World 3.0 Part 4


Yes it's peaceful here in the smart city. All is well and it's citizens find that if they behave that they will receive their little pay in their credits every month and that they with their new wonderful digital body embedded signature purchase needed things. Nothing fancy and absolutely no meat, but just enough to get by. In the news, the new world order is fighting to make them safe. Nightly clashes are shown as the Non Citizen as they are called are hunted down like wild beasts. Many are given another chance to comply with the needs and wants of the peaceful world order, but many many millions are put in camps never to be seen again. Its illegal to hunt, grown your own food and live off grid. Only the cities are free to walk around in. Land that once was used by the public is off limits as the earth is allow to heal. Mother Earth is thankful!

Every citizen is expected to work and make this new world a success. If you are too old or too infirm to work you will be sent to special camps where your needs will be taken care of. Rumours have it is that you will be slowly starved to death there, and when you get so weak to the point of uselessness you are euthanized in a humane manner.

Slowly things are changing in the peaceful city. One thing that has changed is the birth rate. Fewer and fewer children are being born. It seems that only the trusted and most valuable of the new world 3.0 are having children.

Another thing that seems to be changing is that fewer and fewer are attending regular church and people who attend their new savior's church seem to prosper more. At the saviors church sermons are all about how much better and blessed it's followers are and how great and loving and powerful the guy in the suit is.

It's a great day in the peaceful city. The Non Citizens have almost all been destroyed. There is to be a great celebration next Sunday, and on that day all citizens all over the earth will be given a large portion of meat. It is a gift from the suit guy as a thank you for you hard work and obedience to the success of World 3.0. There will be wine and special drinks and deserts as well. There will be no work the next week as it will be a week of national rest. Little do they know that it will soon become an eternal rest as the food is laced with the suit guys weapon. Once eaten, it will only take the application of a certain chemical to activate death in the merrymakers. The wine and food will become their last meal as they drink the water on the first day of rest. Monday will become the day that all those useless eaters are finally removed from the suit guy's earth. Only the faithful members and the elite will not have not received the poison laced foods. A drink of water will just be that a drink of water as almost a billion people around the earth die.

The suit guy laughs, as billions of souls have been torn away from God. It's the devils revenge. It's the reward for the mark of the beast. But what is next is even more amazing:

Cheers and best of everything from Central Texas.


Author: sunmanprepper

A grumpy grandfather who loves his whole family. Growing for the coming cool, cold and icy times.

3 thoughts on “World 3.0 Part 4”

  1. Good stuff. Totally could happen that way.
    I’ve been studying wild plants, starting wild edibles all over any barren hillside, roadside ditch and abandoned land I can find.
    We do live in interesting times.

  2. Dennis,

    I don’t think anyone is ready for what is about to happen this Fall/Winter. The disruption of the food supply by man and a rapidly changing climate is going to rear its ugly head. The fallout is going to more severe, even here in the US, than can be imagined. Perhaps, we will get to witness first hand what starvation is. Perhaps, we will see many, many people die as a consequence. And things just are not going to get better soon. Perhaps, Rolf Witzsche is correct and we are heading towards a new ice age.

    1. Nature will help man survive the attacks of the enemy. God gave us this planet, made us out of the dirt. Gave us plants for food and medicine. Gave us all kinds of delicious fish, birds and game. Learn to work with nature and you can thrive in almost any environment. Remember that there are native peoples in Alaska, Arctic, and Siberia. Imagine adapting their survival/living skills with the tools we can buy… Best of both worlds… if you are willing to learn and willing to live without some of the things that are considered necessities.

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