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OK I know most of you out there are sick and tired of this Plandemic thing. Yes the virus is real but is being used to destroy the world as we know or want it. It's an agenda of destruction, insanity and control. Its an agenda to what I think is to completely destroy freedom democracy and goodness.

So put down that Cell Phone. Actually turn it off for a day and see how you feel. After reading my blog, turn off whatever you are using. Turn off your TV and radio or your MP4 player. Quit watching all those useful idiots burning things.  Even my pet pig does not crap in his home and then roll in it. It all stinks and it is meant to destroy what freedoms we have left.

The take off your shoes, put on some shorts. No socks and take a chair with you and go outside. Sit under a tree and just listen. Here on my farm the stars were bright, and I could hear crickets chirping. My outside cat begged for a little food which I told him soon! If its daylight go out in the sun and face it. Close your eyes and look up at the sun and enjoy the warmth. Notice how your back side is cooler. Turn around and let the sun bathe you its goodness. As you walk around do you feel what you are walking on. Is it green grass of something else? Sit in that chair and close your eyes and just listen. Are the birds chirping? Is there a breese hitting your face? Wiggle your fingers and toes. See how instantly they respond to your wishes. You will notice that things are normal out there and the world is still the world. Notice that once your return to your home how silent it is. Beware, once you flip the switch or power up all those things you left behind the chaos starts again. The agenda it thrown in your face. The manipulation and tracking starts again and you become a hunted animal once again. Things are not normal there and that is where they want you! Welcome to insanity!

My warning and the warning of others. Have no doubt that eventually the caos, insanity and objective evil will soon prevail unless you wake up. Unless you say ENOUGH. Unless you shut it down, it will eventually consume you, your family and your children.

From what I am seeing, it will actually take this evil to come to your home and toss you out in the streets before you believe it. Then it will be too late.

But that's not all that is coming and we live in interesting times (an old curse). Not only are we being manipulated with this virus by destroying our jobs, our food system and any thing that is good, it will get even worse.

Please note that when my contract comes up for renewal I will not renew it and Surviving the Grand Solar Minimum will cease to exist!

Why? Money and the fact I won't have the time for this blog as few ever return and I have a feeling that most that do are like minded. I will be looking after my family in the coming months and years as the Forth Turning makes it way into our lives. Interesting thing about this is that the outcome is nothing more than a choice. People have chosen and that choice is "DO NOTHING" and the rewards of doing nothing is that you will loose every thing that is dear to you. Yes even the pizza and beer will not be there. But all the above is just a small part of what mankind will soon have to face.

All along the purpose of the "Surviving the Grand Solar Minimum" has been about global cooling and its implications. It's on it way (a gift package from the universe). If you understand what is coming you can prepare for it.

So what is the gift from the universe I just mentioned? In a nutshell it's 35 years of cold icy weather that will destroy our crop growing systems. Soon the 7 + billions of people on this earth will wake up and realize that there is not enough food. Unless something is done and done quickly, then many billions of wonderful people (usually the weak and poor and those who will not listen) will vanish from this planet.

There are dangerous times coming our way. Even if the planet was at peace and everyone loved each other, that would not be enough to get through this. Soon you will have to grow your own food. It's not possible to live through what is coming the next 35 years on stored food. If you think this then you are wrong.

So whats new? Actually nothing, as what I am presenting below has been repeated many times. So please read what is below and make your own decision. The dark side wants to enslave you and the universe is speaking to you. To quote a movie "Winter is Coming".

To start go to Electroverse at this URL.
And for the complete article go to this URL.

Below is a picture that I have edited a bit to focus on where we are going in this gift from the universe. What is happening, (read the article by Valentina Zharkova ) is that the sun is taking a holiday and will return to what we humans call normal in 35 or so years. The magnetic fields of the sun are going into reverse (canceling) mode which will result in a cooling earth. Note that in the graphic I have colored this period.



To top all this off, there is one last thing I would like to mention. That last thing is that it looks like the earth's magnetic field is on it way to flipping. The north magnetic pole will become the south magnetic, etc. To do this, the magnetic field will eventually get to zero at the point of flipping. OK, so what you may ask. Well at the moment the earth magnetic field has been reduced by around 22%. The earth's magnetic fields protect all life on this planet from radiation for space. They also protect our power grid when the sun has a hiccup. With reduced magnetic field protection, smaller and smaller hiccups will be need to take down our electrical system. Then no power. Then we will be looking for horses and will let our cars rust. I suspect this could reduce the earth's population down to a few billion or less. I have no doubt that this will eventually happen unless we kill each other with hate. In that case only a few will survive. BUT its actually mandkinds choice and I am not bettion on stupid hating, godless humans to make the right choice.

With that I am heading to breakfast. I would suggest you think about what I have written.

Wishing all of you love and especially enlightenment in the coming times.

Dennis In Central Texas

Author: sunmanprepper

A grumpy grandfather who loves his whole family. Growing for the coming cool, cold and icy times.

5 thoughts on “Take a Reality Break”

  1. I wondered why I stopped getting your emails. I really appreciate you and all the time you put into this and I will sincerely miss you.

  2. I for one will miss you. You are one of the few cooling period writers out there and probably the best I have seen for practical projects. Do you know of any forums where like minded folks hang out? We need to share ideas on practical projects. I am building small woodsheds out of scraps from work (pallet company). Biggest ones hold around a half of a full cord, smallest ones hold around half a face cord. Free to build, free to fill.

    I cut my heat usage down by using heavy trash bags over the south facing windows. Covered the windows leaving and inch open on top and bottom. Every little bit helps.

    Before you go will you be putting the entire blog into a pdf as a “FINAL COPY”? IF so… would you mind if I put copies of it on CD-ROM to give to people?

    I try to unplug at least one or two days a week. It helps. Run a campfire with the family a few nights. We even had a campfire on New Years Eve a few years ago… It got cold, so we added more scraps to the fire. Hot chocolate and roasting marshmallows.

    Everyone needs to keep working on improving their shelters (or migrating)… building up the food stores (and production, storage ability) and water. Fire making is an essential skill. Please start teaching your little ones how to build and maintain campfires. When my youngest was two she could safely add sticks to the fire…. she just had to be watched or she would feed the entire woodpile into the fire… one handful at a time.

    And when you prep… think of others. I always tried to prepare for my family times 2. Might not have the food and water for twice my tribe… but I have the tools to help out another family or two.

    I will miss you for you have been a great blessing to me and my family.

    Adam – Father of ten.

    1. Adam
      You may do anything you wish with the PDFs Except: Modify them, Claim they are yours and charge for them. Claim any relationship between you and I. You can do the same thing with the PDF that is available on my first post here which is a collection of blogs from my original site Surviving the Super Grand Solar Minimum. Just be responsible is all I am asking. And no I will not make a final PDF of this site, but each blog has the ability to download a PDF. Best of everything Dennis

  3. Good luck to you and yours Dennis and to the others that are regular readers. Challenging times ahead and I appreciate your efforts to inform us. I do see all the Electroverse posts and another channel I follow is Adapt 2030 with David Du Byne. Ciao

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