A Thousand Years


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What can one do in 1000 years? How far have humans come in the past 100? How far could we have gone if had only loved each other? What could we have done by not killing each other? How far could we have gone if knowledge had not been suppressed? What would have happened if all the treasures of the world and the minds of men had been used for the advancement of humanity? What could it have been like if it was all about love? Imagine all the children that starved or lived short lives? Think about all the mothers that had to watch their children slowly die and become like a leaf that dried out and became dust once again? From the start, humans have wasted the amazing spirit and treasure given to them by the Creator. What a waste, what a horrible horrible waste!

There there it was. What was in the hearts of men was being played out as the earth was being completely destroyed in a nuclear inferno. A huge army was advancing on Jerusalem. Lucifer's demons were all over the earth as evil shows its self from the dark shadows. Lucifer was screaming out his endless hate for all humans as he rose above the temple. It was not looking good for the earth and its inhabitants. The remnant which was true to the will of God were all huddled in their little places of refuge untouched by what was happening. They could hear and see what was happening but had been told to not go out by an angel. If you do, they were told they would die.

In the midst of all this. Jerusalem was where it was happening. As people ran for their lives as a huge army advanced toward the city, a huge white rift opened up in the sky. It was the voice of the Son that all heard as it rumbled over the whole area. Enough was the word. With that millions of angels appeared from the rift. Each had a flaming sword that killed with its touch. The advancing army ran but all died. It was a slaughter to end all slaughters. At that exact point, Lucifer who had thought he had finally fulfilled the attack on humanity was chained up and as a red rift opened he was thrown into it. Lucifer no longer owned the earth and the hearts of men.

Back at the refuges, the sky turned dark around them. They were told to go inside and not lookout. Close your windows they were told as they might die from what was happening outside. The whole world went black. The people in the refuges could hear screaming as Gods Angeles slew every one on the earth that had taken Lucifers mark and had evil in their hearts. As they were slain, they followed Lucifer into the red rift. This took three days

On the third day, the people in the many refugees all over the earth went out. It was a crisp wonderful spring day all over the earth. It was a new earth. A new earth void of any evil. It was a new start for God's children that loved Him. There were perhaps 500 million alive to see the new day.

"Life then went on" as humans had another 1000 years to love their Creator. The old wise men that had not died during this time became the new rulers of the earth. There were no more religions but just pure faith as the Trinity was worshiped. The world was at Peace.

All the treasure of this new earth was used for the advancement of mankind. Medical science, physics, and other things advanced with a tremendous speed that was hard to follow. The earth then had as much energy to do anything and it was free and endless. Men soon visited the moon, the planets, and eventually the stars.

A thousand years in the future. Again there was a rift on the earth as the Son of God with his Angeles appeared from it. Jesus said to his Angeles to bring together all those who had ever lived, the living from the four corners of the earth to the far reaches of the stars. Now the King sat in His chair of judgment.

You know what happens next.


Don't be one of the nine. Be one of those who make it through what is coming. In the next year or so all of this may start to play out. Perhaps not like I have described, but perhaps even worse. All of this must happen. What and how all of this plays out in your life is up to you. Regardless, if you do or do not make it, make your life a life of light. Like your Savior Jesus, you can be the light of the world as well.

Best of everything and especially love



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