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Tip for 02/24/2022

Are Grits a good prepper item?

Yes, they are, and as a southern boy, I love grits. It’s surprising but some people have never heard of grits. What are Grits anyway? I love them with eggs and biscuits. But grits can be served as a complete meal. Cheesy grits with shrimp are my favorite, So what are they?

Grits are made from dent corn, which has a softer and starchier kernel than other corn varieties. The mature kernels are processed to remove the outer hull, dried, and then ground into smaller bits. Note, those black specks you may see in your grits are just corn hulls and not bugs! As we said above, they can be a breakfast item. To prepare grits is to boil them, then combine them with butter and milk. However, the Southern staple is often dressed up with cheeses, spices, sauces, meats, seafood, etc, and so on. Just use your imagination. Grits are full of good stuff for you.

How to long term store Grits. Store then in 1-gallon mylar bags with oxygen absorbers. You will probably get a 15-year life or more from storing that way. Enjoy. Don’t like grits – great that’s more for me! 🙂

Tip for 10 / 15 / 2021

Are Ramen Noodle Soups a good prepping item?

Are Ramen Noodle Soup a good prepping item? Well, they are cheap. I have seen them in Walmart for around 33 cents a package. Well, cheap is not always good. They are high in calories and high in salt especially if you use the flavoring. I would not ever suggest you use them as a primary source of calories. After looking at the ingredients list that is long as my arm, only one thing comes to my mind – A BARTER ITEM. After eating these things, my blood pressure and heart rate went up, and I had this huge desire to drink water! In a Last desperate need for food, these would be at the bottom of the list. But we do crazy things when we are desperate!

What is the storage life of these noodles? I have no idea but with all the salt and other things it could be 4 or 5 years? To store place in a cool and dry place, away from sunlight and heat sources. Your pantry or a cabinet in the kitchen will do just fine. Before using them after they have been stored for a long time, take a look at them. No mold? Crush them, do they snap or something softer? It’s your call, these are only my thoughts,

Tip for 8 /15 / 2021

Prepping with Microgreens and Sprouts

Are Microgreens and sprouts a solution to your food prepping? Yes and no. The author thinks that they should be a small part of food prepping but not a long time solution unless you have the facilities to store large amounts of microgreen and sprouting seeds. With that said, they are a good way to get some greens eaten by your kids if you get them involved in the growing and sprouting process. I try to eat some microgreens and pea shoots every day. Here is some info about microgreens which apply to sprouts as well.

By Jennifer Warner, Reviewed by Louise Chang, MD on August 31, 2012 – WebMD News Archive. Microgreens Have Up to 40 Times More Vital Nutrients Than Mature Plants – Aug. 31, 2012. They may be tiny, but a new study shows trendy microgreens punch well above their weight when it comes to nutrition. Researchers found microgreens like red cabbage, cilantro, and radish contain up to 40 times higher levels of vital nutrients than their mature counterparts.

What this means is that they can add nutrients to your diet that storage foods may not have. The Author has grown microgreens for years In his business, and grown sprouts for his personal and family use. All my grandkids have no problems eating them as they have been exposed to them for years. Do not count this out in your food growing. I have a section on growing them here on this site. At least look it over and see what you think.

Tip for 8 /14/2012

Is white rice a good survival food?

You bet it is as it is a perfect food for storage and anytime you need it for emergencies or just for meals. The main reason rice is a perfect storage food is that rice is packed full of carbs. If you are going to do any type of work, the body needs carbs to burn. In fact, rice for fulfilling the body’s needs is quite similar to potatoes, pasta, and white bread. Rice is an excellent source of energy and filling at the same time.

White rice along with all types of dried beans are probably one of the less expensive foods available if you are cash-strapped. Again, rice is by far one of the most cost-effective foods a prepper can store. Most people do not have any allergic problems with rice.

Billions of people worldwide eat rice every day.

So how about long-term storage of rice. If you are worried about bugs or bug eggs, simply freeze it for a week. The blog author does not recommend this as freezing may add moisture to your rice when thawing – Not a good idea as it will destroy your rice and cause mold. For really long-term storage, place your dry white rice in Mylar bags along with oxygen-absorbers and seal. Then place small bags into a 5-gallon food-grade bucket. I like the removable top buckets (Gamma Tops) so I can get to a bag of rice when I need it. This also protects your rice from critters like mice and rats who will chew through the Mylar bags! Yes, I know that Brown Rice is better for you but doesn’t store very well and that is what long-term prepping is all about. How long will your white rice last? Well, most say 20 years if stored as above (Mylar and Oxygen-absorbers), but that is in a cool, dry location. All the above is what I do, so develop your own skills at storing rice long term.

TIP – I now use a cheap iron and a metal plate to seal my Mylar bags. My wife threatened me with harm or worse if I used her iron! You can probably pick up a used one at a thrift store on the cheap.

Tip for 8/13/2021

Is SPAM a survival food?

Hmmm – Well if the SHTF I guess I would certainly eat the stuff. Many people love SPAM and eat it all the time. While I do not eat meat anymore (5 bypasses) I see no reason for SPAM not to be part of prepping. I suspect out on the internet there are hundreds if not thousands of ways to use and cook SPAM. What do you think? Below is a picture of the Best By on the bottom of a can. So Hmmm I guess I would probably eat it in 2029 if the packaging looked OK. No bulging, leaking and it smelled OK when it was opened. But that’s my call and you will have yours. Also, with the huge inflation taking place in the food area, SPAM will probably become more and more popular as no one will be able to afford meat. I know that’s getting very close for many families. Which brings up the question is SPAM really Meat? LOL My son smoked a can of it last week and it was OK, but the dogs really liked what was left! Who Let The Dogs Out?

Tip for 8/13/2021

Grow Bags, an almost Instant Garden

It just hit you that food is getting so expensive and that you need to save money and you are thinking about growing your own? But how do you do that quickly? Well, you could spend loads of money and have someone bring loads of compost and good soil but that would only cost more money. The answer to your conundrum is GROW BAGS. I have been doing this for years so I know what I am talking about. I recommend the 5-gallon size. Just fill them up with good soil mixed with compost and plant seeds or as I do plant starts. You can grow almost ANYTHING in a grow bag, Get the 15 or larger ones and grow potatoes, etc. It’s endless. Below are some pictures and ideas about using these ALMOST INSTANT GARDENS. I mostly get mine from GreenHouse Mega Store – HERE. I get nothing for the reference and this suggestion is just because I care about my blog audience – That’s you. Cheers – Dennis

Tip for 8/12/2021

Keeping your LED MPOWERD Luci Inflatable Solar Lantern charged. As I have blogged about I probably have purchased 20 or more of these lights. No, I don’t own that many because everyone in my family probably has one. If you are a family member contact me! I have given these out as gifts for birthdays and Christmas or if a portable light was needed. They work great and the sun does the charging. I keep mine in my car, truck, and in the house. To charge only requires that you set them out in the direct sun for around 7 hours and you will have up to 12 hours of light.

This is a very lightweight LED light that is solar-charged. I highly recommend it.

Tip -I keep the lights in my glove box and under the front seat. To keep them charged, I put the light up under the front window of my car and truck. Usually, I leave it there all day. After charging I put them away. These lights have a great feature in that they have a button that when pushed will give you the status of the charge. My wife keeps the house lights charged by putting them out on our deck. These lights keep a charge for a long time. The first two I purchases about four years ago are working just as well as the first time I charged them up. Set it in direct sunlight for 7 hours and you will have up to 12 hours on a single charge. Over the years I have purchased mine at Walmart and HERE on AMAZON.

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