How many things can you do very well if you're hungry? Most people need air to breathe, water to drink and food to eat. Take any of these away, and the really important things like your heart beating will cease to function.

My blog has always been about food and growing your own. I have been over and over this and I hope some people have taken me seriously.

I suspect that in the back of most people's brains is this "Where are things going" type of thinking. Perhaps you don't pay much attention to that brain activity, but if you wait too long to actually look closely what is happening, then it may be too late.

The world as we know it looking back to Christmas 2019 will never be the same. I sure hope you enjoyed it. Place that in your memory as well. Christmas 2020 will not be like 2019 and Christmas 2021 will certainly not look like 2020.

If you have not noticed that things are not the same as they were last year (2019), then I might ask you what brick or rock have you been hiding under? If you think that everything will work out if you just sit at home, then you are living in a big black box.


I find it very amusing that many (most) people would never want to talk about the things  in the above graphic. Most would take one look at it and say it's "very negative" and go back into their black box never to come out again. Sorrowfully at some time they will have to come out and it will be too late. Hopefully you don't live in one of those boxes. Once you come out and take one look around, I am sure you will yell "crap", then at that point you can get on with your life.


There is no life in a black box.

So what will life be like in the next few years? From the looks of things, it looks like the Grand Solar Minimum will be with us for the next 30 years or so. As we go into 2021 and 2022 and 2023 thing will only get progressively worse. Worse in what you may ask? The answer is worse in everything. Especially worsening food availability. Like the title of this blog : It's ALL ABOUT FOOD". If you cant see this coming, I would suggest you purchase my book "Surviving the Super Grand Solar Minimum. While this book was written about 1 1/2 years ago, nothing has changed in it. And everything in it has been mostly confirmed. This will help me keep this blog going as well. This blog will cost $300 to renew in January. You can get the Book Here at this URL.

You can also help me if you need seed. Both of these two seed providers can be relied on. When you purchase I get a small commision, and using me will not have any increase on what your seeds would cost. The URL is HERE.

I have purchased thousands of dollars of seed from the above in my microgreen business.


I have gone over the following for the past two years. I think it's worth repeating. So what is the human race going to face the following 25 to 30 years?

Before I start, it's not going to be nice, so if you live in a NICE BLACK BOX, then you should go over to Facebook and look at cute cat and puppy pictures.

The List:

  • Global Governance (they will try)
  • Social Unrest
  • (Super) Grand Solar Minimum
  • Magnetic pole flip of the earth
  • Increased Galactic radiation
  • Increased clouds
  • Unstable and wandering Jet Streams.
  • Biblical droughts and floods.
  • Collapse of the North American food growing chain. It will be really bad in Canada and it the US Northern States.
  • Decreased SI (Solar Irradiance - Cool Sun)
  • Possibility of a global grid down scenario caused by the earth's weak magnetic field and a hiccup on the sun.
  • Possible micro nova at the end of the 30 year period.
  • Probably a little ice age at the minimum.
  • Severe DNA damage from the increased Galactic Radiation. Caused by the earth's weakening magnetic field.
  • Economic crash (happening now).
  • Huge increases in food costs (happening now).
  • Global starvation.
  • Possible US population decrease to 90 million!
  • Possible WW3 with Russia or China or starting some place on the planet (India and China).
  • Global growing zones going down, and North Africa becoming the new bread basket for the world. Do you think you will get any food from there?

I could easily write a book on each item above. I suspect if you are reading this, then I can almost guarantee that you don't think about any thing on this list too often. This I suspect is my FINAL WARNING. To get through this you must come out of your box and start preparing. I suspect if you are in the same frame of mind like me, your family and friends think you may be just a bit crazy. I know it's that way with me.

My plan is to work with what is coming our way. There are HUGE possibilities in preparing for the above. People will need help, and that is where you can prosper and at the same time help your neighbor. It is not possible to get through this period by yourself.

Soon the new money will be food, water, protection, silver, gold, the human spirit and a community.


Below is a picture of World 1.0.

In my next blog i will go over World 2.0.
World 2.0 won't last very long, perhaps for all of 2021 at best. Then, World 3.0 will take place and won't end for the next 20 years. That will be a subject of a blog as well.

World 1.0 takes no words to describe. All of us went through it, and it will never return again. It ended with a Chinese virus from a lab that probably escaped and changed the whole world and the way we live.

Wishing all my visitors the best of everything.   Dennis in Central Texas


Author: sunmanprepper

A grumpy grandfather who loves his whole family. Growing for the coming cool, cold and icy times.

4 thoughts on “It is ALL ABOUT FOOD”

  1. We agree , the economy is ruined, and Americans are fighting/ killing each other more than ever..politics front and center all day every day..those in control still making all their puppets burn and loot or watch and do nothing…but , the revolutionary’s have not met the counter-revolutionary’s yet and the election draws closer….you wrote that you were going to present/sell ? some other growing methods , will that happen or did I misread?

    1. Hello Denny
      Yes I will be covering new and amazing growing methods in later blogs. If I abandon this Blog, I will probably revert back to my old free google blog which was OK, but had few bells and whistles like wordpress. It;s the $300 that I am not paying again. In the coming few years, the only way to successfully grow your own food will be inside and in a greenhouse. Here in South Central Texas there may be enough time to get in short and quick growing crops. This was the coolest summer I have ever experienced here and it’s only going to get worse. We (as in 4 of us will soon be opening an online store called Easy Grow Food. Many of the things you enquired about will be available there. As for greenhouses, the Ideal greenhouse wold be a Chinese like solar greenhouse which has a solid back wall. Then have bermed up soil on the back wall all the way to the top of the wall and bremed up on both ends. This would provide huge amounts of insulation on the north side and on the ends, Also provide cooling in he summer and heating in the winter. Hopefully I will be installing one of these, but with the addition of a connected mushroom house on the back side, and will add CO2 to the vegetables growing in the main portion of the greenhouse. JEEPERS – SORRY TO GAB SO MUCH.
      Cheers Dennis

    2. Dennis,

      You certainly have called it. I guess you purposely avoided the medical war being waged.
      As you say the GSM and accompanying catastrophic earth changes will be here for the next 30 years but I can’t imagine life (especially mammals) lasting much after 2030 unless it can endure living underground.
      Your “locked black box” reference is too true & reminds me of the saying “thinking outside the box”. Which reminds me of a truism by Gore Vidal that goes “We don’t know what kind of cage we live in because nobody has ever seen the outside”.


  2. I gave up on politics to focus on prepping and cool climate living skills. I have an extreme intolerance to heat. Wisconsin summers can get too hot for me… so I am not too worried about it getting colder. I just need to get off the prairie and into the woods… the deep woods. In my area… hidden micro-farms and neo-Amish living skills are going to be a big part of thriving in what is coming.

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