A Long Hot Summer

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Well, spring finally changed into summer. Not that made much difference when it comes to food in the fields here in Texas. Texas is in a drought and the corn and sorghum around here in Central texas look pretty bleak. Some corn just came up and that was it. Some came up, and the corn ears on the plants are as big as perhaps two of my large fingers. On the sorghum, you have to look closely to find much grain on the heads. Spring wheat in north Texas and Northwest of San Antonio mostly did not happen as it takes water to grow things, and last year frost killed much of the wheat in the north. Here at my farm, there has been little rain, and I was greeted again with many ( and I mean thousands) thousands of grasshoppers again this year. Apparently, the dryness is the cause. Things in my greenhouse are doing a bit better, but grasshoppers have found my prized plants there as well. Here is the sad truth about growing my own food:

If I had to grow only outside and had no water and relied on rain, I could not feed myself from my garden. Growing food is tough enough under the right circumstances, but becomes much harder if society collapses.

At the moment I am creating multiple garden beds on the backside of my house. I am planning on four-foot rows with small fruit trees every eight to twelve feet. The paths will be almost three-foot wide. Each bed will be fifty feet long. I ordered a broadfork to put in the beds. I just turned 79 on May the 26th, and this beast gives one a real workout. The extra fat on my belly is slowly disappearing! Below is a picture of the broadfork:

While this thing will give you a workout, it is great for busting up soil and making it especially easy to weed. Got mine from this URL. Would not recommend purchasing from anyone else as the workmanship is amazing, to say the least.

So what is up when it comes to prepping? Well if you follow the news, there is a slew of warnings from all over the world saying we will be all looking at food shortages. The governments of the world will blame Russia, but it really is a self-inflicted thing. There were food shortage problems before the Russian thing. Weapon makers are getting rich from the war as well. Our taxes and money (billions) and Ukraine and Russian blood as fodder enriching the war machine. It’s always been that way. So with grain shortages, fertilizer shortages, war, inflation, energy problems, and the Grand Solar Minimum destroying and causing all types of crop problems, the planet is drifting quickly into a famine situation. Famine will happen to smaller countries first and will end up here soon. So watch things happen and then you will know how it will look here soon. While there will be shortages here, the problem will also be the cost of what is available. Verry (shortly) this planet will no longer be able to feed it’s over seven billion-plus citizens. then all hell will break loose. If you have not noticed, our unelected leaders are making things as bad as possible for the common citizen of the US. It seems and looks like the real enemy is our politicians. Soon if things work out for the pushers of the Global Reset, the US will soon look like Venezuela. Get ready to own nothing and be happy!

If you are not prepping, then what is happening so quickly here and on this planet will make it almost impossible to prep.

You and I are perhaps only looking at just a few more months before we will only have what we have as it will become impossible to obtain other necessities because of shortages and prices.

So how are things going for you this summer? Are you seeing the same things I am seeing? How much more expensive will things have to get before you have to choose what to spend your money on and the things you will not? As the Long Hot Summer of 2022 progresses more and more Americans will be facing the above.

The Community

It’s time to think about what you would do if you had to choose between food, electricity, and rent. That is where you need a community. A community of family to start with and then other external members that will add to your security. That’s where it is going, and many can live much more cheaply and securely than someone on their own. It’s the power of community.

During the little ice age where food and everything else became a problem, it was in communities that people did best. Church, farm, and rural communities all supported each other. What one needed another might have. It will be no different soon.

I hope all of you have communicated with your family about what they could do if the SHTF. I have in my family and all of them agreed that we should all come together as a group.

If you are really into prepping I would hope you see what is coming. The recent shooting at a school here in Texas really saddened me. After reading about that and looking at all the global news that day My mind just shut down. I could not read and think about all the craziness here on this planet. I shut down all my electronics and just went back to bed for three hours. Later after getting up I realized that I would have to look after myself and my family. The police were not coming, and the only way I could be safe was to look after my own safety. That is really sad, as I can remember growing up in a much safer time. This evil world has stripped all that is good and pure from society and the only way to get it back would be to make it my responsibility and not hand it over to someone else.

We cannot vote our way out of what is coming. The time for that has passed on. Violence is not an answer either. Globalists are intent on taking everything down and they have the money and power to do that. The Great Global Reset will happen. Only we have the option of saying no and not living in the warped evil world they want to create. It will be a world where there are only a few billion (perhaps millions) at best alive. All will be slaves and have no say in what they do or what will be done to them.

Your safety is in your own hands in this physical world. In the spiritual world, there is only one safe place and that is in the arms of our Savior. That Savior is not a politician, but the King of the Universe. That safety is in the hands of the only One that all good things come. That man and our Lord God and Savior is Jesus. Yes, Jesus the Son of a simple little Jewish girl named Mary, and by her yes became the conduit through which salvation flowed out onto the whole world.

For those who really hate using the word Jesus and Mary in the same sentence, I can only ask. Do you love your mother? Do you think Jesus loved His mother? Yes go ahead and badmouth and demean the mother of Jesus and then claim Him your savior. In the end, you will see how that works out.

It’s going to be a long hot summer. There are only a few more months to get your prepping finished. Get some seeds and start that garden. Look at how hard the author is having just growing some food. I suspect that you will not find it much easier. Remember community and where your real spiritual safety is.

Best of everything from hot dry Central Texas


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  1. Sam Parker

    Dennis, I too live in Central Texas and have been prepping for quite a few years. I agree with all you say and have been following news of “strange” weather all over and preparing. We have been dealt a lousy hand and it’s up to us how we play it to a certain extent. I know the future looks rough, but I am pretty comfortable with our ability to survive. I have a strong faith in God, and know through him all things are possible. God Bless. Sam

    • Sgsm_Dennis

      Hello Sam. Thanks for commenting. I suspect that Central Texas is a good place to live in the next few years. God Bless you and yours. Dennis

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