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Hello and welcome to my latest blog. Today is November 20th. 2021. My wife is in the middle of her Thanksgiving madness. It’s a countdown for pies, turkey and her amazing bread dressing. I look forward to Thanksgiving every year and so does our whole family. This one will be one of the more special because I have a feeling that Thanksgiving 2021 will be much like Christmas of 2019. I will be the last one for a really long time. 

This blog is also a special one as I am at the moment creating a new website called “The Divine Will of Jesus”.

 From this point on, I will only blog about the Grand Solar Minimum, food problems and of course about the Global reset and the death jab that will probably kill over a billion or more that have taken the ?Vaccine? which is actually destroying  the ability to repair our DNA and destroy our immune systems. At the moment, the vaccine is causing up to 40 different kinds of problems. Of course number one is death.

I will not transfer your email subscription from this site. If you want to get heads up via email, you will have to join on my new site.

One thing that is really getting crazy is that fertilizers are getting hard to get. Next year’s crops will have productivity problems. Usually when fertilizer {the chemical type} is not available, crop yields can be up to 50% down. This problem is not just here in the US, but is a global problem. This is going to cause global problems and will make the bread riouts in Egypt years back look like a school yard fight. I thought that wheat was a problem here in the US last week, but it seems to be getting worse.

This will be really tough on the Chinese people as china is having some really bad problems. There is not enough food to feed the population and China is purchasing food from any place it can get it. The problem is that many countries are having their own problems and are holding back so they can feed their own population. While I am not a friend of the CCP as they don’t really care about the Chinese people.  China has been wiped out by excessive flooding. Also they are having electricity [power] problems and financial problems. Failure in China is not all that unusual, as the Grand Solar Minimum has taken down the Cheese government many times over the last thousands of years. Because China cannot feed its people, The CCP may start a war. The only bad thing about a war would make things even worse for china when it comes to food. If I was running the CCP, I would make some friends, but it is impossible for the CCP to admit that they are failing at almost everything. This is one of their biggest failures. It seems that their reaction to most things is to act like a mad dog.

Again, I would suggest that you prepare, gold, silver, food, water and protection will become very important in the coming months as the dollar fails (Inflation) and food gets scarce.  Your money will never be more valuable now than it will be in say six to eight months from now.  Example: A loaf of bread may be four or six time more as expensive as it is today. So money spent on flour now will be a great investment now and will be worth perhaps 4 times as much in the future if you convert it into bread later.

That is the end of this blog. Please check out my new website.  There is one note about this site. At the present time it is under attack by hackers from probably China? I have had to increase the security which costs money on my part. It’s a real compliment though. Why is my little site worthy of hacker attention?

Best of everything – Dennis – Central Texas

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