Being Small

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Being small

Most people do not get the concept of being small. Being small is not about physical attributes but spiritual smallness. The type of smallness I am talking about is not being afraid or hiding out either, but perhaps like your mother or grandparents. Smallness is about putting everyone first. It’s about being available.

As a male, I can tell you that most people I have met that radiated this sweet smallness have been women.

Being small as God loves those who are small reflects His intention for all of us.

Being this way it seems is repugnant or looked on as being weak, especially by males. I suspected that there are many more males in hell than women.

Smallness is a secret weapon and eventually, it will conquer the world.

If you want to see the smallness of creation, then look into the womb of an expectant mother. Go to the nursery of a hospital. Look at a small baby born too early that weighs less than a pound. Look into the very womb of Mary and see the small unborn Jesus there.

For an example of smallness look at the mother of Jesus and her yes to God. Look at a small unassuming child.

Smallness is not living in your will which is a connection to our corrupted man-created earth.

Smallness is actually giving up our egos or will and letting the Divine will of Jesus work through you.

Through this smallness, Jesus replicates Himself no matter where we go, what we do or whomever we interact with.

If enough people exhibit smallness wrapped up in His will, Jesus will be spread to the ends of the earth. Like a virus, our smallness will be used by Him to infect all those who come in contact with us.

We then will become a large army and our only weapons will be those of smallness and the Divine Will of Jesus.

Who is greater than God?

The answer to the above is no one. Not even Lucifer and his minions and those humans who work for him and believe in his lies.

Like Mary mother of Jesus, you and I have the infinite power of YES.

Yes, come oh Lord Jesus. Come and receive my Yes and my will in exchange for the gift of Your Will.

What a wonderful exchange!

The exchange will be marveled at by angels and the Saints in heaven. Thought eternity it will be presented as the greatest gift ever given except for creation and salvation.

I invite you to become small.

Become small and conquer the world.

Dennis in Central Texas

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