Another step into the darkness

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When I went to bed last night, there were warnings that Russia was invading Ukraine. When I woke up this morning I read the headlines that indeed, Russia had invaded Ukraine in a massive attack coming from the south, east, and north, both by land and air. While I have no love for the Russian government, You could see the writings on the wall so to speak. It came earlier when Ukraine became a lackey of the west. All of its Gold was looted and a puppet government was put in place. Sort of like our stolen election here in the US. As you may or not know, Ukrain is next to Russia. and NATO was talking about making Ukraine part of NATO.

This is much like Mexico inviting Russia to setup up its forces there. Then Russia would build air bases in Mexico and bring in troops and of course nuclear-tipped weapons. What would the United States do then? This would place Russian nuclear missiles mere minutes from any place in the US. Obviously, this is intolerable and so it was with Russia and what was happening in Ukraine.

Does this make it right what is now happening? No, it is never right to kill and destroy, but Russia saw it differently, and the West actually stood in the way of a peaceful resolution. What Russia demanded was that Ukraine would NEVER become part of NATO. It offered a plan and wanted guarantees that this would never happen. All of this was rejected by the West and NATO members. Conclusion? My conclusion is that the West and NATO members in Europe actually wanted this to happen.

Another conclusion is that we live in a dark and evil world run by very evil people. This is just the start of an even darker future. The Great Global Reset needs a war, it needs collapse and conflict. Them from the ashes a new Great Global Reset will happen and we will all become slaves. If you don’t believe what I have just written, then indeed you have sipped the cool-aid of misinformation.

So who suffers from all this. The suffering will and has always been the mothers of the world. They love their children only to have them returned back in body bags.

The world indeed has taken another step into darkness.

If you are a prepper, then you have seen the writing on the wall. Soon we will get to the point that more prepping will not be available as something we can do. Then all of us will be facing the reality of what we have available to us from that point on. I encouraged you to look at the status of your prepping. Food, water, defense, and health are primary things. Your ability to grow your own food is at the top of the list. I suggest you get your seeds now. The author of this blog has seven years of seeds and you should too. In reality that is not all that many seeds, especially if you seed save which any prepper should know how to do.

I feel very sad at this point as I love the people of Russia and Ukraine. I spent time with many common people in Russia. Their hopes and dreams are much the same as all people on this planet. Russian Mothers are no different than Ukrainian mothers or mothers here in the US or in any country in this world. Love, peace, and safety for their families is all they want.

But this evil world has taken another step into the darkness and will strip them of ever having the real desires of their hearts. That is peace on earth.

From a cold, icy, and nasty dreary day here in Central Texas, it is my wish for all of us that this new darkness does not stop the joy of just being alive.


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