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After looking back at many of my blogs, I hope I have not fostered a sense of hopelessness. As I look out at the world  when I was three, four and five. I can remember hiding in the grass with a large stick and a bottle of water looking at life as it passed me by. I was a big game hunter at the moment and I was ready for anything. There in the weeds I could see people walking and cars going here and there. Ants I can remember thinking. What is the purpose of all that ant like movement?

Well that was around seventy two years ago, and little did I know that until I could actually look at all those ants as my brothers and sisters would I discover that relationship between everyone and myself.

I guess why I only saw ants at that early age was there seemed to be no meaning in it. Who were they, where were they going and for what reason? Of course at that time my universe was a closed up one as I had the stability and love of my family which I never questioned. But there was one thing that burned in my being and that was a sense of self. Little did I know that it would be years in the future to finally discover who I was and what I was about.

So if I may, I would like to blog about what I discovered lurking there in my very being. It took a lot of works, tears, sorrows and large amounts of discovery to finally come to this point in time and understanding.

First, I found that I was unique. I was much like a snowflake as it fell to earth. Looking closely, I found that I was a most beautiful and a complex creation. Indeed every human on this planet is like that, but few do realize their beauty and complexity. All of us are amazing creations.

The next thing I discovered and it was painful at times was that while I was that amazing bundle of things, so was every one else and we all have this almost undefinable connection. We seem to have this magnetic and spiritual connection and if we let it, it can bind each of us in a wonderful sense of what and who we are.

Humans in their make up are not meant to be an island where they only live.

Next, I realized that I could create things. I could create mental, spiritual and physical things. I realized that I was not trapped into what society seems to dictate, but I was free to be most anything I wanted. Of course that means I could create good and bad things.

Of all the things I have created in my life, love was the best creation. Love from my outlook was wanting the best of everything for everyone no matter how they look, sound or what they do.

As a technical trainer, I discovered that people are open to most anything if approached correctly. I found people are hungry for answers, help and an atmosphere of safety.

When I discovered how wonderful I was, it was easy to see this is others. All human have the build in ability to be creative and simply amazing. It simply takes my breath away talking to and engaging those who see life as an opportunity to share, cherish and expand all the possibilities of love.

I firmly believe that love has tremendous power. It can defeat armies when combined with communities of loving people. The collective NO has a power to change even the worst things.

Finally, I created this burning desire to live on a planet where everyone's needs are satisfied. A planet where there is no war, and everyone is looked after. It would be a place where children can run and play and be safe. My desire is that each human could develop into what has been placed in their very being at birth. It is a world where there are no taxes, slavery and conflict. Health care is for everyone. It is not a perfect world but one that we have the absolute ability to create. This is the world I try to live in even if it does not exist now. But one thing is for sure, it does exist in my mind and it can exist in yours as well. If enough people want and demand this world, it will happen. It's the power of yes or no.

Mankind is on the cusp of some monumental things. The evil blood sucking part of the world is increasing it's hold on things more and more. Soon you will have to decide if you want a better world or a world of hurt. Along with this virus we are suffering with and its manipulation, there are the global, galactic and universal reality of change heading our way. The Grand Solar minimum is real. So are food losses and the possibility of global food shortage.

We as humans at this point in history have the option to be that wonderful amazing creations we all are or we can sit back in that closed off world of me and mine or indifference and let it destroy you. Personally I want to live in that better world I just described even if it's in my mind.

Perhaps, what is happening is creating hopelessness, but I can see a different outcome, only if we collectively choose it. We don't have to be controlled or be debt slaves. We don't have to come to a moment where we will eat or pay our bills. We don't need armies or weapons if we just choose that. That is a world we are heading into. Is it a world you want? If it isn't, what are you doing about it? Yes you are small but you are a wonderful creation that can do wonderful things. You have been told you are nothing which is a lie Start living that wonderfulness and say yes to it.

Can you imagine what this world would look like if we took all the money we spend protecting each other, things of war and armies and spent it on peace, love and happiness? How prosperous would you be if there was no taxes and there was global peace. What if there were no boundaries of Me and You and Them? Can you imagine a world at peace? Where life is cherished and we are all brothers and sisters? It's POSSIBLE but you must WANT that!

Love and wishing all the best of things from Central Texas


Author: sunmanprepper

A grumpy grandfather who loves his whole family. Growing for the coming cool, cold and icy times.

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