Are the End Times Upon Us?

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Hippolytus’s Commentary on the End Times

This blog contains parts of the chronological sequence of historical events in time and at the end time by the early church father Hippolytus. It is by no means complete and offered from love, so that you may read it and profit from it. Blog Author – Dennis

At the end of this blog, there is a PDF document.

To all peoples of this earth, I would read this and fix your gaze on the Lord Jesus Christ. For you will not survive what is coming unless HE live is your very soul. And if you turn away you will, in the end, die two deaths, one a physically painful one and the other death a death away from God for eternity. Nothing that you may gain on this planet is worth that death for it is a death that will supply eternal pain that you will never get away from.

A Message about now (2021)

I would suggest that a lot of politicians read the following

Thus says the Lord, Forasmuch therefore as you have beaten the poor with the fist, and taken choice gifts from him: you have built houses, but you shall not dwell in them: you have planted pleasant vineyards, but you shall not drink the wine of them. For I know your manifold transgressions, in trampling justice beneath your foot, and taking a bribe, and turning aside from the poor in the gate from their right. Therefore the prudent shall keep silence in that time, for it is an evil time. Learn, beloved, the wickedness of the men of that time, how they spoil houses and fields and take even justice from the just; for when these things come to pass, you may know that it is the end. For this reason, are you instructed in the wisdom of the prophet, and the revelation that is to be in those days. And all the prophets, as we bare already said, have clearly signified the things that are to come to pass in the last times, just as they also have declared things of old.

When I had read the following and much more (Go to the document at the end of the blog) I ran to the Lord in fear but reading more had great hope for all humans that salvation was purchased by Jesus and he is offering it as a gift. – Dennis – Blog Author

what manner of tribulation there shall rise in those days, such as has not been from the foundation of the world, no, nor ever shall be, except in those days alone. Then the lawless one, being lifted up in heart, will gather together his demons in man’s form, and will abominate those who call him to the kingdom, and will pollute many souls.
For he will appoint princes over them from among the demons. And he will no longer seem to be pious, but altogether and in all things, he will be harsh, severe, passionate, wrathful, terrible, inconstant, dread, morose, hateful, abominable, savage, vengeful, iniquitous. And, bent on casting the whole race of men into the pit of perdition (his plans for you), he will multiply false signs. For when all the people greet him with their acclamations at his displays, he will shout with a strong voice, so that the place shall be shaken in which the multitudes stand by him.

Then, after all these things, the heavens will not give their dew, the clouds will not give their rain, the earth will refuse to yield its fruits, the sea shall be filled with stench, the rivers shall be dried up, the fish of the sea shall die, men shall perish of hunger and thirst; and father embracing son, and mother embracing daughter, will die together, and there will be none to bury them. But the whole earth will be filled with the stench arising from the dead bodies cast forth. And the sea, not receiving the floods of the rivers, will become like mire and will be filled with an unlimited smell and stench. Then there will be a mighty pestilence upon the whole earth, and then, too, inconsolable lamentation, and measureless weeping, and unceasing mourning Then men will deem those happy who are dead before them, and will say to them, Open your sepulchers, and take us miserable beings in; open your receptacles for the reception of your wretched kinsmen and acquaintances. Happy are you, in that you have not seen our days. Happy are you, in that you have not had to witness this painful life of ours, nor this irremediable pestilence, nor these straits that possess our souls.

That’s as far as I wish to go in this blog on this subject. If you look at the signs of the times we are living, then I think it is quite obvious that we are heading into all this at neck-breaking speed. Even if dead, if you die with your name written in the Book of Life and Jesus is your Savior who died for your sins and on the third was raised up to eternal life again, then you have nothing to Fear.

Many will ask how to survive what is coming? There are no hidden ways to do that. To survive as a physically alive human you will need food and water. To survive the damnation of your soul, then you must become like Jesus and trust in him. There is ABSOLUTELY no other way. BUT IT’S YOUR CHOICE.

Much love from Central Texas – Dennis

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