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OK, enough of the World 2.0 and 3.0 stuff. At best it is possible and at its worst pure speculation. But there are some foundational things that are not best guess or speculation. I call these Essentials. To get out to the other side of what is coming we will need to prepare. Remember that perhaps 1 out of 10 people living today will see the 1000 years of peace. That not so encouraging is it? but you are in luck, you know what is coming and that gives you an advantage few will ever have. The knowledge to see into a smokey and violent future while upsetting gives you that edge you will need to get through all of this.


My list of essentials is the following and as a consumer of bullet points here they are:

  • Faith
  • Water
  • Food
  • Shelter
  • Location
  • Community
  • Silver and Gold (especially silver

Yes, there could be many more, but the above are foundational and I would like to discuss each one of them.


I truly believe what is coming is the end of days. It's not the end of the world but as I said in a previous blog it is the end of the world as we know it. It is brought on by the evil in men's hearts. It is an invitation for evil to consume the world and its people.

God has turned His back on this world BUT not on his children who love Him.

What is coming is not a punishment for them, but for the evil and possessed people who call Lucifer their god. It is a punishment for those who do his wicked evil and satanic acts and who will take the digital mark.

So what is faith? Faith is a gift. faith is acquired by choice. It is also a blessing. Faith is an act. Faith is a burning attraction for good and pure things. Faith is a fruit of love and understanding. Faith is the realization that you are a child of God and wish to please the Father and live in his will. His will is simple, Love Him above all things and love your neighbor as you love yourself. There is nothing hard or complex about that. For that faith and love, God will protect those during these times. That protection could well be to die from what is coming. But that death will not be wasted like the many who curse God and worship evil.

Faith could be your protection from things that have not entered or ever conceived in the minds of man. It will prepare and protect you for what you were created for.

If you have none of the above except for faith you are on your way. But remember you are not some worthless thing that sits around expecting and demanding to be taken care of like many in the US and all over this planet. No, faith is the foundation of everything else. That everything else is being responsible for yourself and those who you love. While faith is spiritual, what comes next is physical.


Yes water, wonderful, life-sustaining water. The earth and the air and your body are full of it. Having no water means certain death, and not having pure water is a threat to your life. After faith, this is the most important thing that will guarantee that you will live through all that is coming. You can't have enough water. Store it, have means to filter and clean it and live next to it if you can. Before you do anything else take care of this ESSENTIAL.


A person can go a long time without eating especially those who are a bit overweight. But what is coming aren't normal times. Eating freeze-dried and canned food would keep you alive, BUT.

The body needs much more than just calories, It also needs nutrients from green, red and yellow, purple, and any other deep colored fresh harvested plants or fruits. This is really important when it comes to health and living in cold damp climates. It's important when you have to work hard or walk long distances. Life during the coming years will not consist of getting on your cell or internet and ordering pizza. Having and growing food will become your main and only thought and activity as you can't live without it.

Growing food like having clean pure water will require skills that if you don't have them you had better get them soon. Growing food requires practice and knowledge. Being good at having these skills will become paramount in your success.


Shelter is much more than having a roof over your head. In the past that may have been true, but in the future this will certainly not apply.

Shelter is a place that protects you from weather. It will keep your warm and it is a place to be safe. Probably all your storage food will be in your shelter. Shelter will be different during the Super Grand Solar minimum and the complete breakdown of society.  If you live in Canada or the North East, you know what is needed during the winter. You probably use wood, gas, oil or electricity to keep warm, cook your food and keep the lights on. So what would it be like in your shelter if the temperature was -20 degrees F. or lower with no heat for a week months or a winter season? This is what you should be asking yourself. If your shelter is not livable at this temperature, then you will have to move. The only other option is to live underground. If you live above 35 degrees latitude, it will be really hard during the winters and if you are above 40 degrees latitude it will probably be impossible (without power).

Cold weather is hard on the electrical grid and gas lines (and people). If for some reason the grid goes down for weeks or months, then you could be in danger. One of the problems with shelter (housing) is that they have all been insulated and built for a warm period. The author lives at 30 degrees latitude, and my house if built for the weather in Central Texas. It's hot in the summer and cool in the winter. Some years we only have 1 day of freezing. The infrastructure is also built for this weather. If for some reason we got New York weather for a month, we would probably lose our water because of freezing. Our pipes are not all that deep in the ground.

If we have a 400 year or 3000 year Super Grand Solar Minimum, then all bets are off. During the winter of 2018 / 2019 there were some of the coldest days in many previous years in the North East. It's not over yet and things might get worse as years trudge on. During that period. trains and power plants shut down, and interstate gas distribution had problems. As the years progress and we get deeper into the SGSM, what happened in those years will get progressively worse.

While I have no idea at this point how bad things will be, the best thing one can do for shelter is move south if possible. If we have a really bad SGSM, then we will need to live underground during the northern latitudes. I do not envy those living in the North East US and Canada.

Note about moving.

Soon it may impossible or you may be stopped from migrating (moving) The roads will be shut down and you will be trapped where you are. Now is the time to do this if you think you need to. Like everything in this blog these are just my ideas. What you do is your choice, not mine.


Location is a tough one. Not only will there be food, water and climate problems, there will be those two legged evil powered
sub-humans. One thing is ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN, you will die in the city. Don't live there and don't go there as it will become a death trap in the future.

For a good source of reading I would suggest reading The Source by Michener. This book is a fictional story about the Family of Ur. This is a story about an ancient stone age family that had been successful in surviving while living by and among the forces of men, evil and nature.

If you are to be one of the One in Nine , you will have to do the same. Hone your skills, hide from the enemy and look after your family and community. Look like you are lost, poor and in bad health. Look like you have no value. But deep in your mind you smile because the Creator loves you and values you with a burning infinite love.



Another Warning!

There is no shelter in the city in bad times.
If you can help it don’t go there and don’t live there.



Two heads are better than one? Well be cautious whose head it is or you may lose yours. It is a fact that during the little ice age many people survived because of community. It may have been a small village, farming or church community. As bad and horrible as it was back then, what is coming is not nearly as simple as then. What we are facing is an all out attack on humanity along with a coming little ice age or worse. You will need community but a small community you can trust. Good people may turn you in. It could be your brother or sister or your children who think you are crazy. Just think of those who think that way right now and turn away from you when you speak out. Soon it will be much worse so choose wisely. Skills will be needed. Do you have them? I could probably write a book on this subject. Are you ready and have you even thought the community thought? It will be hard, and doing it all by yourself may be next to impossible. The idea of just me and no one else is the thing of nightmares.


Ya, Ya I know I can't eat silver and gold. But these two metals in my opinion could be very useful in a barter system. They are actually real money. Gold and silver are God's money. You can't print it or duplicate it. It's been around forever and has been used for real money for thousands of years. Unlike our currency which is not actual money can be printed by the hundreds, thousands, millions and presently we are printing (digitally) trillions of them based on NOTHING. You can't do that with silver or gold. One other thing, silver can be used for medical things. Silver can be used to stop infections and heal wounds. Do that with a dollar, or pound or paper whatever!

Well that is all for this blog. At the worst the US may only have perhaps six to eight month left as a partially peaceful place. At the most we may have two or more years to get prepared. What God has ordained to happen will happen. Those who hate God, kill and abuse and sell children will soon be coming after you, your wife and your children and grandchildren. What they will do to you and them is almost unspeakable. What will you do? How important are your children?

Or am I just a distributor of fear porn? Am I just a crazy old man with a blog? Is what I write about false and made up? Are things going to be just great soon. Will there be peace on earth and an endless supply of beer, pizza and football?

It's you choice.

Wishing you the best of everything especially faith from Central Texas.


Author: sunmanprepper

A grumpy grandfather who loves his whole family. Growing for the coming cool, cold and icy times.

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