The Stupidity Factor


Human stupidity was now collecting its rewards. Of all things stupid, nuclear power plants and nuclear weapons are at the top of the list. Of all things, and massively stupid in the demonic world are abortion and destruction of the family. GMO, CO2, transgender thinking are the whipped cream on these things. To use nice words, the world had gone completely ape shit! And now was the time to test all this out. Little did all the brainless of the earth know that soon there would not be a world to live in and on. Soon the very air they breathe and the water they drank would become poison. Soon there would be no food or power or medical help or protection from what was coming. Unaware of any of this they ate their pizza and drank their beer and thought nice thoughts. Deep in their black boxes, they thought they were safe! Soon the world would be destroyed in one day. Yes only ONE DAY.

It Starts

The Chinese were entering into the now destroyed North West and Central California where they could. The Russians were heading South from Canada and Alaska. Up from South America, the heavily armed demonic terror groups were making their way to and through Mexico. Secret foreign troops that had been stationed all over the US were collecting their weapons and rolling out. All of America's enemies were poking their heads out of all the rat holes they had lived in. To make matters worse, Americans were killing Americans for food. Forget hospitals and any type of government help. The power was down in every state except for the Texas power grid. If the Russians and Chinese waited a month or so to move out, Americans would do the job for them. Fewer bullets, missiles, dead soldiers and less energy as Americans tore each other apart.

The stupidity Payment

But there would be a payment for what the Chinese and Russians and Americans enemy were doing. Lurking on the sea bottom were 24  or more ballistic missiles carrying submarines. Each carried up to 14 missiles and each missile carried up to 12 independently targeted nuclear warheads (MIRVs). Soon China and Russia would burn with a nuclear hell as cities and people and forests and anything that could burn or melt did. The Russian and Chinese troops would have no place to return to.

The Meltdown

So what happens when a nuclear reactor melts down? One or two would be enough, but how about hundreds? How about all on the planet? How about 336 nuclear bombs delivered by the US Navy, and that's just on Submarines? Many American ships and planes were equipped with nuclear weapons. All of them would be used. Not a one would be held back. Would Russia and China add fuel to the fire by using thousands of their own Nuclear weapons? Greed then reaped its return. The world was lost in one day. The good and the evil perished.

The earth was being destroyed and Lucifer was laughing his ass off. How wonderful these stupid rock brained humans are. What a joke God, look at your children now. I will show You why you should not have ever created them.

The earth burned, billions upon billions died, and for what?

Lucifer owned the world. It was now hell on earth and he was the creator. But God protects those who love him. Lucifer may have owned his brainless evil bunch of humans, but those who had been purchased by the blood of Jesus on the cross were not. They were his sheep and His children. These were the Children of the Light! Many places hidden in the world were places of safety. Refuges and places that evil would pass by and never see. It was in these places that humanity would survive. Lucifer had taken his place. And in a rush to collect on old wounds, a great force was heading toward Jerusalem. It would be the end of this pesky country and God's people would finally and completely be dispatched to their graves.

It was the insanities of insanities. As the army approached Jerusalem, Lucifer loosed all of his satanic armies from hell. What was hidden became not hidden as evil spirits, fallen angels and the Nephilim walked the world in their demonic forms. As in the bible, men's hearts failed them from what they saw.

Those who had called Lucifer their god were the first to be dragged back into hell by his legions. Those who had abused our children were the first to obtain their eternal reward of pain. The payment was due and the payment they would have. There was no hiding.

The earth's atmosphere became a dark green ugly thing. The stench of flesh, fire, and volcano eruptions permeated the planet. No one could escape the smell. Even worse was the hidden radiation that condemned everyone on the planet. Presently or later everyone would die a horrible death. The earth was reaping what it had sown. Not wheat or corn or love, but greed, hate, and evil. Lucifer laughed even more. It was the best party he had ever attended.

Lucifer then took his true form. His grotesqueness insulted the word. Lucifer took his place in the newly completed temple as a huge army made its way to Jerusalem. Lucifer in his evil mind had won he thought. Screaming "it is all mine", rose in a column of fire above the temple. It is all mine were his words over and over.

The final act and the coming years of peace

As the galactic clocked ticked away and slowly approached the alarm setting, things that had been decided by the Creator of all things were falling into place. His great plan for His beloved humans, His very breath was approaching its unstoppable conclusion. The Creator would rescue his children who loved Him, but how?

For that please wait for my next blog. Enjoy the coming peaceful days as they will soon become fewer. Tell all those you love how important they are and how much God loves them. Prepare. Don't be one of the nine. What is coming is horrible but what is on the other side will be astounding and wonderful beyond comprehension. On the other side, humans will fulfill all that they were originally created to be. Lucifer will be burning in his hell with his minions and those who worshiped him.

Best from Central Texas


Author: sunmanprepper

A grumpy grandfather who loves his whole family. Growing for the coming cool, cold and icy times.

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