World 3.0 Part 2


World 3.0 will happen, but how it happens depends on every person on this earth takes what is written below and lives it. If not everything you have ever worked for or loved will disappear from the face of the earth.


Do not allow those who would steal your dreams, you treasure, your worth, your hard work, your cherished children, your spirit, your faith or your very soul to succeed.


Yes indeed, World 3.0 will be an icy place, but the world will also burn with unrest and war. The picture on the left is Rolf Witzsche. I will really miss this kind, gentle and loving person. Rolf has passed on to his Creator, and unknown by many leaves this planet a lesser place by the absence of his loving spirit and love for humanity.

Rolf saw a coming full blown Ice Age as shown below in the graphic. The scale on the left in the graphic is solar wind which has diminished as seen by measurements made by satellites. The sun is a large collection of gas and plasma fed by galactic currents. These currents are not constant but cyclic which in the past has caused the earth to heat and cool. We have just finished a heating period and are descending into a full blown (thousand year) icey period. As the currents that provide energy to the sun become weak enough, the sun (much like a weak fluorescent light) will go into a LOW GLOW mode. The sun escentially dims and the earth cools and a new cold and icy ice age is born. It stays that way until the sun awakens with increased galactic current.


It seems that the whole world and the universe are not at rest. There is a great agitation in the minds of man. There is also a rumbling that can be heard as the universe makes the works of its puny citizens  fade into insignificance.

The absurd CO2 argument is like a grain of sand compared to the vastness of the universe. How stupid it seems as the folly of all this will be exposed in the backdrop of the Super Grand Solar Minimum.

Ice Age Thinking

Here are some facts to think about. Many of these facts are derived from Ice Core Data which is about as good of data as you can get. Humans presently are living in the Pleistocene period. As shown in the graphic, we are living during one of those periods of a pulse of warm climate. For the most part, the earth has been an ice planet for 80 to 90 percent or more during this period. So technically we are living in an ice age called the Pleistocene. Generally when people talk about ice ages they are really talking about the cold periods of the Pleistocene.

The big question is are we coming out of this present cycle of warmth and heading back into cooler time? From many things, it looks that way and will be covered in this blog. Remember I am just a traveled, free thinking old man, so don't expect any great solar physics breakthrough from this blog.

To answer this question is really important and could determine if we are prepared for what is coming or not. What could be coming is a cold that would cause the human population to teeter on extinction. I would think that most would agree that it is a good reason to look at the data we are collecting now, and very old and ancient data called ice core data. None of the ice core data is made up or messed with. It has no political agenda at all. It's just the bare facts laid out for us to look at and ignored at our own peril.

Most of us have heard about the little Ice Age and the problems it causes with crop failures, little food, migration and disease and generally a crappy place to live in Europe and the US. People survived through all that and eventually things warmed up and things got better. But what may be coming is a different animal (dog) as they say. What is really startling is what happened during the Little Ice Age compared to the Younger Dryas. See the graphics below.


A crazy 0.5 degrees Celsius Change.

Take a look at the temperature variation during the Little Ice Age. (graphic below) The misery of the Little Ice Age was caused by a temperature drop of around 0.5 degrees. Europeans almost froze to death. There are good records of what happened during these times and can be read about.

Now for something different

If we look at the same graphic during the Younger Dryas, something totally different happened. Cooling during that period was 15 or more degrees Celsius cooler than the Little Ice Age. No one in Europe if they were living there would have survived.


World 3.0 will a very cold time perhaps ending in a thousand year cold and icy period. But what about what might happen to the human race during this period? It is suggested that you read what I have written at the top of this blog. I would suggest you cut an paste the red text and email it to all your friends and family. It's really a message for the whole world and will be what I will be discussed in the next blog as we continue looking at the human part of World 3.0.

Best of everything from Central Texas


Author: sunmanprepper

A grumpy grandfather who loves his whole family. Growing for the coming cool, cold and icy times.

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  1. Thank you so much for all of this wonderful information, Dennis. But I have given up on trying to convince anyone of what is coming. They will not listen to real science. We bought our twelve-acre farm 6 years ago and have been preparing with orchards and gardens, clearing part of the land for small livestock, and have chickens and bees. Our neighbors are installing an in-ground pool and a huge party cabana! I already know they will be ‘takers’ of what everyone else has in the future.

    And BTW, I’ve received my seed order and will be growing them in next year’s garden. My thanks for your blog all you are doing to get the word out.

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