting on their collective rear ends hoping it goes away or it's not really real. (suggestion - write your senator or representative - they can probable help - end of satire)


I cannot believe how much people are not preparing for what is coming or even know what is going to happen over the next few years. Well politically and spiritually I may not know but I certainly a see a FOOD SHORTAGE in the winds and they have not stopped blowing. I guess when the Pizza and Beer runs out and the pantry runs dry they may just start to worry.

In the next two years, the almost 8 billion people who like three meals a day will finally realize that there will not be enough food to feed those 8 billion. Soon this planet may just have enough food to feed 4 billion. That's when the hell on earth starts. I suspect it will be "Every one for them self".

There is only one solution to growing in the deep depths of Global cooling and the Grand Solar Minimum and that is:

Local Food grown by Local Farmers for Local People.

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The solutions will be growing at home, in our back yards and in Solar Greenhouses. We now have the technology to create a modern solar greenhouse that is energy efficient and does not need huge amounts of external electrical power to heat or cool them. Any thing else is just a MONSTER high-tech garbage dump that contains money and eventually will fail. Food at home can be supplemented with sprouts, Microgreens, grow towers and a grow bag system outside or under a small Greenhouse. Local solar greenhouses can circle the city and provide the city center with fresh food though out the whole year. The greenhouses would use modern plastic covering, earth provided cooling and heating and a covering that could be automatically rolled out during periods of bad weather, very cold nights or excessively hot days. These solar greenhouses can be assisted with solar power and for supplemental lighting and local power if needed. In addition to these solar greenhouses, there is additional technology I can't speak about right now that will make them even more efficient.

Please note, vertical farming in large buildings will eventually fail especially if the grid fails. Every thing in these monsters will die. Not so in a Solar greenhouse that uses solar power for pumping water and lightning and earth cooling and heating. This technology is available now, and I hope to be a part of it's execution. So can you if you are not the couch potato type and has a beer and pizza belly. You will die with the 4 billion people on this earth that never though beyond their nose, and live in a small box physically and mentally.

All the above has to start very soon or our cities will become burned out shell of days gone by as people flee what will be inflected on them. What we need to start with is the simple design below and add a little technology to it.

Well that's all for this blog. I sure hope you are doing something about your food security. If you are looking for seed, here are two I recommend HERE.

Cheers Dennis


I eat an all plant diet and have for about a year. I am now 77 and have as much energy as I did when I was much younger. This book (PDF) is free. To get this Book go HERE. Note: you must use your email to get the book - Just a heads up and being honest.

Cheers Dennis

Author: sunmanprepper

A grumpy grandfather who loves his whole family. Growing for the coming cool, cold and icy times.

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  1. Hey Sunman..growing food is like a lot of things , it’s harder than it looks and , I hope , experience counts for something and experience will be cumulative with better and better results..a learning curve trends up …but for now— the adventure continues

    1. Hey DGY You are entirely correct and NOW is a really good time to start. Anyone who waits until they really need to will be in a heap of trouble.
      Thanks for your post. Dennis

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