World 3.0 Part 3


Clip from my Book "Surviving the Super Grand Solar Minimum":

From our future history (Book 1)

It’s a Grand Solar Minimum like occurred during the Maunder Minimum. Yes it was cold and icy; but people froze to death and starved. People were less healthy because of poor nutrition and exposure to the environment. Crops failed in more northern latitudes. There were summers and some crops were able to be grown. The crop growing areas had to move 300 to 600 miles south to produce any food. Winter started earlier and lasted longer. Spring was a crap shoot when it came to planting seed because of frost. The summer was shorter and wet causing fungal problems. Seasons abruptly started and ended. People migrated south. There were wars because of food shortages. Some areas went completely off line. In the US it was better to live below latitude 35 degrees. The US financial system failed because of high food prices and energy costs. People realized that there would not be enough food available (at least what they could afford). There were social disruptions and people on the streets demanding that the government help them. During the winter the electric grid suffered badly with blackouts and disruptions. After the minimum hit its peak, the United States no longer existed as a viable place to live and work. Medical facilities are not available. Police and law enforcers went home to take care of their families. Martial law was declared but it was impossible to enforce it. After about 20 years, the sun started to warm the earth once again and it became possible to grow food. The US at that point had a population of 90 million very thin people.

From our future history (Book 2)

It’s a 400 year Super Grand Solar Minimum. All the above will happen with some additions. Most people will not be able to live above latitude 35 degrees. If you live below latitude 35 degrees, you will have to live underground during the winter because of brutal cold. Canada will no longer exist as a country. All of the US will go offline when it comes to food production. It will be really hard to grow food during the short summers. There will be no power or any type of services available to people. The population in the US was reduced to 20 or 35 million at best. The best places to live will be a bit above and below latitude 15 degrees. Migration will be south and countries will resist people coming to their countries. This Super Grand Solar minimum will last 35 years, utterly destroying civilizations. It will warm up after it’s all over. Sun Spots will return and people will start moving north once again.

From our future history (Book 3)

It’s a 3600 year Super Grand Solar Minimum. Things go badly after the year 2021 (as they are starting to do now). Food becomes really hard to afford because of energy and food inflation. The economy collapses. Stocks, bonds, 401ks, retirement funds and all banks fail. The US is bankrupt and Social security fails. Because of all credit lines being destroyed, the JIT (Just in Time) food delivery system freezes up and food is not delivered to stores. People that had money cannot get to it because of the failures. What is transpiring in the US is happening on a global scale. People cannot afford to drive their cars, pay rent of purchase food. Marshal Law is attempted to be enforced, but starving people will not be quieted. US cities and other global cities are burned because of unrest. People desperately look for food and armed people decide that to eat and feed their children they will do anything. The US goes into complete anarchy. All the above takes place while winters get colder and colder, and more and more food production goes off line. Australia goes into a historic drought. Parts of Europe are buried in snow and can’t even dig out during the winter as the military there and in the US is helpless. Europe, Australia and parts of northern Europe begin to look just like the US. China is having a problem feeding it’s billion plus people and there is unrest. By 2028 the earth will be a different place. There will be pockets of people surviving in slightly warmer places but not many. Because of high levels of volcano activity a new Ice Age will start. Earthquakes which are epic during Grand Solar Minimums will destroy places all over the earth, especially the west coast of California and the eastern part of the US and along the Ring of Fire. Food and energy availability will become a thing of the past. When this is all over they may be 500 million people alive on the earth. Because there are no global records that speak of what happens during this kind of period, thing could be even worse. I see during this period that if we are smart enough, we will build floating islands around Central America and grow food. But in this world that we live in now, I don’t expect it.

More gloom (sorry)
Sometimes I sit up at night thinking about what I have written above. It’s pretty bad I must admit.

The thing that really keeps me awake is the following hard facts:

  • People don’t live on farms or have gardens for growing food.
  • People don’t have any idea how to grow food.
  • I had a young lady ask me what I did with seeds I just purchased.
  • People don’t understand the JIT system.
  • People have maybe two (2) days of food in their home: perhaps a little more.
  • People have little or no survival skills.
  • We have become a society of Cell Heads and whiners.
  • Because of junk food and our way of life, many people are mentally and physically in poor shape.
  • Obesity is epidemic.
  • We have placed our complete society at the mercy of fragile electronic systems.
  • We seem to think that solar and wind will somehow green the planet (whatever that means).
  • Our children have been protected from birth and don’t know how to take care of themselves or make simple decisions. (Many still live at home).
  • Very few people will actually believe the SGSM will happen because of the global warming garbage. It will be too late to do anything when they finally realize what is happening. Good way to reduce the population. Very Sad!

So to sum it up – No Food – No Life – it’s that simple. Me I am thinking future story 2 or 3. What about you?

Our Savior

Just when things look very bleak, a savior will arrive. He will be dressed in a nice suit and tie and have a great smile on his face. He will sympathize with what is happening in the world and that we deserve better. From his lying lips and smiling white teeth he will have a plan, but to save the human race we will all have to work together like bees in a hive. He explains that the problem is all those greedy companies and hoarding people and farmers who control everything including all the precious food. To make it through all of this and "it will only be temporary", we will all have to give up all our personal needs for the whole.  There must be one great global clearing house for commodities like food, medical, power and security. Everyone will be given a place to live in the city where they can feel safe. All that completely cooperate will receive a subsistence salary. It will not be easy, but this man looks like he knows what he is doing and has the right answer. The weary hungry world that is still dumber than a rock will accept the new global system.

To actually implement this great saving system, all humans must be part of the great digital system that tracks all their needs and ensures that no one gets more than they need. Hoarders, troublemakers, and those who oppose the system will just be left out with no way to buy, sell or be employed. To prevent fraud, all of those in the system will have an imprint on their head or hand or arm that cannot be seen but read by special scanners. This will ensure that each person on the planet gets what they need. Those in the system that know who are abusing the system are encouraged to be reported to the one world security forces so they can be removed.

The whole world is at peace. No more of that stupid religion stuff, and all are encouraged to worship at the now world wide combined church. It's really peaceful there and you can worship what or who you wish as long as you don't push it on anyone else. There is even a peaceful place there for the guy in the suit!

The guy dressed in a nice suit and tie will still have a great smile on his face. It seem that his teeth are even whiter than they have ever been. There will be nightly newscasts that all are required to be watched (more credits). News that show the glowing results of the new world 3.0. Also a great look at all those sorry disruptive people who are being rounded up. This scum they say have been working against the now peaceful world we are now living in. Be sure to report anyone they think is not fully part of the system. There are huge rewards awaiting those for doing this.

To insure safety, and security of all global members of World 3.0, 5G has been pushed out all over the earth. From fiber, 5G RF systems and even from space, the whole world will be tracked and connected.

Nothing will happens unless it happens using the system. Not a drop of water or an ounce or calorie of food will be drank, used or eaten without permission through the new system. 

Where you went, who you spoke to or what you worked on or wrote or the very words you said will all be stored in the gigantic ever growing and controlling AI system databases.

The world was at peace. I repeat, the world was at peace until one day..................

Cheers and the best of everything from Central Texas.



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