Fear is the mind-killer

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Fear is the mind-killer – Dune I remember when I went to a movie theater (ya remember those) and watched the Dune film. One of the things I really remember was the script “Fear is the mind-killer”. Well, it’s a … Continued

Two Birds One Stone

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The Chinese virus – The vaccine and eventual death of many billions of humans. I am now continuing with my list of blog items. On the list was the Chinese Virus and of course, the Jab that eventually came with … Continued

Who are we – What are we?

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To Thine Own Self Be TrueThis phrase is one of the famous quotes coined by William Shakespeare. In Act 1, Scene III of the famous play, Hamlet, Polonius says:“This above all: to thine own self be true,And it must follow, … Continued

New Short Story Book

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Below is a free short story that I wrote over the past few months. It’s called “The Solar Man” and what a family did to get ready for the coming Grand Solar Minimum. It’s not complete, as there will be … Continued