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Well we have talked about world 1.0. If you are reading this then you are an expert in it as you have lived through it. I have spent the last 76 years living in World 1.0 and mostly except for a few things have been blessed with everything I ever needed. Rich? Well not in money but very rich in spirit. But something happened in the last 25 years. I guess what I am talking about is the world and especially the US has lost its moral compass. The US and most places on this planet have becomes cesspools of porn, baby killing factories, pedofiles (yep even in my church) and the transport and selling of human flesh. Marriage and the family have been desecrated. I could really get graphic here but wont. Just that sex is a commodity and not a pure gift any more These of course are subjects never talked about or heard about if you live in a Black Box. We have told God Himself to take a hike from our schools and public things. So with the coming of Christmas 2019 and that Chinese escaped virus we were led into World 2.0.

All I can say about that is when the calendar pointed to January 2020, little did we know that soon we will get and reap what we have sown. What we have sown is evil. Ya you may say I am not evil, but you let evil live right next to you. You let your children be exposed and bathed in it, and for that we now have some very almost useless children who have no moral platform to base their lifes or decisions.

Like in the 60's, If it feels good do it!

So with that I say goodbye to World 1.0. Nice knowing you.

So let's get on with World 2.0. World 2.0 will only last for at a maximum of two years.

After that world 3.0 will be born, and the world will yearn for the way it once was. So what is going to happen for the next two years? As you can tell, I like bullet points, so here they are:

  • Medical craziness as the shutdown of the world due to the Chinese virus will be pushed out as far as possible. At some point, the Global Elite (your masters) will relent, but with that will come even worse things.
  • Medical Tracking (your permit to actually do public things).
  • They will try to enforce lockdown 2.0 which will lead to a even larger collapse of what is left of the middle class and small business.
  • Continued and increased joblessness and homelessness.
  • People unable to feed their family properly or if at all.
  • Governmental Cryptocurrencies instigated all over the planet and for a push to a centralized Cryptocurrency.
  • Possible complete failure of our present financial system.
  • Talk of a guaranteed income. (just sit on yous ass and don't make trouble).
  • Continued loss of crops and growing areas due to global cooling.
  • Increased food costs. (4, 5 6 and 7 X increases in some products).
  • Possibility of a VE 6 or 7 Volcanic eruption that add to the above cooling.
  • Possibility of large earthquakes here in the US and other places. This and the above bullet points all happen during Grand Solar Minimums.
  • The US never recovers from the November 2020 election. 
  • US troops in large cities due to conflicts. Burning, looting and possible armed events in the streets in large and even small cities.
  • Because God has been run out of the US, evil people and evil things will replace what no longer exists.

That's enough I hope. Will all the above have to happen? There is one glimmer of hope but a small one. One day the good citizens of this country could all stand up (millions of citizens) and say enough. Will that happen? Well I point to my black box blog. People will not do that as they are afraid, asleep or just dumb as rocks. Take your pick but I believe all the above. Below is a graphic or World 2.0. There are two things I would like to point out. The Rich get richer and people who have lost everything lose it. Face it, what would you do if you had nothing and your family needed shelter and food? Would you lose it? I suspect most of us would. So how do you feel about all that is coming? And before I close this blog I would like to ask some questions. They will be in bullet points:

  • Are you interested in a war?
  • Are you interested in burning down everything?
  • What would you do if you had no money or food?
  • Do you like the idea of 16 to 25 % interest rates?
  • Would you like to have an interest free loan on a car or house?
  • Do you think that everyone should have a home, medical care, food, safety and a peaceful existence?
  • Do you like being taxed to the point where your are broke?
  • Do you like the world as you exist in now?
  • Would you like to live in a world where productive things happen?
  • Would you like an atomic weapon to be dropped on you or the city you live in?

So my question is why don't you do something about it? Do you like being a slave? Remember life is about choices. Mostly a simple yes or no. What is you choice and what will you do if you do nothing and in the end have to make that choice?

In my next blog, I will go over World 3.0. I can assure you it will not be nice. It will really get bad. So if you think what I am writing about is just BS, then go back into your black box and drink that last beer and eat that frozen pizza as the next beer and pizza will be a long time coming.

Wishing you everything Good from Central Texas.





Author: sunmanprepper

A grumpy grandfather who loves his whole family. Growing for the coming cool, cold and icy times.

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