The 2020 Garden Part 12 of ?

Garden and grow bag pics.


OK, its now looking like spring (may) be arriving and you are sitting there worried about food security. You may have never grown your own food in your life. So what can you do? Well if you need a garden and the idea of planting in your yard or apartment just doesn’t seem possible, grow bags may be the answer. All it would take is some 5 gallon plastic grow bags and a bag of soil from the big box store and a few packets of seeds and you are on your way.

To encourage you, surely you can do better than a soon to be a grumpy 77 year old grandfather? Right? Don’t let me put you to shame. Or perhaps you enjoying hunting for food or would like to starve in the next few years. After making a grocery order online I found the prices to be almost unbelievably. Soon you will have to choose to eat or make some other payment to your masters. So why don’t you do something life changing and grow your own food. Grow bags are a good start.

Below are some pictures from my Ruth Stout / Grow Bag garden. Hope you enjoy the pictures. Click on one of the pictures to open viewer.

More pics below

The camera in the above pics is a battery powered one and is wireless. You can move it around and a charge lasts about 7 to 10 days. Thinking about covering the whole farm with about 5 of these.

While spring has just sprung, I am thinking about growing in low tunnels this fall and winter, so will be showing you how I did it. I have all kinds of innovating things in the works and you will be the first to get a sneak preview.

Its going to get cooler and colder and as the temperature goes down, your food costs will go up.

Another thing you might consider is getting a dehydrator and start dehydrating your surplus veggies. All that summer goodness can be enjoyed dead in the winter.

Now is the time to:
Get some seeds
Plant a garden (try grow bags)
Secure some of your own food
Look after your family and those that you love
Take care of the needy and those who have less than you.

Best of love and good wishes from Central Texas where the stars are bright.


The 2020 Garden Part 11 of ?

See what you get when go out and pick some wild sweet Texas Dew Berry’s? Yep you are looking at some jam that will make the store bought stuff fade into insignificance. AND this type of jelly is no where to be found in any store in the US. Too Bad!

As I have stated before. there an uptick in the Grand Solar Minimum. Today is April 23rd. 4:25 PM. Looking out the window, I can see the north wind blowing all my vegetable plants to and through . I am looking at some projections and the North East area may be looking at snow into May. Its been really tough on my plants this spring. I am still adding 5 gallon grow bags, and have another one hundred coming. I have run out of room in my 50 x 100 ft. garden and have resorted to grow bag growing which works really well. I am starting to see some baby squash now, but I really need more heat to get things going. It’s been really weird as we have run the AC and the heat in April. We are seeing some very violent weather come out of Texas lately. I went back into some of my old blogs, and notices that many of the storms and heavy rain start here. Heat and moisture is collected here in Central Texas and then is fed up north where it collides with cooler temperatures (Atmospheric Compression). That sort of thing flooded the US food basket areas last year and I suspect it may happen again.

Hopefully many of you are getting tired of all the shut in and have decided to start a garden. Now would be a good time to get seeds as there is huge pressure on company’s that sell seeds. You can still get them, but many seed types are sold out and you have to wait for your delivery. I have had to go to four or five different seed providers to get what I want, especially for my fall garden that will be planted in two low tunnels. In the future I will also be growing in the house. I am looking at microgreens, mushrooms and two hydroponic towers. I am planning to eat fresh veggies and even some tomatoes from the house.

Ideas – Growing on top of a frame. Why bend over when you can harvest overhead? This is from my friend in China.

My potatoes are looking good – Harvest in 60 days. I have a 100 ft. row of these guys.

Below are two pictures of some sprouting and microgreen trays I am testing. So Far so good

Here is a view from my outside camera of my Ruth Stout Garden. On the right are my grow bags (outside the garden). I am growing sweet potatoes, potatoes, squash (summer and winter), egg plant, tomatoes and peppers.

Well that all for this blog. At the moment it’s May 5th. 2020 and another cool front just blew through. Bet the temperature dropped 20 deg. Very strange year here in Central Texas weather wise. If you are having problems getting all the food at the grocery store like I am, you probably should start growing your own food. I have already harvested about 20 lbs of squash, and the tomatoes are starting to put on tomatoes. Squash, Kale and carrot soup with home made bread tonight for dinner. I just planted a bunch of finger potatoes in grow bags and I have 50 more lbs of potatoes to plant. Guess what I will be eating this winter?

Seriously, if you have not started growing your own food, you will be in a world of trouble in the future. Things are not looking good here and in Canada as the economy has been wounded and there is more and more unemployment every day. I am hearing things like this virus thing may be around for the rest of the year! I sure hope not as that could completely destroy the world economy. Also the Grand Solar Minimum is forcing many country’s to quit exporting things like wheat.

To put it in a SIMPLE way – No Food – You Die!

Best of everything from Central Texas

Start a community (over your phone if necessary)
Order some seeds
Scout out places you can grow
Start a garden or a community garden
Take care of your family and especially your older members.
Take care of the needy and those who have less than you do.

It’s time to start outfitting your ship


I eat a all plant diet and have for about a year. I am now 77 and have as much energy as I did when I was much younger. This book (PDF) is free. To get this Book HERE.

It’s going to get colder and we all need to prepare

The title of this blog comes from my first blog. Yes it’s going to get cold and we all need to prepare. Down here (as in south) in Central Texas we just went through an amazing 5 days of cold weather. The temperature at night hovered around 40 degrees F. While that is an amazing low temperature for the middle of April, the big problem was the wind. It did not stop blowing from the north for all those 5 days. It was not just a little breeze but a whipping wind. The results of the low temps and the wind was that some of my new starts that I planted became desiccated (dried out) and will need to be replaced. The rest of my plants in my garden will survive, but they didn’t like it as well (one tomato plant told me that Ha Ha). The graphic below is a graph of the sunspot record and the NASA prediction for the next cycle. You would have to be blind not to see the trend. While sunspots don’t cause cooling they do predict the energy coming from the sun that keeps our planet warm (or cool). We could be headed for a cold icy time similar to the Maunder Minimum which was a tough time for humanity.

With a global population of over 7.5 billion and the Covid-19 virus raging across the globe, humanity needs to start thinkig about food and how it will be produced.

NOTE TO THE UNPREPARED: People are waking up, and the company’s who sell seed are being overwhelmed. It seems people are becoming worried about having food to eat. Time to start a Covid-19 garden. Like a Victory Garden.

So what does a (Super) Grand Solar Minimum look like. Below comes from my book which I will list below. Note that all the things don’t happen all at once but for certain will happen and are happening as I write this blog. These are:

  • Bitter Cold
  • Extremely Hot
  • Biblical 1000 Year Floods
  • Huge amount of Snow and Ice in some locations
  • Droughts
  • High Winds
  • Very Large Hail
  • Huge to almost Complete Crop Losses
  • Starvation
  • Disease (Covid-19 and food and health related diseases)
  • Loss of life
  • Social Upheaval
  • Human Migrations
  • Fall of Governments
  • War
  • Electromagnetic Displays
  • Hot Dangerous Lightning
  • Increased Large Earthquakes
  • VEI3 to VEI7 or greater Volcanic Eruptions
  • Atmospheric Compression
  • High Cosmic Ray Environment

I should also add during these times the following:
5G, the internet of everything and global governance.

That’s a pretty nasty list is it not?

Am I trying to be the global (or west coast) distributor of gloom? Well in a way I am trying to be that, but you could reword that as distributor of warnings. If you don’t get chills up your neck and spine from the above list, then I would hate to experience what would.

At the moment the food distribution system is breaking down, and soon meat will become hard to get along with things like milk and eggs. Note it is almost impossible to get baby chicks so you can have your own eggs. At this point I must give the amazing rooster we have here on the farm a “Way to Go” as he wakes me up every morning!

So as I sit here at the keyboard at 10:21 AM April 16th. 2020 there are a lot of unanswered questions. OH by the way, today is my 54th. wedding adversity (thanks for putting up with me all those years dear wife).

These questions are:

  • How large will the unemployment numbers get?
  • Will this virus be with us forever living in the background like the seasonal flu?
  • Will we ever get back to normal like back in December of 2019?
  • Will the economy ever recover?
  • How many large and small businesses will never reopen?
  • Will we soon run out of enough food to feed Americans like they previously have been fed?
  • Will we see a financial crash?
  • Will the FED again have to bail out Banks?
  • Will there be an election in November?
  • When will the Globalist make their big pitch to save all of us?
  • What will the 2020 planting season look like?
  • How soon before you hear the term “Universal Income”?
  • How many Americans will give up their right for a pittance of money and a few bites of food?
  • Will Americans ever wake up and start growing their own food?
  • When will Americans wake up and toss our crappy useless blood sucking ?leaders? and politicians in jail?
  • How many grains of sand are on the beaches of the world?

I could go on but you look bored.

All the best from deep in the heart of Central Texas where the stars are bright.


I eat a all plant diet and have for about a year. I am now 77 and have as much energy as I did when I was much younger. This book (PDF) is free. To get this Book HERE.

Enjoying the Global Cooling Goodness?

What a strange middle of April as the north wind causes an old 76 year old grumpy guy to have to search for his jacket in Central Texas. Sounds like a grade B or C movie right? Perhaps worse. As the world descents into a world of global cooling, people remain locked in their homes and search for food. Again that sounds like the movie I referenced above.

Headlines: People hide in their homes as a virus rages and the earth cools. Fear struck people fail to see what the globalist have in store for them. The FED is pumping out huge amounts of dollars and the brain dead representatives in Washington don’t have a clue. Or do they? People are sent a pittance while corporations are bailed out with trillions of printed money that the poor masses will have to pay back. Life times of saving and investing are reduced to just coins in a jar. This would make a great movie would it not? Its almost funny until some place up in that 4G – 5G radiated GMO infested brain you realize that it’s not a movie but actually reality!

Below is a road map I published last year. Again I suggest that you place it in your car or on your refrigerator like a grocery list. I have placed two maps below so you can decide which one looks best on your refrigerator. Every time you open your refrigerator think: “I REALLY NEED TO GROW MY OWN FOOD”.

When I produced the above two graphics the Chinese Corona Virus was no where to be seen. I suspect that the virus will change some of the dates on the above two. I suspect it will speed things up.

More on seeds. Yesterday I was still looking to order seeds that I would like to plant this fall and in the spring of 2021. Of the five stores I visited online only two were taking orders. The other three had shut down their websites and were not taking any more orders. Of the two that were taking orders, many of the things I wanted were sold out and not available. If you are looking for seeds, I would suggest that you keep trying as it may get harder and harder to obtain seeds.

Make sure you don’t order hybrid (F1) seeds as that is just a dead end if you want to save seeds for next year. In fact, its getting almost crazy like at the number of hybrid seeds that are being sold. In good and what you could call normal times, purchasing hybrid seeds were a good thing as many of these seeds had really good qualities and could be purchased year after year. I suspect that this will not be the case soon and your (Heirloom) seed will become really valuable.

While I am waiting for spring to finally and fully arrive here in Central Texas, I am making my plans for this fall as I am planning on growing all winter long with a Low Tunnel similar to the one shown below. I am shooting for a 12 x 45 foot tunnel (walk in size) with frost blankets inside. There are an amazing number of vegetables that grow well during the winter and I am planning to put this to the test.

Picture on the left is by Val Vannet Permission – Creative Commons Attribution Share-alike license 2.0

I finally found some things needed, but like all the other seed companies, they were totally wiped out of things that are pretty standard when starting a spring garden. I am still looking for some Sunchokes (Jerusalem Artichokes). I really want to start a bunch of them around the farm. I have some Russian finger seed potatoes on the way, and feel lucky to get them as EVERYONE is sold out. These potatoes will go in my 7 – 30 gallon grow bags that are just sitting there waiting. Moringa tree seeds are the next thing I want to start.

One final thing. The Texas Dew Berry’s are ripening (see above). These are the sweetest berry’s on earth (my earth anyway. They are also wild, and I bet I could pick 20 gallons of them just walking down our rural road. Those in the above picture were picked around the back of my large Greenhouse. I see my wife making Jam and Jelly soon. Also our native Texas plumb trees are full of plums, so it looks like a good year and berry and plum along with wild native grapes makes for a bunch of good things. None of these have I planted and they are just there for the picking.

While you are sitting there frustrated, start thinking about food security. Plan out a garden and search for and purchase some seeds.

Cheers and best of everything from Central Texas.


I eat an all plant diet and have for about a year. I am now 77 and have as much energy as I did when I was much younger. This book (PDF) is free. To get this Book HERE.

The 2020 Garden Part 10 of ?

Welcome to my part 10 of my 2020 garden. It’s been really cool and damp here in Central Texas. The temps are up and down and we have had ample rain so no watering for the most part. I am still not finished as 2020 seems to be a HEADS UP year as things play out with the virus thing which looks like only the old and unhealthy are dying.

This virus is not a kill everyone thing. Have you noticed where the hot spots are? Large dark cities (need D3), poor diets which means a poor immune system.

If you really want a kill your self diet, eat loads of meat (all of them) oils, milk, eggs and egg and all milk products (yea even cheese) and those great processed foods. Eats loads of candy, ice cream and pizza and of course all those drive through foods you have come to love. Then go home and eat more of it. Never read the contents of any thing you purchase. Don’t worry about GMO and don’t grow your own food. Then when the flu or the corona virus comes your way you will be all setup to take a trip to the hospital and exit the other end in a body bag.

Good Videos – How not to Die! URL
Another One – URL
And another one – URL

While not about my garden, the following is my supplement list. If you are thinking supplements and don’t want to be crazy like me, the C, D3 and Zinc would be on the top of my list.

The Spirulina and St John’s Wort are photo sensitive and photo activated and are use by me for external exposure and healing using my 600 watt full spectrum grow light. Much more on this later in follow up blogs.

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D3
  • Zinc
  • St. John’s Wort
  • Spirulina
  • Complete Multivitamin
  • Turmeric Curcumin
  • Moringa (I hand fill my capsules in a 100 cell kit I ordered)
    And my 600 watt grow light.

The bugs are really hungry this year. I have produced enough starts to double plant if needed in my greenhouse just in case we get some of those storms containing quarter sized hail. There was some bad hail last night but it passed to the north of here. I am now in the process of expanding what I am growing using 5, 20 and 30 gallon grow bags. The potatoes are looking good and healthy so far. My son put in our new sweet potato bed and the slips are looking great. I surrounded the bed with beans.

I am finding it hard to get some seeds I wanted for next year as some seed providers are shut down because of the large number of orders coming in and they cant handle the traffic. I planted 4 types of okra this year and around 6 types of peppers. I lost count on the different types of tomatoes planted. Loads of different summer and winter squash. I have a large dehydrator which I will use to store any extra produce that we cannot eat or sell. After dehydrated I will use my vacuum sealer to store them. If you are doing this, put the dried veggies in a loosely sealed glass jar for a day or so. If you see any condensation in and on the jar, you need to dry more. My winter squash and potatoes and sweet potatoes will be my go to storage next winter along with my dehydrated veggies.

One other thing new here is that I am starting to make my own bread. It’s easy – three cups of flour and salt to taste and mix. In a separate bowl add 1 1/2 cups of warm water and a bit of honey then add two tea spoons of yeast and mix well. In the bowl with the flour and salt, add 3 teaspoons of honey and 4 teaspoons of oil. Then dump in the yeast mixture. Use a mixer with a dough hook or hand mix. Final dough should be a bit wet but does not stick to your hands.

There are hundreds of videos on YouTube using what I have described above.

Put dough in an oiled bread pan. Let rise (no punch down) and then bake in a preheated oven at 425 degrees for around 20 to 25 minutes or more or until golden brown. I also have a cast iron Dutch Oven that could be used to make bread if no power or oven was available.

Below are some farm pics. I am contemplating a video walk through of my garden in coming blogs

Best of everything from the best state in this world and from Central Texas where the stars are bright!


I eat an all plant diet and have for about a year. I am now 77 and have as much energy as I did when I was much younger. This book (PDF) is free. To get this Book HERE.

Living in a different world

Are you feeling like you are living in a different world or reality? I suspect that billions of people are feeling that way. Most are not sure what is going on. Most want things to return to the way it was. The bad news is that it probably will never return to the way it was.

I have had 100,000 plus views of my blog the last year. In all those views, I have had at max perhaps 50 comments. So I may have come to the end of all this blogging. I think that I can better use my time looking after my self and family that trying to wake up people on what is coming and what is here right now.

As a Christian, I personally think we are what some would call the End Times, the Fourth Turning or an end of an era. No matter what you call it, the world will never be the same until it’s all over. And then we will see a new and fresh and loving world for a while. What I am waiting for like in Moses time when the Angel of Death swept over Egypt. Eventually it will be the same very soon when the people behind all that is taking place and their minions will be swept into hell for eternity. I can’t think of a better place for them but would not wish hell for any human.

This planet is soon in for a world of hurt. What will be happening soon will be pretty rough and deadly on all the deniers, mushrooms and marshmallows. Even the strongest and most of the best prepared will faint at what is coming

See the WHAMMY in the picture below. Well that pretty well describes what we will soon be facing. The Whammy is made up of the following:

  • Global Governance.
  • Global tracking and stacking
    Roll out of 5G networks (The internet of everything)
  • Global famine.
  • Global unrest and wars.
  • The continuation of the Corona (Chinese) virus.
  • Global crop failures caused by the Grand Solar Minimum (will last 35 years?).
  • increased earth quakes and volcanic eruptions.
  • Global depression and financial disruptions
  • Increased clouds, cool wet and icy weather and flooding along major rivers.
  • Increased radiation caused by our earth’s weakening and changing magnetic field.
  • The sun going into a cooling period.

None of the above does not have to happen or be world ending, but the world is not really prepared for any of it.

The Problem is Food.
No Food – Nothing Else Matters

And the problem is that no one grows it any more. Globally we have mostly placed our well being and food security (and our health) in the hands of others.
We are only one great spasm from the sun that would destroy our electronic and electrical civilization. We are nine meals from starting to starve if our food chain was cut off. Global health is going down hill as our diets are killing us. The Corona Virus is only exacerbating the problem. I suspect that a large numbers of deaths caused by the virus are caused by poor diet and a weak immune system.

Being a child of the 60’s, I can point out that our country started really going down hill then. The Military Industry Complex was really sucking in the money with things like all the military needed in Vietnam. I sat there in tech school watching many of my friends and class mates heading to their death during that period. The 60’s brought free sex and love. It brought “if it felt good do it”. Abortion which has caused more deaths then any war ever has became a right. Baby’s in the womb became a piece of meat that could be discarded. We lost prayer in schools. Even worse Christians were at war with each other. It seems that humanity has not become any more civilized than it was thousands of years ago. We now just have more technology to be uncivilized with.

Even stranger, people do not understand how wonderful they could be and what they are actually capable of. Make Love not war is actually a choice. Kindness and compassion are another choice. It seems that as we get further and further from our Creator, we become more and more uncivilized.

Please find two PDF’s I have written on how wonderful the human can be below.

I am at the end of this blog. It looks like we will have to reap what we have sown. The bills for doing nothing are due. Mankind is heading into a place never ever experienced before. I hope you read both of my PDF downloads. All who read my blog are in my prayers. After you read this, go look at your children. Think about what is coming and make a plan. In that plan, place food, health and protection and wrap that plan up in God’s love. There is a storm coming and you will want to be a part of the new world on the other side. It will be wonderful world and worth everything you can do to get there.

Wishing you all the best of everything from Central Texas.

I eat an all plant diet and have for about a year. I am now 77 and have as much energy as I did when I was much younger. This book (PDF) is free. To get this Book HERE.

Food Security

You need to think about it now!

Updated April 3rd. 2020 – go to bottom of this Blog.

The whole world is going through this Corona Virus infection and all that entails. Here is the states like most of the rest of the world people are being locked down and are finding it harder and harder to get food. Many things are out and not available. The store shelves are not being filled as fast as they need to and some people are running scared. People globally are loosing their jobs and world unemployment is growing. While the US is being locked down, the government is handing out a pittance to those in need while, trillions are being used to bail out big businesses while small ones who are shut down fester and fail.

If you can not see that, then your are perhaps blind. From the collapse of our financial systems, it looks like a world wide depression is on it’s way. While this and the Corona Virus are devastating, the implications of FOOD SECURITY are even more important as it looks like the world systems of providing food for its almost 8 billion people are failing. Even in the best of time those billions of people just had enough food to get by while those in richer countries ate and wasted food as it seemed that the supply was endless. Even worse we are burning corn in our cars while others starve.

All of that is changing and I am seeing cracks in that perspective of endless food in those who I talk with and interact with. Some people see what is coming and are actually starting to grow their own food. Seed is in demand and the usual rush for spring seeds for planting which happens every year has not stopped and gotten worth. It is hard to get starts at the big box stores in places and baby chickens come at a premium.

Our farmers who grow and supply many of the day-to-day items we eat are having problems getting seeds, fertilizers (there is a shortage) and equipment and parts for their machinery. The growing season is not looking all that good as well and our climate is slowly changing into a wetter and cooler environment which can cause all types of environmental problems with plant growth. We may see a wetter spring and a shorter growing season as NASA is saying the next solar cycle which is just starting will be the weakest of the past 200 years. Only the Dalton minimum had such lower solar activity and that brought on huge problems with agriculture. To make matters worse there is a shortage of farm labor. The US brings in every year migrant workers who help produce a large amount of our food. There workers are not being protected from the virus and this may become a problem in the food chain. This is especially bad in the UK, EU and in India as workers are being told to go home or there are not enough available locally.

As I have said over the last two years, in 2021, the world will wake up and realize that there is not going to be enough food for everyone. When that happens all hell will break loose and the world will be stripped of any food reserves (if there are any), and that will be the start of the big culling of the world population. I think it is time to repeat what is headed YOUR WAY, not just the other guy. Note the things below are Gloom and Doom and reality which is a hard teacher.

  • The Grand solar minimum – Lasts 35 years and will almost completely destroy modern agriculture in places.
  • The Sun is getting weaker and the earth is cooler from the weaker sun.
  • The earth’s magnetic field is weakening and moving and there may be a pole flip coming. This is bad news for people, plant life and animals.
  • During grand solar minimums there are an increase in volcanoes and earth quakes.
  • There is in increase in cloud cover caused by an increase in Galactic Cosmic Rays.
  • There are more thing but I will stop here.

None of the above is conducive to food production. Also because of more clouds and cooler and wetter climate, there is more disease and health problems (for you and plants and grains). Again and again I repeat, this CO2 thing and global warming is an agenda to tax and fool very stupid people. A cooler, wetter, icy earth is on it’s way and we better do something or we will be a part of that global culling. Please try to wrap your mind around that for your own self and you’re family.

The only solution is for industry to start growing in protective greenhouses and for the population to start growing it’s own food. This will require a life style change. We will all need to become farmers and be responsible for our own nutrition and a large part of our food. There is nothing wrong with having a few chickens.

At the moment I have a hen that is hatching out around 7 chicks. You can grow your garden in your back yard and keep the chickens there as well. Seven grown hens and a rooster is all you will need for a continuous bunch of chickens. If chickens are properly fed, they can produce an egg a day or perhaps a little less. You can grow things like winter squash that you can store. Also potatoes, cabbage carrots and other things. Grow beans that can be dried and used in the winter. You can eat well all through the growing season. Get a dehydrator and dehydrate tomatoes, peppers, and squash.

Or you can sit on your rear and starve. That’s your choice. If you think there are food availability problems now, just wait another year, then you will be begging the government to help you and it may be too late.

Get your seeds HERE or any other place you can. It getting late in the game. It’s not too late, but very soon it will. 10 to 12 months max?

UPDATE – April 3rd. 2020
Can not purchase garden supplies because they are NON ESSENTIAL.

Dennis in Central Texas

I eat an all plant diet and have for about a year. I am now 77 and have as much energy as I did when I was much younger. This book (PDF) is free. To get this Book HERE.

Living in a 12 Monkey world?

Updated April 2nd. 2020

The 12 monkey movie which is very well done is one that I actually went to see when it came out and was pretty scary at the time. My wife especially did not like it. Are we living in a 12 monkey world yet? Personally I don’t think so (Just Yet). But there is one thing for certain, we are not going back to normal after this is all over if that’s even possible. It is looking like small businesses will be hurt the most and we will only have large corporations left (and flush with your money) that will survive.

Note: Twelve Monkeys, is a 1995 American science fiction film directed by Terry Gilliam, starring Bruce Willis, Madeleine Stowe, and Brad Pitt, with Christopher Plummer and David Morse in supporting roles.

In the above graphic you can see what is happening in China. One thing that amazes me is that stupid Americans (unlike the Chinese) are not wearing face masks when out. It seems that a lot of us think it is just one great holiday! China is now using QR codes to identify those who are safe to wander around outside and use grocery stores and shop. It’s all on their Cell Phone as shown above. I suspect if your code is red, then you may be packed off or must stay at home for some predetermined time and then checked again.

So where is the 1% trying to direct us?. The graphic below describes what they actual want and that is a One Global World. Bill Gates is part of the World Economic Forum and others. If you are wondering who the 1% are just follow the money and watch those who are pushing control much like is happening globally and right here in the US. These are the people who want total control and are coming out of the wood work as this is a great opportunity to work their dirty deeds of global control. So get ready for your green and red QR codes on your Cell Phone or worse. Get ready for tracking and if you sit on your rear and do nothing and act like a sheep and continue to be fed like mushrooms you will condemn your children to being slaves of the 1%. But it’s your choice world.

If the US and the world comes out of this still in one piece it will amaze me. It is still not to late to take our licks and kicks and keep going, but in my estimation that will soon end. It looks like there is a cure for this virus as our president has touted. If people just wore face masks this could be all over by the end of April. It almost looks like some want as many dead as possible. No face masks, I wonder why?

One other thing that is happening is the shutdown of interstate travel and stopping people from going from one town to another.

This is an absolute shredding of our Constitution.

Closing gun store is also not legal. Putting people in jail for not staying home is obscene. Our governors have trampled on our Constitution and given them self’s power that are not available to them.

But before you get mad and stomp off, I think all these things are needed but our ?leaders? need to approach it in another way. If we are all going to get through this we must cooperate, but claiming powers that do not belong to our states and mayors and governors is not the way.

If you let them continue, they will use it over and over, and you will loose your dignity and human rights. It’s a very slippery slope and slippery slopes usually lead into a ditch.

So where is this going to? Where is this leading us? Here are my predictions and remember I am just a 76 year old guy. But I have seen this coming for a long time.

It started with President Lincoln and states rights, It started in 1913 and the federal reserve. President Eisenhower warned about it. It began in Europe and corrupt banking and the worlds elites. It started when they crucified Jesus. That Jesus guy was a real radical. (Love God and your neighbor). It started when kingdoms oppressed their citizens. It started when Cain killed Abel. It started in the slums of London. It started when land barons burned out farmers on what they called their land. It happened when the banks became too big to fail and were allowed to become gambling casinos. It happened when your money is owned by the bank and if they fail they will use your money first to pay creditors. It began when there was no school prayer. It began when millions of unborn children are ripped daily from their mothers wombs. It began with pornography and filth and moral decay in the world. and best of all:

You and I and billions of people through time let it happen by our and their silence. We will all reap what that silence is bringing us now and will bring us as this all plays out.

There is only one and only one solution to this and that is LOVE. There is no other answer. If you are a Christian that love is Jesus. If the name of Jesus offends you then please just go away as you are lost and blind. Go do it your way.

If you are still here with me, know that this will not end. This virus, globalist and the coming Grand Solar Minimum will insure that this will not go away. Now is the time to change your life. Now is the time to speak up or loose it all. Now is the time to realize that you are on your own, and any choices you make must be done quickly. The curtain to the world as we know it will soon be brought down. and when that curtain opens again you will probably panic if you don’t prepare.

Bill Gates recently stated on Reddit that “digital certificates” will be used to identify who received the upcoming COVID-19 vaccine. And these certificates will also be used to identify who can conduct business or not. Here’s how this plan is already backed by a massive organization called ID2020. URL HERE.

Welcome to the soon to be announced stacked and tracked world

Wishing all of you the best from Central Texas


I eat an all plant diet and have for about a year. I am now 77 and have as much energy as I did when I was much younger. This book (PDF) is free. To get this Book HERE.

The End of the Road

OK we have been at this Corona Virus thing for going on two months and as predicted, things here in the states are getting more intense. There are some things that really bother me about what is going on and that it is we will wake up to a new world when this is over and you and I will not like all the new things.

Please realize that I think this virus is serious, but it is being used just like climate change and 911 for an agenda. Likely you are seeing things and will hear thing from our government (country and state) and in the main stream media. These are:

  • The whole world needs to stay home to get past this virus
  • We must suffer to get through this
  • Don’t use cash as it may carry the virus
  • We need cash cards that all can use so we can get all that cash into your hands
  • Look, the world is shut down and the climate is improving
  • We need to send out helicopter cash to every one on the planet because of all the shut down businesses.
  • Notice that all the countries in the planet are shutting their borders and no one is helping anyone else. We need a centralized form of government that can manage all the global resources.

So if you look at what is happening, we are destroying small businesses. Most of them will not recover. Big business is being bailed out. When it is all over, you will have lost your job, your retirement, your car, and possibly you house and any savings you may have. When it is all over it will just be like 911 and we will have our new type of homeland security. The name even gives me the chills and creeps.

When it is all over you will hear things like this is a global problem that needs global solutions. If we destroy the financial system you can bet that there is one waiting in the wings to replace it. So just like 911, the American public will be offered a solution and with that solution will come the death of our great Constitution. Slowly our rights are being stripped away and being replaced by the 1%’s agenda.

So what is another solution to all the people dying from this virus? If you look at the data which can be suspect at best, it seems that people who are dying have some common problems. Most are old (like me) and all the other younger people have a very bad immune system or some other bad health problems.

What is going on here is that their body is working full time just to keep them from getting worse. So when some thing like this virus comes along, they have no defense to put in action because of their weakened state.

There are a lot of Americans who are living on a diet of cheap processed food. You can’t be obese or over weight and live on processed foods and be healthy.

The solution is to not shut down the world and destroy the global financial system, but to take care of those who can have serious consequences if exposed to this virus. These are the people who need to stay at home and hide until this is all over with. Almost everyone in the world will eventually be exposed to this virus. Most won’t die, some wont even know they have it, some will get sick, some will go to the hospital, and some will die. Have you ever noticed anyone in government telling you to eat well, and improve your immune system?

In no way am I telling you not to stay home. You can indeed kill your parents or grandparents of older people and others who are sick and weak. Doing that is just crazy. But I think we need to take another look at this problem, and if we don’t and we keep going in the direction we are going especially if this goes on for many months, there will not be an economy to come back to. Perhaps that is the way it will be? You have any ideas? Let me know.

So what am I doing as an old guy of 76? I am a a diabetic and have had bypass surgery a few years back. I suspect that places me at high risk. But about 6 months ago I completely changed my diet. I no longer eat any processed foods period, make all my bread and eat mostly vegetables, and I am in the process of growing a large garden. I also refrain from most oils, meat, eggs, dairy products and go easy on anything with sugar. I am taking supplements like Vitamin C, Spirulina, Vitamin D3, a multivitamin, and magnesium. You can see my previous blog on what I am doing about the virus HERE. Note this is not medical advice.

Heads up. Please note that our farming system may be on the brink of failure. With no workers, parts, seeds and fertilizers and wet and cold and really rainy weather, this year may not be like any year we have ever seen. If you think all this is BS, then go on your way, but I am suggesting that you start growing your own food. I understand that seed companies are having problems with the huge increase in the number of orders. I tried to order some seeds yesterday and was told to come back later as they were having problems keeping up with orders. Also many of the spring starts at the big box stores are being cleaned out.

There is a New World coming and I would suggest that you quickly understand that the government is not coming to help you and you will soon be on your own.

Get Seeds and start a garden.
Think about a community when this cools off.
Look after your older relatives, parents, grandparents and those who are weak medically.
Start eating healthy and think about supplements.
Look after your family friends and neighbors
Look after those who have less than you do.
Don’t let the 1% strip you of every thing you have worked for.

Dennis in Central Texas.

I eat an all plant diet and have for about a year. I am now 77 and have as much energy as I did when I was much younger. This book (PDF) is free. To get this Book HERE.

The Virus and Food

Corona Virus in China
Before I get going on gardening. I would like to report what I am hearing out of China almost daily. Things there are getting back to normal. Trucks, buses, trains and transportation are getting back to normal. People are returning to their jobs. Restaurants and food centers are open for business. There are no longer huge numbers of people getting sick and China is gradually returning back to normal. That may take some time, but it will eventually get that way.

I suspect that this will happen here in the states. Yes there will be some really bad stories like in New York and cities that have cramped populations. I suspect Los Angeles will have problems. Also some places that were international travel hubs. Our older population is now at risk here in the states. Just being stupid could eventually kill your grandparents or older family members. Now is the time to work through this by staying home and out of crowds.

It does not have to be the end of the world unless we choose that.

What does worry me is the possibility of a complete financial collapse. This I am watching closely.

I suspect that by the end of the summer as things get hot, we will see a large reduction of people being infected and we will be all going back to work.

Which bring me to this and that is food.


For me it is food and how fragile our food system and food delivery system is. Hopefully this may wake up a large number of people who finally realize that they need to take matters into their own hands when it comes to food security.

Yes there is nothing wrong with prepping. Those that were preppers are now not having any problems like most other people who are finding it hard to get food and other supplies. But it goes down a much longer path than prepping. What people actually need is to start growing their own food. If that decision is not made now when it is still possible, it will soon be too late. The virus has come and it will be eventually be gone. What wont go away is the global cooling that will last the next 35 years. Soon (I am predicting 2021) people will wake up and finally realize that the planet cannot feed its self. When that happens, the rush for food will make the year 2020 and the virus look like child’s play. At that point, every bit of food will be purchased and there will be little or no replacements.

The US and the world needs to wake up and realize that we will soon need to grow food differently, especially in greenhouses that surround large cities and populations centers.

If that happens then Local Farmers can grow Local Food for Local People. A win-win thing.

But that is up to you. If this crazy old 76 year old guy can see a need for all the above then I suspect you if you just give it a chance (look out of your box) you will see what is wrong and heading our way.

Keep calm, stay home, and let this virus burn it’s self out. When it’s over you just might have the possibility of learning from all this and change your life for the better.

Cheers from where the Stars are Bright Deep in the Heart of Texas !

The stars are bright lyrics deep in the heart of Texas

The stars at night are big and bright. The Prairie Sky, is Wide and High. Deep in the heart of Texas. The Sage in bloom is like perfume. Deep in the heart of Texas. Reminds me of the one I love. Deep in the heart of Texas.

Clap your hands 4 times quickly between sentences quickly followed by Deep in the heart of Texas.

Listen to the song here.


I eat an all plant diet and have for about a year. I am now 77 and have as much energy as I did when I was much younger. This book (PDF) is free. To get this Book HERE.


If you have followed my blog for the last year you may have even got tired of my suggestion that I wrote about over and over and over to get seeds, and plant a garden. Well it looks like seeds just might become like toilet paper. There just wont be any available. The COVID19 virus has caused people to pause and think where their food might come from if there was no food at the grocery store. The best I can tell is that seed providers are now being completely overloaded with orders like they have never seen before. These seed company’s are having the same labor shortages and problems many are having. Keeping away from large numbers of people. One infection could shut down seed shipping. My take on this is if you do not have your seeds now, it may be to late to get a garden stared this spring.

My suggestion is that you head anyplace that carry seeds and purchase what you need now and for the next couple of years.

I hate to say this, but I told you so, but had no idea that this virus would start the panic buying of vegetable seeds. All along I was hoping people would wake up because of the Grand Solar Minimum, which BY THEY WAY is hitting the US and other places even harder than last year.

If you have not woken up and see what is coming, I am to the point of exhaustion talking about this. This may be your last wake up call. But that is your choice.

Take care of your self. I am staying home until this is over, but personally there will be some really bad financial problems along with this virus. If you really care about your self, your family and others, I would suggest that you look back on Christmas as the last time that things were sane. I have a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach that life soon will never be the same. But what does an old 76 year old crazy man know. Hope to have a blog out soon on the progress of my 2020 garden here in Central Texas.

Best of luck and pray to the living and loving God that this passes over you and your family

Dennis in Central Texas

I eat an all plant diet and have for about a year. I am now 77 and have as much energy as I did when I was much younger. This book (PDF) is free. To get this Book HERE.

Read This If You Like To Eat

Not too many warnings left

While the Corona Virus rages around the earth and grocery stores are cleaned out and food is getting harder to find, there is something else going on during all the distraction of this virus. Is it OK to be distracted? If your health is at risk then the answer may be yes, but there is something even more dangerous then the health effects of this virus and that is food loss.


If you like to eat then you had better listen to what many are talking about. As this virus swoops through the whole world, those who escape and were not killed by this virus will soon have to face another life threatening problem. That problem is food availability. That problem is being caused by the Grand Solar Minimum that looks like it may be a 400 year or longer cycle of conditions that are not conducive to growing crops. This cooling could last the next 35 years.

I suspect there will be another problem along with this virus and crop failure and that will be our government who will want to control everything and you wont have much say as it is an Emergency!

Will you give up all your rights because there is no food and riots on the street? I suspect that many of you would. Just protect me and give me food and I will do as you say master! It looks like that is where we are heading and all that would entail. But that is not the reason for this blog.

The reason for this blog is that food will soon become Money. You and I and your family and friends need to become farmers again. Having someone there TO FEED YOU will soon be coming to an end.

Yes its been nice to go to the marked for food that some one else planted, watered, grew, harvested, packaged, transported and sold at a market while you sat on your lazy rear end and did nothing to produce it. That my friends will soon be ending, that is unless you want to be an even greater slave than you are now.

So lets face it, if you don’t grow your own food you are a food slave, and if the governments gets their way in this that will only increase. If they can control food, then it is quite easy to control everything else and our wonderful constitution will have been buried under tons of governmental control. This will be control that you did not vote for and in many cases you did not know anything about. That is what is coming you way and it will all start with this virus that globalist are thanking their lucky stars for.

I have written over and over about growing your own food. It’s not rocket science. Your ancestors did it and none probably had a horticulture degree.

Plant a seed in good soil and keep it watered and generally it will fulfill it reason for existing and that is to produce something you can eat.

Wow is that so hard or crazy? Of course it’s not. Some expert out there will tell you that it is hard and the insects will eat up everything. Oh its so hard and I am such an expert that has been all through this and as an expert I can tell you its hard. Well BULL. If a 76 year old grandfather can do it so can you. If you are young it will be even easier. At 76 I hurt a bit from all the work but eventually I will have a garden that can feed all my family. SO CAN YOU.

It will become harder and harder to get seed. That can be done now, but will become harder in the future with this virus. Get 7 years of seeds (At most $100.00). Get non GMO and heirloom seeds. Harvest your own seeds and trade with others. You will never have to purchase seeds again.

So what is coming down the line? What is that double light we see coming our way? Yes one is the virus, and the others is the Grand Solar Minimum and food loss. Last year farmers in China, the US and other places all over the earth had problems getting crops put into the ground. Some were never harvested, and some were not even planted. That was the 2018/2019 crop season. It now looks like the 2019/2020 crop season will have the same problems or worse as the previous one. China, the US and the rest of the world will be looking for food.


Follow my Blog on my garden so you can see even an old guy like me can grow food.

Here are my two places HERE that I trust and have purchase thousands of dollars of seed from them for my personal garden and my microgreen business.

Take care of your self. Protect your older members of your family (Like Me).

Cheers from Central Texas


I eat an all plant diet and have for about a year. I am now 77 and have as much energy as I did when I was much younger. This book (PDF) is free. To get this Book HERE.

The 2020 Garden Part 8 of ?

It’s Potato Planting Time in Central Texas.

We had a nasty frost here last night as the temps dropped below freezing. No damage though as the only things planed are garlic and onions, and frost does not seem to bother them. It will soon (as in a week) be potato planting time. As you can see from the pictures below, the seed potatoes have sprouted after being in the dark for about a month (left photo). Pieces are cut off the whole potato containing eyes (center photo). On the right are some of my Korean sweet potatoes that are making slips. After they grow around six inches tall, I cut them from the potato and place then in water. After a week or more, they will be growing roots and ready for planting. We here on the farm are looking forward to an abundance of potatoes this year. I am hoping to store some of them for seed potatoes next year.

The cut seed potatoes will have to heal for about a week before planting. Make sure that there is plenty of air circulation around the cut potatoes so they don’t rot. In the next day or so I will be getting a large amount of hay that will cover my long 100 foot potato bed, I will just place them on top of my compost and then cover with about a foot and half of hay. Ill probably water them a bit before covering. My mulch is already pretty damp so I won’t need much. If I regularly get some rain I may not have to water them much. Harvest will begin around the end of June, but I may cheat and dig out some of the smaller ones.

Ill put up some potato planting pictures up as soon as I have them.

One other thing, please get prepared for the virus explosion that will probably happen in the coming weeks. I sure hope not, but it’s not looking good. You probably need a minimum of two months of stored food.

If you don’t have a lot of money, rice and beans are still available and relatively inexpensive. Boring but will keep you alive. I also like grits, oatmeal, pasta and dehydrated potatoes. Grab some raisins, and some canned veggies and fruit. Want meat, get some canned chicken and hey some SPAM! I tried some Bacon SPAM and it was well OK. I suspect it may have passed by or been in the same room as a pig! Add that to the boring grits, potatoes and rice. Don’t eat them until you actually need them. My can of SPAM actually has a 2023 use by date. I suspect in 2025 it would be just fine LOL. Any of the above will store easily for two years or more. So if I am just a crazy doomer, none of the food I just mentioned will go bad and you can consume it later. Please don’t wait until people go APE – – – – and clean out the grocery store. You don’t want to be a part of that I can guarantee.

Best of luck from Central Texas


I eat an all plant diet and have for about a year. I am now 77 and have as much energy as I did when I was much younger. This book (PDF) is free. To get this Book HERE.

The Future of food

The future of food in the coming years will not be from some mono-culture behemoth food production system, but local farms that circle urban cities. Food will then be produced by:

Local Farmers
Growing Local Food
For Local People

The 1000 mile salad if you just think about it is simply crazy. There is an enormous waste here in fuel and infrastructure costs to provide that salad on your plate in your home. Even worse, you have no idea where that food came from, what was used on it and even who produced it. Simply put, you have absolutely no control over food you purchase and eat.

Local food negates all this as it is local and is available for inspection by the local food purchasing public. Not only that, it is much fresher and will last longer eliminating waste normally associated with products we regularly eat. One other advantages is that the income for food purchases are kept local and can be use by local farmers to continuously improve quality, availability and diversity of what they are growing. Local food is a win-win for the consumer and the farmer.

The future farm that will be growing for the city core that uses their products will be grown in efficient, low energy use type greenhouses. This type of system has been used for many years in China and has fed many hundreds of millions of people in what I would call mega cities. It is simple and easy to implement and the results are there to see. It is impossible to argue with the success of this style and method of growing local food.

The times they are changing is a song that echoes in my mind as I am a child of the 60’s. Nothing is more true than that at this very moment. Times are changing, and the way we feed our country and local communities is going to have to change and change very soon. With the Grand Solar Minimum creating all types of food losses globally, things will need to be different if we are all going to eat on a daily basis. It is projected that this cooling period will last almost 35 years, and will damage greatly the way food is grown at the present.

I am impress by a company who is creating value for farmers who want to start using this new technology, as they have taken the basic Chinese Solar Greenhouse and added modern technology to improve it’s efficiency and easy of use in an almost plug-and-play system. Things like growing mushrooms in the same greenhouse that feeds CO2 to the vegetable plants growing in the same greenhouse. Also on the table are geothermal cooling and advanced coverings. These coverings are hail resistance, thermally insulating and create an evenly distributed sun light to the plants. Using efficient exhausting of heat build up is provided by a temperature differential vacuum system that brings in cooler air that replaces warmer air. In the winter, these systems can be buttoned up at night by automated blanket type of coverings and create huge energy savings.

ROI. Return of investment can be quite good as the production of mushrooms along with vegetable can quickly pay off the initial investment in their greenhouses. The idea of growing mushrooms in a greenhouse along with vegetables is a new idea here in the states. As you can see below, the typical greenhouse in China is as far as the eye can see. This could easily work here and in your city as well.

Image result for chinese greenhouses

If you thought growing mushrooms is a crazy idea, then think again. There is a better way to do this and most of the work is done for you. The method is as follows: Composted materials like wood and straw are sterilized and formed into logs. These logs are then inoculated with mushroom spore and then frozen. These logs are then transported by regeneration trucks to the local grower who places the logs in a warm greenhouse on a rack. In ten days mushrooms may be harvested and continued for the next few months. This system is so simple that anyone could do it. See below.

If you are interested in this technology please contact me below. There will also be a seminar taking place here in Central Texas (Austin) for those interested in this new business model. The future is local food and as a community we all need to get involved. It is my opinion that this is a great start.

Cheers from Central Texas

I eat an all plant diet and have for about a year. I am now 77 and have as much energy as I did when I was much younger. This book (PDF) is free. To get this Book HERE.

As We Fiddle

As we fiddle, our food supply dwindles. The headline on Zero Hedge reads:

Global Crop Failures Continue: In Australia This Is Going To Be The Worst Harvest Ever Recorded

Many people are trying to get this message out. Not only here in the US, but globally. The world is getting sick and no one seems to really care. The now exploding Grand Solar Minimum is not being talked about. And of course it’s all about you and how you are killing the planet with CO2 that is plant food and necessary for life.

If we don get our collective heads together and do something soon and very soon we will be looking at millions of life’s being snuffed out because of disease, plague and hunger.

Mono culture growing is dying a slow but accelerating death. I am not sure what it will take for the world to wake up and realize that there wont be enough food to go around. As a viewer of this blog, you have heard over and over what worries this old man when he lays there in bed every night. The above Zero Hedge headline echoes my thoughts and dreams.

If you really care about yourself, your families and your neighbors, you will need a fast tract into growing food and starting communities. Nothing less than this will be successful. Soon it will be a free for all and that can only end in a horror of unfathomable comprehension. There are only two possible outcomes from where our world is going. We can sit idle and watch it happen or we can actually do something.

The answer is that each of us must do what our ancestors did, and that was produce our own food. Along with this we need to adapt to new ways of growing. In my opinion, that is in greenhouses, thousands of them circling cities and bringing food to a centralized market. You can do this where you live and in your neighborhood as well.

So here is my question for you. How much longer will you sit idle in your home before this large monster come knocking on your door, and you will have no option but to open it? At that point, REALITY will become a hard mean teacher.

It’s your choice, just a simple yes or no. The government is not coming to help you and unless you have a community you are on your own. Choose YES.

Below is what I have been working on lately. One day I hope to see millions of these all around this country and around the world.

On the left is the Chinese version of the solar greenhouse. There are million of these surrounding many of the large cities in China.

The photo on the left is from the Prosperium website at this URL.

Well that is all for this blog. Hopefully you are watching the news about the virus ravaging China. I suspect that it will show it’s ugly head here in the US and globally. The Chinese are a rough survival type of people who have seen hardships for many thousands of years. I suspect they will come out of this as well but perhaps with a million or more fewer Chinese citizens. Pray that this does not happen here.

You can get email notifications of this blog by signing up on the right of this page.

Here are my suggestions as always:
Get seeds and start a garden
Start a community
Look after and love your self, family and neighbor
Take care of those who have less than you (they are on every street)

Cheers and wishing you the best of every thing for you and yours.


I eat an all plant diet and have for about a year. I am now 77 and have as much energy as I did when I was much younger. This book (PDF) is free. To get this Book go HERE.

Heads Up

Yep, it’s time to quit drinking that beer and chunking down that pizza. The Super Bowl will soon be over soon. Christmas is becoming a past memory and you have already digested all that Thanksgiving food.

So now is the time to think about reality. Perhaps what I am going to write about is not your reality at present, but it sure is mine. Perhaps it is not a present reality, but in my mind, it is a rapidly approaching one. I wrote about it in many of my old blogs that may be found here or that you can download as a PDF here. Of the more than one hundred blogs, I continually talked about global food shortages and that the CO2 agenda and global warming and that man must change to save the planet is all one big ploy to control us. What I am continuing to see only enhances that assumption. But starting last December up until now (February 1st.) we are looking at a new ball game.

The Coronavirus is that new ball game, and it may turn out to be a super one.

First of all, I really don’t know at this time just how bad this will become, but it looks like eventually, it will become global as more and more countries are seeing infected people with it. Unless this virus morphs into something more benign, then we may all have to go through getting it. If this is the case, then some will die, some will get over it with little damage. Some will have their lungs, heart and other vital organs compromised. From what is coming out of China, that is what I am thinking and so do others.

If it becomes global, I can assure you that the globalist will have a grand plan to get through all of this. In the process, you will have to give up things that you never thought about giving up. Things like freedom of speech, where you live, what you eat and ways of protecting your self. You will not be allowed to move to a safer place. I warned about that as well in some of my blogs. This virus actually speeds up what would happen when the Grand Solar Minimum devastates global food supplies. Please understand that this Grand Solar Minimum will happen regardless of what happens with this virus. Both could and will cause global financial systems to shut down and fail. The problem is that now there are two things to create havoc in the global community.

The globalist are jumping up and down and drooling over what is happening.

So what can you do? If you believe in a God, then you need to pray that you will get through this without being harmed. While I believe in God, you have to do things for your self. No one promised you a rose garden, and if you have lived here in the US, you have been enjoying one, but that will soon change. If I am correct you at best may only have two, three or four weeks to get ready for this. I will be frank and honest and say I hope I am completely wrong. But as the title of this blog states “HEADS UP”.

The term “Medical Marshal Law” is rattling around in my head. It would be quite the same as in China now. You would have to stay home and services eventually would be hard to get. Food may become scarce as the trucking system may shut down. It would be crazy as there are not enough military to enforce such a shutdown. Crazy Americans would probably panic as their fixed never-changing reality is blown to bits. If you have not prepared and started to grow your own food, then you may be almost too late. In 2020 we are looking at the Coronavirus. In 2021 we will see the whole earth of almost 8 billion people wake up to the consequences of the Grand Solar Minimum and global food shortages.

That’s all for now. Hopefully I am completely wrong. But if you see gradually the numbers of countries seeing this virus and the numbers increasing here in the US, you hopefully will do something.

Now is a good – really good time to:
Get some seeds and start a garden
Take care of your self, your family, friends, and neighbors
Lookout and after the poor and those who have less than you do

Cheers from Central Texas

I eat an all plant diet and have for about a year. I am now 77 and have as much energy as I did when I was much younger. This book (PDF) is free. To get this Book go HERE.

The 2020 Garden Part 5 of ?

It has been wet here in Central Texas for the past week, and I have only had a little time to get the garden fleshed out as I would like it to cook for the next seven weeks. I have already planted a bunch of my union sets, but I am looking at a bunch more as I go through the washroom every day reminding me of what I need to do.

I have seeded about 130 tomatoes, eggplants, and peppers, but I have a long way to go. I am to the point that I can now bring in my compost with my tractor, so I should be looking good by this weekend on my Ruth Stout gardem. Then it’s off to get some hay. I am using Pro-Mix to start the seeds in. I plan to use fish fertilizer once they have germinated and are looking for the sun.

I am growing all my starts on heat mats as it is getting rather cool here especially at nights. I also just finished a four-tier rack with grow lights to encourage all my plants after they have popped up.

I am also experimenting with growing slips from a couple of Korean sweet potatoes I purchased. On the Korean sweet potatoes, I was amazed after viewing some videos on YouTube on how robust they were. It seems that they have runners that have a tendency to grow more roots as they head for who knows where! While they seem to be extremely robust once started, they are slow to grow slips. As I have a huge amount of horse compost, I am thinking about just building a large bed and embed a bunch of them and see how they do?

While I seem to be developing spring fever, so is my wife. She is starting to grow garlic starts in her sunny kitchen window along with getting some ginger going. We have a large deck on the backside of our house, and my wife has many earth boxes that she grows herbs and other things. The photo on the right is ginger that she is starting. We have a large asparagus bed and the ginger will go in there. The ginger is from the grocery store and so is the garlic.

Below is a graphic that my wife and Daughter-in-law inspired. It’s great for planting most anything, but especially for climbing vegetables like cucumbers, beans, and other things. The design uses landscape timbers for the square beds and four pieces of hog wire for the fly-over. We used stones and flat rocks for the paths. The pig wire is stabilized by connecting them to small T-posts driven into the ground as anchor points. Its fun to walk under the wire and have cucumbers and green beans hit the top of your head! And yes, I do live on the top of a hill.

Do you like Okra. I love the stuff. Loads of fiber and other good stuff. My wife cooks gumbo all the time. Fried okra is the bomb as one of my sons likes to say. Lately, I have been purchasing okra at a local Asian market but have no idea what the cultivar is so I am doing a little experimenting this year and ordered the seeds in the graphics below. The okra is “Granddaddy’s” from Sow the Seed and “Steward Zeebest” from Southern Exposure. Interesting names and both are hand-me-down types of seed and not normally available in your standard seed catalog. I’ll show and let you know how this works in the future.

To close out this blog, I want to talk about what is on my mind. One of the things that keep me up nights is the Coronavirus in china. Yes, the virus is looking bad, but along with that goes just having basic food. If you cannot go out to a local grocery store, what could you do? I suspect this is happening in China with the lockdown of many of their cities. I would think that having a garden that you could address your food needs and get you through something like is happening in China would be great. The garden along with some common storage foods costing no than $100.00 would get you through something like this. Grits, rice, and beans come to mind. So see you on the next blog.
Cheers from Central Texas

Prepare while you can
Purchase seed and start that garden
Take care of your family, friends, and neighbors
Look after the poor and those who have less than you do


Think about things DIFFERENTLY. Start a GARDEN!

I eat an all plant diet and have for about a year. I am now 77 and have as much energy as I did when I was much younger. This book (PDF) is free. To get this Book go HERE.

This blog is not about a grumpy old man!

If you have arrived here wondering about all the strange climate and weather you are seeing then you are at the right place.

If you have arrived here worried about all the increasing food costs at the grocery store you are at the right place.

If you have arrived here thinking about growing your own food then you are at the right place.

If you have arrived here worried about the craziness going on here in the US and around the world, you are at the right place,

Here are some words you can relate to. Perhaps there are a few you think you like: This blogs starts with love, family, neighbors friends and community. If you think that is boring please go elsewhere.

This blog will contain the following at times: Scary gloom and doom types of things. Uplifting content and encouragement. Heck I might even mention God at times so look out! This blog is prepping for the coming cold times that may devastate global crop production. This blog is about explaining what is happening on the sun, earth and the galaxy we live in and on.

Keep coming back soon and often as things change and progress down the path of the Grand Solar Minimum.

Grumpy Grandpa Dennis

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