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If you have been watching the world lately, then you may have noticed that it seems to be going crazy with stupidity. After having watching what people are willing to put up with, I am seeing more dead people. Lately when I go out in the public, I have started playing a little mind game. I try to pick out the 1 out of 10 who will survive what is heading our way.That means I am looking for the 900 million who will be alive in ten years. The others the 9 out of 10 will be dead. This is assuming a global population of 9 billion which we are approaching.

I really hate that I am thinking these thoughts, but it seems that humans are mostly a stupid species and are afraid to do anything on their own. If you look at what is happening now and in the past, it seems that humans will put up with about anything like herded sheep. Once it gets so bad, the sheep revolt, but it's always too late. The sheep herders just laugh and continue to shear the sheep. Of course there are fewer sheep. That is exactly where I thing the global population is going. The sheep herders are winning and have always won.

While I am not sure I will be the 1 out of 10 to make it through all this, I certainly see it coming.

There is a solution to all of this but I don't see it happening as it seems that genetically humans are not capable of getting along for very long. As humans, we have never seemed to have had an embedded moral compass. Even when we did, it only worked in a half ass way and only during good times. When things got bad, it always becomes a "Every One For Them Self's" environment. There is power in community, but I have beat that dead horse for the past years in my blogs with little.success. What we need is a global community that will eliminate all the sheep herders, but little chance of that.

As I said above, there is a solution and that solution is Jesus. But that seems to put people off. Why I am not sure.? All He wanted was for people to love God and our neighbors. Pretty simple, but not very sophisticated enough I guess. Perhaps it's just too simple. A solution to world peace and global prosperity? But then apparently too simple I guess. Or perhaps people don't want peace and prosperity?

If you are turned off by religion, then I have a suggestion. The problems with religion is that people seem to think they must be a part of it and therefore add their little crappy cruddy part to it. How in the heck can you add anything to Love God and your neighbor? That is absolutely perfect, and if you add anything to it you only corrupt it.

That is the reason I think most people see religion as a collection of crazy people. To be a Christian is absolutely simple. Just follow and embed what Jesus said into your life. Don't write thousands of books about it. Don't create thousands of laws about it. Don't wear special clothing or cut your hair a special way. Don't wear silly hats or caps. and especially don't push your beliefs on others or kill them because they are different. All this is corruption of the most pure and perfect law ever. You could sum up the law as "LOVE".

I am absolutely sure that the solution of  "Loving God and our Neighbors" (the law of love) will never work. The reason? Jesus said that in the end, there would be little flesh left on earth except for the intervention of God.

So, will you be the "1" out of 10? Perhaps you are the one out of the billions who see what we are doing and what is coming. Perhaps you are getting ready for all of this.

Getting ready in my opinion has two levels. One is spiritual and the other is physical.

You had better take care of the spiritual first as you may be one of the 2 through 10. So what are we globally facing soon? I am thinking very soon.

The Global, Geophysical, Solar and Universal Train wreck.

While humans here on on earth seem to be intent on killing each other, the universe seems to have it's own plans for our little blue planet. I Like bullet points so here are some:

  • Waning and changing magnetic field of the earth. (Down 20+% at the moment)
  • Magnetic North and South Pole Flip.
  • Grand Solar Minimum (Perhaps SUPER One).
  • Cooling Sun
  • Increased Galactic Radiation and increased cloud cover.
  • Galactic current sheet intensification (Micro Nova)
  • Possible decent into a cold and icey multiple thousand year periods of the present Ice Age
  • Because of our weakening magnetic field, the possibility of a grid shutdown caused by the sun.

The Social Implication of  the Global, Geophysical, Solar and Universal Train wreck.

You didn't think you would get away from this did you? All the above bullet points have happened before. They were deadly and at some point almost reduced humans into extinction levels. But we are still here, so there is hope in getting through this. Again, here are some of my loved bullet points on what the human population will have to go through.

  • Global crop failure and famine
  • Cold and icy times
  • Drought and excessive heat
  • Narrowing of global growing season
  • Human migration
  • War and social unrest
  • Attempt at Global Governance. They will eventually fail.
  • Huge reduction in the global population
  • Medical problems and disease
  •  Human and animal and plant life pressure caused by an increase in radiation.
  • Violent weather - Rain, wind, hale, ice and snow.

We all live on this planet, and mostly we don't do a good job about it. We are nearing a point where the earth will soon push back. Do you think about the fact that we are all now eating and breathing plastic? We have sliced and diced the world and sold it. How many cell phones can we make, and how much electronic generated radiation can we take? How much longer can we go before we have to decide to eat or pay your bills. How much longer can millions be unemployed or without food? These are thing ALL of us will soon have to face in the future and some are now facing.

The useful idiots are out there burning down everything and big technology is looking for way to track and control you. Soon there will only be a few big company's that control all the food and we will become their slaves.

These are things we all will face and are we even thinking about them? Are you still living in your little closed off box? Better come out of that box before it's too late.

If you thought that this blog was about DOOM AND GLOOM

Then you are wrong. This blog was about REALITY.

Cheers and best of everything from Central Texas


Author: sunmanprepper

A grumpy grandfather who loves his whole family. Growing for the coming cool, cold and icy times.

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  1. Just so you know..a man named Bo Polny is a Christian economic Biblical timing analyst…his numbers are 85% of humans get behind the anti- Christ and 15% find – arcs of safety- in various mtn ranges around the world..a little hope and a plan..before the grand solar minimum and micro nova??? Thanks for your words Dennis

  2. Hard realities indeed Dennis. Undeniable truths. I Noted a month or two ago that Trump’s demeanor (speech, facial & body language) was that of a whipped dog. Gates & Fauci seem to be the organ grinders making a monkey out of him.

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