World 3.0 Part 5


Now that the guy in the suit no longer had to worry about all those billions of useless eaters, he could now concentrate on the elimination of all those who had refused their digital imprint and did not see him as their savior. All the true believers almost worshiped the guy in the suit. Religious activities were now limited to his church which was fine as all the members had almost anything they desired. It was hell on earth as Christians and nonbelievers were hunted and killed with no mercy. No more camps as that just required useless expenditures of food and energy. The gift from the suit guy was instant death if captured.

As the world burned and blood flowed the suit guy demanded more and more of his followers. At times he seemed to go into a complete rage and many of those close to him died from just being next to him. In a final fit of rage, the suit guy shows his final plan. All those remaining on the earth must worship him as their god. Failure to do this will result in a slow death. Finally, he takes his position on the newly finished temple in Jerusalem.

There he demands all the leaders of the earth come and worship him. As his rage increased so does his power, as he can now kill with a look or a pointed finger. In a final bing of egoism, he demands that millions of people come to Jerusalem. It will be the final display of his godly powers.

As the suit guy in all his glory rises into the air, there is a great lightning storm. The earth seems to be completely surrounded in a plasma display never seen before. As the suit guys, rage becomes almost a shrieking, a loud voice is heard from the heavens. The word spoken was enough! With that, a huge opening in the fabric of space is opened up, and a great wind envelops the suit guy and the millions there. A large raging deep red and black hole appears in space and the suit guy and all those who took the digital mark are swept up into the fiery blackness never to be seen again. The world is now at peace once again.

A thousand years

The peace will last a thousand years and those who did not take the digital mark and were faithful to the will of their Creator will rule the earth. God's children will go to the stars in at the end of the thousand years the suit guy (Satan) will be allowed out of his firey hole to once again tempt God's children. Then the end will come. The evil will be placed in a dark place for eternity. God's children will then share in all that their father is. His children who are the Children of the Light will forever explore the love and depth of their Father. What is and whatever shall be will be at peace forever. Such are the rewards of those faithful ones. Those faithful ones who are the very breath of God.

Here is what few know or even think.

The breath of God the Father is your Creator. Jesus the Son of God is your Savior. God the Holy Spirit dwells in you and you are His temple and is the life of your soul. We are the Children of the Light.

Wishing you love and the best of everything from Central Texas.


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