World 3.0

It's January 2022. New year celebrations globally were almost non existent. The world was getting even colder and the winter of 2021 / 2022 is a brutal one. Crop losses in 2021 were huge. China was having problems feeding there people not that the CCP actually gave a crap about it's people as the CCP was just one big gang of thugs intent on world domination and nothing was going to get in their way, even the people of china.

Here in the states, things were not much better as the results of the election and Trump's overwhelming win were still being disputed. It seems that The US was going into another civil war. The US never recovered from lock down 1.0 and 2.0 had finished it off. Millions of once employed and productive people had lost everything. There was little hope left on the faces of Americans, and the brutal winter and ever escalating food costs made matters worse.

As the grand Solar Minimum (a super one) slowly made it's intentions made known globally there were huge increases in Atmospheric Compression events. Places that had never seen snow were seeing it. As the jet streams went out of their normally behaved tracks people were experiencing extremely violent weather. Actually it was not weather that was changing, but climate!. This mixing of very cold and warm air created intense collisions. In this case, two different jet streams collide, usually side by side. On one side is very cold or frigid air that may have originated in the arctic and another jet stream that originated in lower latitudes and brings with it intense mostly extremely hot and moist air. At the boundary between these two, some amazing, violent, and dangerous things were happening. Intense positive and negative lightning were mixed with huge dumps of snow. Many feet of rain in hours and the creation of extremely large hail which were softball size and larger were killing people and animals all over the planet. Some of the hail events wiped some small town and villages off the face of the earth. The most scary and perplexing thing was this was happening in a random fashion all over the planet. People became afraid of what was happening and tried to stay indoors as much a possible. 

It seamed that the earth had been on a Roller Coaster Ride for millions of years but was now in motion, violently moving down the track. The earth, sun, and our solar system and galaxy all seem to be intimately entwined in a multitude of cycles. There was harmony there, with occasions of great violence. The earth and the universe did not seem to care about the citizens living through this almost apocalyptic moment. The reality was that the universe did not care about it's citizens. Just deal with it was the message.

The Awakening.

At the start of World 3.0, more and more crops had failed. Bad weather, cool and short summers, and early frost all targeted the failing mono-culture growing of food.  Prices continued to rise and some things were never seen in the grocery store again. And early In the year 2023 the now 8 billion people on the earth came to the realization at the same exact time that there was a food shortage. Billions of people world wide purchased or over ran food supply facilities and horded any food they could get their hands on. Globally the military was called out, but how do you stop a million starving people from getting to food at any moment?

The New World Order

The elite (1%) were ready for this as they had stripped the earth of most anything valuable which left billions on the streets to die. Some people had predicted what the New World order would look like but were very very wrong. Soon people found out that the New World Order was taking on a new look. It seems the real intention was not to alert humanity of the coming cataclysmic earth changes but to keep there eyes on other things like the political side show in Washington and the Chinese CCP virus and any other things they could think of. Enslavement would come later - Much later.

While the press was filled with unbelievable garbage, the elite were stripping humanity of any thing of value. With all their ill gained rape and pillage, they were preparing for what was coming. They laughed when they thought about all the CO2 and political useful idiots freezing and starving in the coming years.

Yes, it was one great wonderful party, but humanity was not invited!


The intention was not save anyone but their own asses. They would wait in their rat holes until the damage was done. The population of the earth would be a billion or less, and they were going to let the universe do it's dirty work for them! And when the whole earth had ripped each morsel of food from each other they would come out of their holes like roaches that they are and take control.

That's when things will get really interesting

To be continued!


Dennis in Central Texas


Author: sunmanprepper

A grumpy grandfather who loves his whole family. Growing for the coming cool, cold and icy times.

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