CO2 is Plant Food

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The present level is 414.95 ppm which is actually pretty low. Below is some FAKE NEWS that I did using an internet search. This Is unadulterated Bull crap and is part of the Global Reset agenda. They want to take everything … Continued

A Trip Never Before Taken

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My description of Modern Man Well, let me rephrase that it’s a trip never before taken by modern man. The modern man I am thinking of is the beer and pizza cell head type. Loves social media and probably loves … Continued

Growing your own food at home

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This is an introduction to growing your own food. I will be talking about growing Sprouts and Microgreens which are a great Grand Solar Minimum Prepper food for the whole family. It can be grown without electrical power. Sprouts and … Continued

La Niña

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La Niña – means little girl, But don’t let the little part fool you as this is a screaming little brat and she will cause all sorts of cooling. It looks like this year is starting to be a La … Continued

Is the Earth Cooling?

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Well if you live in the North West and you are boiling hot and things are literally burning up and you are running out of water, the answer is no. Ya NO. During a Grand Solar Minimum, that’s just a … Continued

Is There Life In The City?

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The answer to the above question is that it depends. Depends is a good word – “To be controlled or determined by“. Life in the city will be determined By the following: There is electrical power Top of the list … Continued

Tuesday, July 6th. 2021

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OK, what’s so special about the above date? Well nothing, but I have almost conquered WordPress in getting this Blog together. Also, I stuck a little video around the internet to get some Blog interest. Just hope it works as … Continued