A Match Made in Hell

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Satan one day was showing one of his top Demons a tour through hell. He was quite proud as he showed off all the special places. They passed by where all the thieves, perverts, rapists, child molesters, human traffickers, murderers and were kept. It was a very noisy place as the Demon had to keep his ears covered because of all the screaming. Does this go on all the time asked the Demon? Yes, Satan said and it goes on for eternity and will never stop. As they walked on they came to a door marked FDA and Special Viruses. It was double padlocked and had three very vicious demons guarding the door. What is going on in there asked the Demon? You don’t really want to know said Satan. I almost never go in there as my ears can’t stand all the sounds of pain and screaming. Some of these pains are the most wonderful pains I have ever created. Just think, they get to experience them for eternity Satan proudly said. Wow Wow said the Deamon. So I know what viruses are but what does FDA mean he asked? Oh! said Satan, there are all the members of the FDA that helped push the Covid vaccine and especially for the children. Wow, the Deamon said again. Why so? Yes, said Satan, I especially approved of what they did as it really fit my agenda.

Ya, I see said the Demon, but what in your hell does FDA mean. Hmm said Satan, I thought you were one of my top workers. FDA stands for the Food and Drug Administration. It was based in the US before I completely destroyed it. Not only did they allow a killer vaccination for adult people and here is where I get really excited, but they also approved it for children between 5 and 11 years old. Wow Wow Wow said the Deamon who couldn’t seem to stop saying wow. You are really the Man Satan. It is so wonderful working for you. Now I must go as some of our human minions are waiting for their rewards. I can hardly wait to show them what you have created for them. Man what a perk!

Dennis in Central Texas

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