It’s all about timing


It was perfect timing. Billions of fallen angels and their god Lucifer had been waiting for. For the final grand play to work many things had to take place. Lucifer wanted it be as effective as possible. He lusted at destroying as many as possible. First was a population of 7 billion plus human souls. They were like fat November turkeys ready for the slaughter. Second, Lucifer needed to get all his brain dead humans prepared. There had been trillions of dollars and positions of power to those who worshiped lucifer as their god.

The world was full of these people. Every place one might look they were there. In governments, churches and places of power. Judges, bankers and CEOs of large corporations were part of lucifer's huge human army. They had been promised unimaginational power and riches and even eternal human life. Many had been part of abusing young children and were part of human trafficking. It was so bad that most could never even conceive the evil that lived in the hearts and souls of these people.

Lucifer thought that this was the best thing he had ever done. Yes he had taken many souls through history to the dark pits of hell and separated them from the light of God forever, but now for lucifer things were really looking good. What had happened in China, Russia, Germany and in the Middle East in the past would soon pail into insignificance. Most of the world would die horrible deaths. Lucifer was smiling at this prospect.

The third thing Lucifer needed was to take the US down. This was gradually paying off as politically the country seemed to be split.

Even the churches were split. No longer were the sheep being taken care of, but sexually abused. The Catholic Church was slowly being split into. That was a wonderful accomplishment for Lucifer as the smoke of his evil stunk up even the Vatican. The church had lost it. It seems like most sermons were be happy, don't cause trouble, don't judge people by their fruits. Keep quiet as they may tax us.

The result of the failing churches was legal abortion, and destruction of the family. Good Job you ?christian? churches - epic fail as they say.

It seems even Peter's pence was being used to gamble with and even worse things.


Things were looking great for Lucifer. But still the US stood. Perhaps on one leg, but things were not looking so good. BUT. But just when something was needed another most marvelous thing took place for Lucifer. China in it evil and demonic hate for the US, created the Chinese Wuhan Virus and released it on the world. During the Chinese New year, thousand of infected Chinese flew to all parts of the world. You now see the results of this as many have died. The insanely dominic humans took this virus and ran with it. Just shut down everything and crash the American economy. Shut down farms and meat packaging plants, small businesses and restaurants. Everyone stay at home. Because of no work many did not make house payments. It was a field day for Lucifer. All his planning was working. The American and world population fell for it. The world now teetered on oblivion not aware what the agenda was. Huge amounts of Americans became unemployed. Lucifer laughed. But it was still not enough. More damage must be done. The fourth thing was waiting in the wings and lucifer knew that he only had to wait for the universe to do its destruction. The universe is not evil, but instead of preparing for what was coming the people were lied to. Global warming was their evil agenda. Don't prepare for food loss, but kill off all that nasty CO2 producing industries. Amazing for sure but pure evil at it's best. Now that people had been lied to and the coming election would split the US into pieces, things will only get worse. Unemployment and more expensive food would soon take it toll. The Grand Solar minimum would finally show it's ugly head. Food would soon become money as there was less and less to purchase at prices people could afford.

Russia, China and America's enemies just waited. The Chinese CCP were the worst. When the US was on it's last leg, the CCP's army was committed to kill every american in North America, no exceptions. China would then have its new home minus 350 million Americans. Lucifer loved the plan. The Russians would do much of the same but own what China did not. Canada would be their jewel. From Canada to the old border of Russia, it would become part of the new Russia. Even worse China is having problems with Taiwan and the US. It's people will soon starve because of all the flooding and the changing climate. China is purchasing food from any place on the planet where they can purchase food, especially in the US. Just remember when you need food next year, it will have all be sold to China. It seems that the company's here in the US only care about money. Must be some of Lucifer's trained dogs.

Actually farmers don't care either. They just gripe and gripe.

So here we sit. After the election, the US will probably tear itself apart. It is probably at that point the continuation of government will take place. The economy will switch to a digital currency and the US will be looking at huge amounts of inflation. The US will become worse than a third world nation because the US has become a nanny state.

The Russians and Chinese will be watching all of this. Then it happens. The plates wake up. The New madrid wakes up and destroys much along the plate. Oil, gas, electricity,trucks and commerce will no longer flow across the Madrid. The east coast will be isolated and much of its infrastructure will fail. New york will look like part of a armagideon movie as power, food, gas and gasoline are no longer available. Along the fault, many bridges and other things are destroyed.

On the west Coast things are also heating up. Soon much of the North West and California will become part of the pacific. The San Andreas fault finally expends its spent up energy across its 750 miles of tectonic splendor. Millions die and as a final insult, the Cascadia subduction zone rips it pants.  The largest earthquake in the world happens. The spent up energy fires up many of the now quiet volcanoes. The US will never be the same as infrastructures are destroyed and millions of people will be dead and eventually die. The west coast will never look the same as the Salton sea will become part of the Pacific. Death will ensue as power will not return and cities burn.

It's now time. Lucifer will have his way with the US. One morning two weeks after the US has been completely destroyed by American stupidity and evil desires and by the lack of power, and food, a great Chinese armada will be sighted off the coast of California. On the radio, there will be sighting of huge Russian forces entering Alaska and Canada. Lucifer is smiling. What comes next will cause men's heart to fail.

What is next is in my blog.

Cheers and best of everything. Please prepare.


Author: sunmanprepper

A grumpy grandfather who loves his whole family. Growing for the coming cool, cold and icy times.

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