A Match Made in Hell

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Satan one day was showing one of his top Demons a tour through hell. He was quite proud as he showed off all the special places. They passed by where all the thieves, perverts, rapists, child molesters, human traffickers, murderers … Continued

Winter is coming

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It looks like there are two winters coming. these are: Natures winter Man-made winter of discontent Natures Winter Yes, it’s Nature, not man-made climate change. It’s also a cycle inside of cycles. At the moment there are all kinds of … Continued

The Problem with God

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The Problem with God OK, you are right, the Blog title is probably clickbait. But then I love fishing and have used live, dead, plastic, and even lures that glow as bait. Please forgive me if you were hooked by … Continued

Last Important Blog

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While I am not going to stop blogging, this one is from my very heart. It comes from my eyes as tears flow as I watch the world being destroyed by evil things and evil people. It comes from my … Continued

Who Will Win?

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If you look at the scale, there is not much to get excited about when it comes to human life. Both boxes contain certain death and destruction. One by the globalist and the other by nature and the universe. I … Continued