The Answer is Blowing in the Wind


I sat there scratching my head. Just what would my fingers type as I started this blog? Would it be about cold, ice, volcanoes, earthquakes, waining magnetic fields, Sunspots, ice ages, politics, social unrest, or something entirely different?

That's when it really sunk in and I am sure you the reader understand, it's all about food. All the above have implications when it comes to planting, growing, harvesting, processing, and transportation of food.

I suspect that all the above had much to do with the failures at some point thousands of years ago and many civilizations ago.

So the question is are we now seeing the same things that disrupted and destroyed other civilizations before us?

I suspect that the universe is sending a cacophony not of sound but of physical and spiritual mixtures which will change the world as we know it. As I pointed out in previous posts, nothing will ever return to the way it was before Christmas of 2019. Even then there were hints of what was coming if you only listened and looked.

For me, it was nature blowing in my ear. As a small hint of what was to come, that was blowing in the wind. Even the sky was winking at me as if to say look here "I have something to say".

It seemed to start right over the farm I live on. Launched by strong winds heading north and colliding with an unusual coolness. Strange little whiffs of coolness lasting perhaps for an hour or so early in the morning. More hints I thought as my skin relayed what I had experienced. My nose told me the same thing as nature exhaled even more hints. Smell this, my friend, it should tell you something.

When I talked about what I was seeing and sensing, I got only funny looks which made me hide my feelings and interpretations. The whole universe seemed to be focused on our planet, just shaking its head. Shameful it said.

Shame on you for having little love for life and love. Shame for not caring about your children as they are torn from their mothers unable to ever experience the wonderful world that I am and have made. The Universe was speaking but no one listened!

No one listened as the earth changed. The change was not bad but was in perfect harmony with its self and the universe. I have done this before and I am really good at it was it's response No one listened and humans made the same mistakes it had made for thousands of years in the past.

I have been told as a sincere truthful fact that this time it will be different. Very different. Hugely different. So different that it will be almost impossible for most of the humans on this earth to comprehend. The truth is that what is coming is the end of ages. Not just a simple end, but a complete end. An end to end all ends.

That time, that end is heading our way and there is absolutely nothing anyone of us can do except face it as there will not be any place to run to.

The universe and our living God have said enough!

Enough killing, hate, and destruction. Enough of the destruction of everything I hold precious, even to the bees on flowers and running and laughing children. Enough. And at that point, God turned away from the earth. To the universe HE said. Now it's your time. Do what you have been created to do from eternity. The universe just smiled as it was ready.

So the human race was abandoned to its own death wish. A wish created out of hate, lack of love, and especially by those doing nothing. By those asleep or living in their own little petty worlds. These death wishes invited evil to flourish. Soon the laughing of children and good and pure things would be smashed. Evil people and evil things will have their day. The earth and its people will suffer.

As Bob Dylan who was almost a prophet in his music can be summed up in his "Blowing in the wind".  The answer is blowing in the wind! God bless you, Bob Dylan. The song at this URL.

Best from Central Texas



Author: sunmanprepper

A grumpy grandfather who loves his whole family. Growing for the coming cool, cold and icy times.

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