Reality and the 1 in 9


I have used the above graphic before. It's not pleasant walking around many people but having the above picture haunting you as you look at the faces that surround you.

But let's look at reality. Remember that this is my blog and my perception of reality. It may not be yours at all.

As I have gotten older, my perception of reality has changed. It has been ruptured repeatedly by just observing what is around me and what I was taught. Growing up, I actually hated living in a world that I was trapped in. At the time I was not sure what it was, but I felt the need to not be a part of it. My reality at the time was mostly in my mind, as I had a loving family that supplied the love, roof and food part of my existence.

Most people find it funny that I call my life an existence. How do you look at your life?

From the start, I rebelled against that reality and when I had the chance did it my way much to the consternation of my friends and especially my family. I hated school and as I look back never did I once do any homework assignment. I made A's in things that interested me and was just passed on to get rid of me in things I had no interest in. No one understood what my needs were so I had to work it out for myself. I found education torture. Essentially they finally got rid of me - Ya I graduated at the bottom.

School was crap then and even worse now as collage is a place to be formed into the agenda of thinking that your masters think you need to think. It's a great way to spend money you don't have and an even more excellent way to lose your faith.

It was bad in the '50s as TV took over forever forming and putting in front of you things they wanted you to see and believe. Even the CIA got into it and surely continues to this very second as I type this. Then on to the internet, Google, APs, social media, and loads of free porn. If you don't know it, the NSA probably knows everything about you, and anyone who has ever used the internet has a bank account or posted, sent email texted, or commented on anything.

It's all about data, and all of it and I mean all of it can be used against you or to propagate any agenda or to create false knowledge and understanding. Want to create falsehoods in a town or area, just focus false or inflammatory information towards the people in that area. It's easy, they know who you are and where you are and where you hang out on the web.

It's so bad and has gotten worse over the years that I actually don't believe anything, especially from the mainstream media and I look suspiciously at even what Holywood is putting out. No Disney or Netflicks as I canceled all that. I hope you have started to question things as well.

Forming reality and pushing it out on you is nothing new. We now live in a world like that right now. Watched the movie the Matrix? That is exactly the world we are now living in. You have little say how this world works and you are trapped in it and may not even realize it. Much like the citizens in the Matrix. Yes, you can push back, but you are pushing back the manufactured reality that you did not create. You will lose every time and be punished in the process.

Here is some example: The Federal Reserve, IRS, political parties, many churches, taxes, interest on money. licenses, permits and fines, rules, and laws. House paid off but don't pay taxes, then find out just who owns your home. Why do I need a license to drive? Just one lousy test would be enough, but it's not really a driver's license but a way to identify, tax, and track us. Same thing with a Social Security Number. Try to open and actually own or do anything without the above two things! It's getting harder and harder to own or purchase anything without some form of identification. Warning: when the world goes to digital currency and eliminates cash and outlaws any type of transaction except those that are approved, then they (the 1%) will have total control.

For good or bad, the above matrix is what we are living in. There are some really great things in the present matrix, but that is changing and rapidly. The present Chinese virus is being used to suppress our freedoms. Soon you may be an outcast or in a camp, if you do not take the coming COVID vaccine. I am not one of those Chinese virus deniers. Yes, it does exist and it kills people.


It's Sunday here in Central Texas, and its a beautiful day here. Warm but not hot. The morning was a bit foggy which burnt off quickly as the cloudless sky allowed the sun to do its work. Birds were chirping and the outside cat told me he was hungry. My wife's pet pig grunted as I passed by him letting me know he had needs too. Before rising the rooster king of the chickens' let me know it was 5:30 AM and I needed to think about getting up. Getting out of bed, my wife was still asleep and is not a morning person like me. Heading for the kitchen, our indoor cat did his thing of laying down in front of me and wanting to play. Pulling out some seasoned grits I had cooked and a container of soup my wife had concocted, I heated a mixture of both with some other things that would raise my wife's eyes if she were awake.

Sitting down and looking at the news quickly ruined the lovely Sunday morning I was experiencing.

The world was still as crazy, lost, and as violent as it was when I went to bed.

Sitting there eating my amazing mixture of breakfast food, a thought ran through my head. I suspected those wonderful mornings I was experiencing like this one would be ending soon. Soon what little peace we are now experiencing would be gone forever.

What was lurking out there unknow to many was the coming end of an era. It would be a violent end as all sorts of forces would be out to do their destructive things. Nature would have her field day with the changing climate. The sun would also do its thing, perhaps destroying technologies that depend on electrical power. The galaxy would also be in the mix as the earth moved through the rippling current sheet that would upset our sun and again destroy another society like it seemed to do every 12 thousand years. Slowly and quietly the earth was doing weird things with its magnetic field. It has now decreased by over 22% at the moment. This slow decline will slowly destroy life as it allows radiation onto the earth. The Super Grand Solar minimum was also lurking out there, but in the past year had gotten much more attention as there was snow in places that never had snow. The earth baked and chilled with the rippling of the jet streams.

Slowly, warm currents were melting the arctic ice. Amazing the agenda said. See we told you all those humans were heating up the earth. We need to reduce the population, eliminate any carbon-producing things. Eliminate animal agriculture and further reduce CO2, On and on and on the people babbled and babbled.

BUT. Deep in the artic, things were melting. Slowly as it melted, it added fridged pure water to the salty ocean. Slowly the warm water that came from the south and went north, circled in and out of the Gulf of Mexico started to slow down. Europe became cooler and crops failed as people started to migrate south. A new little ice age started. The useful idiot babblers were amazed as they dreamed of meat once again as they ate their factory insect-based food. As galactic rays pelted the upper atmosphere with radiation the earth became even more cloudy. The earth cooled. Deep in the earth were things taking place as plates smashed against plates and volcanoes loaded up with atmospheric killing energy. The plates and the volcanos just waited their time. Soon they said, very soon.

While the universe was getting ready to do it's worse. Something evil was coming our way and into existence. The hearts of man had become corrupt and evil. Children all over the planet were sacrificed to evil and the god of convenience. Little did the wonderful black-skinned people of the earth realize that this child-killing was especially aimed at them. As the earth celebrated the year 2000, corruption had made its way into everything. The church, government, and the minds of many. More of the 1% had much more and the 99% only had less and less. Soon they would collapse everything and then own everything. Soon we will own it all they thought.

BUT. While the universe was getting ready to do its thing, the creator of evil, corruption, child sacrifice, greed, hate, murder, and the universes thief of souls and teller of lies had a better vision.

His vision was the total destruction and corruption of all humans. Just push here an there and it would happen. In the minds of men, there has always lurked evil. Look at China, Russia, The US, and middle eastern countries. The world reaks with evil and the smell of it rise up to the very nose of God. Look at Illinois and New York with abortion up to the time of birth. They jumped up and down with joy when their laws were enacted. It seems that you are a fetal piece of meat until you exit your mother and take your first breath. Then you are a person. It is the getting out that is the problem. This is pure unadulterated evil and child sacrifice. Lovely to the ear of the evil one.

Now is a great time for evil to propagate and saturate the minds of men. The combination of what nature has for us and what the evil one has waited until just this time will become a crucible of pure death.

Here is my idea of how it will start. Perhaps it will be a bit different, but the results will all be the same. It's the one-in-nine that I see when I go out in public. For that, you must read my next Blog.

Wishing all my readers all the best from Central Texas.



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