A Trip Never Before Taken

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My description of Modern Man

Well, let me rephrase that it’s a trip never before taken by modern man. The modern man I am thinking of is the beer and pizza cell head type. Loves social media and probably loves Wallmart or Cosco as well. This modern man has no idea what JIT food delivery is and has perhaps three to five days of food in his pantry. He loves Netflicks and Amazon prime. Watches the mainstream media like CNN and other regurgitation outlets pushing the latest globalist agendas. Back in his head, someplace thinks that global warming is causing all the strange weather. His kids cannot write cursive style, tie their shoes or tell time unless it’s digital. Good Job is a word used daily in some cases as they actually take their dirty clothes to the hamper, wash their hands or wipe their you know whats. Their kids have never heard a harsh word and have no idea how to make a decision on their own. Global cooling is just gloom and doom. Even worse his whole family is vaccinated and is waiting eagerly for a vaccine passport so they can GET BACK TO NORMAL.

This trip I am thinking about is multifaceted, but I will only talk about the Grand Solar Minimum in the coming days and weeks. The Grand Solar Minimum (GSM) is not something new and has happened multiple times over thousands of years. The one we are experiencing now looks like a 400 year one or worse. It may just turn out to be a SUPER one.

I am an old guy (just turned 78) but my mind is still churning and I actually think clearer now than when I was thirty-five. People seem to think older people get really stupid as age creeps upon them. I am here to tell you that is a bucket of bull you know what. Here is an example of what occurred perhaps twelve years ago. I had taken my wife to a Walmart and as we walked through the garden shop she picked up a package of tomato seeds. When we got to the checkout, a very nice looking very young lady who was the checkout person asked what I did with the packet of seed she had just run through the bar code scanner. I won’t go any further on that, but indeed things have been downhill from then. It’s amazing what 12 years can do for civilization as it has gotten worse.

What is headed our way is the reason for this Blog. I have been blogging for the past two or more years and I am hoping to keep going until things get so bad that I must spend all my time in survival mode.


So just what is survival mode? Probably by the end of 2023 things will have gotten so bad climate-wise and other ways that people will realize that “HEY there may not be enough food to go around”. That’s when all heck will break loose because even the well-off will have problems affording good food. 2023 is my date of departure into a mode of survival for all the humans on this earth. it’s the moment when all civility ceases to exist and it becomes a free-for-all.

If all of this is new to you, go to the free section of this blog and download the free 433 pages of my former blog. it’s in PDF form and free or just click the button below.

This year is starting out rather strange as warm and cold records are being broken all over the planet. Ya, we live on a planet. We also have a sun that controls the weather. It broke a record where I live as the maximum temperature here on the farm was ONLY 79 degrees F. Ya only for July 9th. 2021. That temperature for the July 9th. day here in warm, muggy Central Texas is not normal. I suspect that the deep freeze and snow I went through not long ago will not return, but my gut feeling is that it may be even worse. So keep coming back to my blog and we will walk, talk and blog our way to 2023 and see what happens.

It’s a trip never taken by modern man.


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