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A Thousand Years


Above Photo from Kyle Cesmat

What can one do in 1000 years? How far have humans come in the past 100? How far could we have gone if had only loved each other? What could we have done by not killing each other? How far could we have gone if knowledge had not been suppressed? What would have happened if all the treasures of the world and the minds of men had been used for the advancement of humanity? What could it have been like if it was all about love? Imagine all the children that starved or lived short lives? Think about all the mothers that had to watch their children slowly die and become like a leaf that dried out and became dust once again? From the start, humans have wasted the amazing spirit and treasure given to them by the Creator. What a waste, what a horrible horrible waste!

There there it was. What was in the hearts of men was being played out as the earth was being completely destroyed in a nuclear inferno. A huge army was advancing on Jerusalem. Lucifer's demons were all over the earth as evil shows its self from the dark shadows. Lucifer was screaming out his endless hate for all humans as he rose above the temple. It was not looking good for the earth and its inhabitants. The remnant which was true to the will of God were all huddled in their little places of refuge untouched by what was happening. They could hear and see what was happening but had been told to not go out by an angel. If you do, they were told they would die.

In the midst of all this. Jerusalem was where it was happening. As people ran for their lives as a huge army advanced toward the city, a huge white rift opened up in the sky. It was the voice of the Son that all heard as it rumbled over the whole area. Enough was the word. With that millions of angels appeared from the rift. Each had a flaming sword that killed with its touch. The advancing army ran but all died. It was a slaughter to end all slaughters. At that exact point, Lucifer who had thought he had finally fulfilled the attack on humanity was chained up and as a red rift opened he was thrown into it. Lucifer no longer owned the earth and the hearts of men.

Back at the refuges, the sky turned dark around them. They were told to go inside and not lookout. Close your windows they were told as they might die from what was happening outside. The whole world went black. The people in the refuges could hear screaming as Gods Angeles slew every one on the earth that had taken Lucifers mark and had evil in their hearts. As they were slain, they followed Lucifer into the red rift. This took three days

On the third day, the people in the many refugees all over the earth went out. It was a crisp wonderful spring day all over the earth. It was a new earth. A new earth void of any evil. It was a new start for God's children that loved Him. There were perhaps 500 million alive to see the new day.

"Life then went on" as humans had another 1000 years to love their Creator. The old wise men that had not died during this time became the new rulers of the earth. There were no more religions but just pure faith as the Trinity was worshiped. The world was at Peace.

All the treasure of this new earth was used for the advancement of mankind. Medical science, physics, and other things advanced with a tremendous speed that was hard to follow. The earth then had as much energy to do anything and it was free and endless. Men soon visited the moon, the planets, and eventually the stars.

A thousand years in the future. Again there was a rift on the earth as the Son of God with his Angeles appeared from it. Jesus said to his Angeles to bring together all those who had ever lived, the living from the four corners of the earth to the far reaches of the stars. Now the King sat in His chair of judgment.

You know what happens next.


Don't be one of the nine. Be one of those who make it through what is coming. In the next year or so all of this may start to play out. Perhaps not like I have described, but perhaps even worse. All of this must happen. What and how all of this plays out in your life is up to you. Regardless, if you do or do not make it, make your life a life of light. Like your Savior Jesus, you can be the light of the world as well.

Best of everything and especially love



The Stupidity Factor


Human stupidity was now collecting its rewards. Of all things stupid, nuclear power plants and nuclear weapons are at the top of the list. Of all things, and massively stupid in the demonic world are abortion and destruction of the family. GMO, CO2, transgender thinking are the whipped cream on these things. To use nice words, the world had gone completely ape shit! And now was the time to test all this out. Little did all the brainless of the earth know that soon there would not be a world to live in and on. Soon the very air they breathe and the water they drank would become poison. Soon there would be no food or power or medical help or protection from what was coming. Unaware of any of this they ate their pizza and drank their beer and thought nice thoughts. Deep in their black boxes, they thought they were safe! Soon the world would be destroyed in one day. Yes only ONE DAY.

It Starts

The Chinese were entering into the now destroyed North West and Central California where they could. The Russians were heading South from Canada and Alaska. Up from South America, the heavily armed demonic terror groups were making their way to and through Mexico. Secret foreign troops that had been stationed all over the US were collecting their weapons and rolling out. All of America's enemies were poking their heads out of all the rat holes they had lived in. To make matters worse, Americans were killing Americans for food. Forget hospitals and any type of government help. The power was down in every state except for the Texas power grid. If the Russians and Chinese waited a month or so to move out, Americans would do the job for them. Fewer bullets, missiles, dead soldiers and less energy as Americans tore each other apart.

The stupidity Payment

But there would be a payment for what the Chinese and Russians and Americans enemy were doing. Lurking on the sea bottom were 24  or more ballistic missiles carrying submarines. Each carried up to 14 missiles and each missile carried up to 12 independently targeted nuclear warheads (MIRVs). Soon China and Russia would burn with a nuclear hell as cities and people and forests and anything that could burn or melt did. The Russian and Chinese troops would have no place to return to.

The Meltdown

So what happens when a nuclear reactor melts down? One or two would be enough, but how about hundreds? How about all on the planet? How about 336 nuclear bombs delivered by the US Navy, and that's just on Submarines? Many American ships and planes were equipped with nuclear weapons. All of them would be used. Not a one would be held back. Would Russia and China add fuel to the fire by using thousands of their own Nuclear weapons? Greed then reaped its return. The world was lost in one day. The good and the evil perished.

The earth was being destroyed and Lucifer was laughing his ass off. How wonderful these stupid rock brained humans are. What a joke God, look at your children now. I will show You why you should not have ever created them.

The earth burned, billions upon billions died, and for what?

Lucifer owned the world. It was now hell on earth and he was the creator. But God protects those who love him. Lucifer may have owned his brainless evil bunch of humans, but those who had been purchased by the blood of Jesus on the cross were not. They were his sheep and His children. These were the Children of the Light! Many places hidden in the world were places of safety. Refuges and places that evil would pass by and never see. It was in these places that humanity would survive. Lucifer had taken his place. And in a rush to collect on old wounds, a great force was heading toward Jerusalem. It would be the end of this pesky country and God's people would finally and completely be dispatched to their graves.

It was the insanities of insanities. As the army approached Jerusalem, Lucifer loosed all of his satanic armies from hell. What was hidden became not hidden as evil spirits, fallen angels and the Nephilim walked the world in their demonic forms. As in the bible, men's hearts failed them from what they saw.

Those who had called Lucifer their god were the first to be dragged back into hell by his legions. Those who had abused our children were the first to obtain their eternal reward of pain. The payment was due and the payment they would have. There was no hiding.

The earth's atmosphere became a dark green ugly thing. The stench of flesh, fire, and volcano eruptions permeated the planet. No one could escape the smell. Even worse was the hidden radiation that condemned everyone on the planet. Presently or later everyone would die a horrible death. The earth was reaping what it had sown. Not wheat or corn or love, but greed, hate, and evil. Lucifer laughed even more. It was the best party he had ever attended.

Lucifer then took his true form. His grotesqueness insulted the word. Lucifer took his place in the newly completed temple as a huge army made its way to Jerusalem. Lucifer in his evil mind had won he thought. Screaming "it is all mine", rose in a column of fire above the temple. It is all mine were his words over and over.

The final act and the coming years of peace

As the galactic clocked ticked away and slowly approached the alarm setting, things that had been decided by the Creator of all things were falling into place. His great plan for His beloved humans, His very breath was approaching its unstoppable conclusion. The Creator would rescue his children who loved Him, but how?

For that please wait for my next blog. Enjoy the coming peaceful days as they will soon become fewer. Tell all those you love how important they are and how much God loves them. Prepare. Don't be one of the nine. What is coming is horrible but what is on the other side will be astounding and wonderful beyond comprehension. On the other side, humans will fulfill all that they were originally created to be. Lucifer will be burning in his hell with his minions and those who worshiped him.

Best from Central Texas


It’s all about timing


It was perfect timing. Billions of fallen angels and their god Lucifer had been waiting for. For the final grand play to work many things had to take place. Lucifer wanted it be as effective as possible. He lusted at destroying as many as possible. First was a population of 7 billion plus human souls. They were like fat November turkeys ready for the slaughter. Second, Lucifer needed to get all his brain dead humans prepared. There had been trillions of dollars and positions of power to those who worshiped lucifer as their god.

The world was full of these people. Every place one might look they were there. In governments, churches and places of power. Judges, bankers and CEOs of large corporations were part of lucifer's huge human army. They had been promised unimaginational power and riches and even eternal human life. Many had been part of abusing young children and were part of human trafficking. It was so bad that most could never even conceive the evil that lived in the hearts and souls of these people.

Lucifer thought that this was the best thing he had ever done. Yes he had taken many souls through history to the dark pits of hell and separated them from the light of God forever, but now for lucifer things were really looking good. What had happened in China, Russia, Germany and in the Middle East in the past would soon pail into insignificance. Most of the world would die horrible deaths. Lucifer was smiling at this prospect.

The third thing Lucifer needed was to take the US down. This was gradually paying off as politically the country seemed to be split.

Even the churches were split. No longer were the sheep being taken care of, but sexually abused. The Catholic Church was slowly being split into. That was a wonderful accomplishment for Lucifer as the smoke of his evil stunk up even the Vatican. The church had lost it. It seems like most sermons were be happy, don't cause trouble, don't judge people by their fruits. Keep quiet as they may tax us.

The result of the failing churches was legal abortion, and destruction of the family. Good Job you ?christian? churches - epic fail as they say.

It seems even Peter's pence was being used to gamble with and even worse things.


Things were looking great for Lucifer. But still the US stood. Perhaps on one leg, but things were not looking so good. BUT. But just when something was needed another most marvelous thing took place for Lucifer. China in it evil and demonic hate for the US, created the Chinese Wuhan Virus and released it on the world. During the Chinese New year, thousand of infected Chinese flew to all parts of the world. You now see the results of this as many have died. The insanely dominic humans took this virus and ran with it. Just shut down everything and crash the American economy. Shut down farms and meat packaging plants, small businesses and restaurants. Everyone stay at home. Because of no work many did not make house payments. It was a field day for Lucifer. All his planning was working. The American and world population fell for it. The world now teetered on oblivion not aware what the agenda was. Huge amounts of Americans became unemployed. Lucifer laughed. But it was still not enough. More damage must be done. The fourth thing was waiting in the wings and lucifer knew that he only had to wait for the universe to do its destruction. The universe is not evil, but instead of preparing for what was coming the people were lied to. Global warming was their evil agenda. Don't prepare for food loss, but kill off all that nasty CO2 producing industries. Amazing for sure but pure evil at it's best. Now that people had been lied to and the coming election would split the US into pieces, things will only get worse. Unemployment and more expensive food would soon take it toll. The Grand Solar minimum would finally show it's ugly head. Food would soon become money as there was less and less to purchase at prices people could afford.

Russia, China and America's enemies just waited. The Chinese CCP were the worst. When the US was on it's last leg, the CCP's army was committed to kill every american in North America, no exceptions. China would then have its new home minus 350 million Americans. Lucifer loved the plan. The Russians would do much of the same but own what China did not. Canada would be their jewel. From Canada to the old border of Russia, it would become part of the new Russia. Even worse China is having problems with Taiwan and the US. It's people will soon starve because of all the flooding and the changing climate. China is purchasing food from any place on the planet where they can purchase food, especially in the US. Just remember when you need food next year, it will have all be sold to China. It seems that the company's here in the US only care about money. Must be some of Lucifer's trained dogs.

Actually farmers don't care either. They just gripe and gripe.

So here we sit. After the election, the US will probably tear itself apart. It is probably at that point the continuation of government will take place. The economy will switch to a digital currency and the US will be looking at huge amounts of inflation. The US will become worse than a third world nation because the US has become a nanny state.

The Russians and Chinese will be watching all of this. Then it happens. The plates wake up. The New madrid wakes up and destroys much along the plate. Oil, gas, electricity,trucks and commerce will no longer flow across the Madrid. The east coast will be isolated and much of its infrastructure will fail. New york will look like part of a armagideon movie as power, food, gas and gasoline are no longer available. Along the fault, many bridges and other things are destroyed.

On the west Coast things are also heating up. Soon much of the North West and California will become part of the pacific. The San Andreas fault finally expends its spent up energy across its 750 miles of tectonic splendor. Millions die and as a final insult, the Cascadia subduction zone rips it pants.  The largest earthquake in the world happens. The spent up energy fires up many of the now quiet volcanoes. The US will never be the same as infrastructures are destroyed and millions of people will be dead and eventually die. The west coast will never look the same as the Salton sea will become part of the Pacific. Death will ensue as power will not return and cities burn.

It's now time. Lucifer will have his way with the US. One morning two weeks after the US has been completely destroyed by American stupidity and evil desires and by the lack of power, and food, a great Chinese armada will be sighted off the coast of California. On the radio, there will be sighting of huge Russian forces entering Alaska and Canada. Lucifer is smiling. What comes next will cause men's heart to fail.

What is next is in my blog.

Cheers and best of everything. Please prepare.


Reality and the 1 in 9


I have used the above graphic before. It's not pleasant walking around many people but having the above picture haunting you as you look at the faces that surround you.

But let's look at reality. Remember that this is my blog and my perception of reality. It may not be yours at all.

As I have gotten older, my perception of reality has changed. It has been ruptured repeatedly by just observing what is around me and what I was taught. Growing up, I actually hated living in a world that I was trapped in. At the time I was not sure what it was, but I felt the need to not be a part of it. My reality at the time was mostly in my mind, as I had a loving family that supplied the love, roof and food part of my existence.

Most people find it funny that I call my life an existence. How do you look at your life?

From the start, I rebelled against that reality and when I had the chance did it my way much to the consternation of my friends and especially my family. I hated school and as I look back never did I once do any homework assignment. I made A's in things that interested me and was just passed on to get rid of me in things I had no interest in. No one understood what my needs were so I had to work it out for myself. I found education torture. Essentially they finally got rid of me - Ya I graduated at the bottom.

School was crap then and even worse now as collage is a place to be formed into the agenda of thinking that your masters think you need to think. It's a great way to spend money you don't have and an even more excellent way to lose your faith.

It was bad in the '50s as TV took over forever forming and putting in front of you things they wanted you to see and believe. Even the CIA got into it and surely continues to this very second as I type this. Then on to the internet, Google, APs, social media, and loads of free porn. If you don't know it, the NSA probably knows everything about you, and anyone who has ever used the internet has a bank account or posted, sent email texted, or commented on anything.

It's all about data, and all of it and I mean all of it can be used against you or to propagate any agenda or to create false knowledge and understanding. Want to create falsehoods in a town or area, just focus false or inflammatory information towards the people in that area. It's easy, they know who you are and where you are and where you hang out on the web.

It's so bad and has gotten worse over the years that I actually don't believe anything, especially from the mainstream media and I look suspiciously at even what Holywood is putting out. No Disney or Netflicks as I canceled all that. I hope you have started to question things as well.

Forming reality and pushing it out on you is nothing new. We now live in a world like that right now. Watched the movie the Matrix? That is exactly the world we are now living in. You have little say how this world works and you are trapped in it and may not even realize it. Much like the citizens in the Matrix. Yes, you can push back, but you are pushing back the manufactured reality that you did not create. You will lose every time and be punished in the process.

Here is some example: The Federal Reserve, IRS, political parties, many churches, taxes, interest on money. licenses, permits and fines, rules, and laws. House paid off but don't pay taxes, then find out just who owns your home. Why do I need a license to drive? Just one lousy test would be enough, but it's not really a driver's license but a way to identify, tax, and track us. Same thing with a Social Security Number. Try to open and actually own or do anything without the above two things! It's getting harder and harder to own or purchase anything without some form of identification. Warning: when the world goes to digital currency and eliminates cash and outlaws any type of transaction except those that are approved, then they (the 1%) will have total control.

For good or bad, the above matrix is what we are living in. There are some really great things in the present matrix, but that is changing and rapidly. The present Chinese virus is being used to suppress our freedoms. Soon you may be an outcast or in a camp, if you do not take the coming COVID vaccine. I am not one of those Chinese virus deniers. Yes, it does exist and it kills people.


It's Sunday here in Central Texas, and its a beautiful day here. Warm but not hot. The morning was a bit foggy which burnt off quickly as the cloudless sky allowed the sun to do its work. Birds were chirping and the outside cat told me he was hungry. My wife's pet pig grunted as I passed by him letting me know he had needs too. Before rising the rooster king of the chickens' let me know it was 5:30 AM and I needed to think about getting up. Getting out of bed, my wife was still asleep and is not a morning person like me. Heading for the kitchen, our indoor cat did his thing of laying down in front of me and wanting to play. Pulling out some seasoned grits I had cooked and a container of soup my wife had concocted, I heated a mixture of both with some other things that would raise my wife's eyes if she were awake.

Sitting down and looking at the news quickly ruined the lovely Sunday morning I was experiencing.

The world was still as crazy, lost, and as violent as it was when I went to bed.

Sitting there eating my amazing mixture of breakfast food, a thought ran through my head. I suspected those wonderful mornings I was experiencing like this one would be ending soon. Soon what little peace we are now experiencing would be gone forever.

What was lurking out there unknow to many was the coming end of an era. It would be a violent end as all sorts of forces would be out to do their destructive things. Nature would have her field day with the changing climate. The sun would also do its thing, perhaps destroying technologies that depend on electrical power. The galaxy would also be in the mix as the earth moved through the rippling current sheet that would upset our sun and again destroy another society like it seemed to do every 12 thousand years. Slowly and quietly the earth was doing weird things with its magnetic field. It has now decreased by over 22% at the moment. This slow decline will slowly destroy life as it allows radiation onto the earth. The Super Grand Solar minimum was also lurking out there, but in the past year had gotten much more attention as there was snow in places that never had snow. The earth baked and chilled with the rippling of the jet streams.

Slowly, warm currents were melting the arctic ice. Amazing the agenda said. See we told you all those humans were heating up the earth. We need to reduce the population, eliminate any carbon-producing things. Eliminate animal agriculture and further reduce CO2, On and on and on the people babbled and babbled.

BUT. Deep in the artic, things were melting. Slowly as it melted, it added fridged pure water to the salty ocean. Slowly the warm water that came from the south and went north, circled in and out of the Gulf of Mexico started to slow down. Europe became cooler and crops failed as people started to migrate south. A new little ice age started. The useful idiot babblers were amazed as they dreamed of meat once again as they ate their factory insect-based food. As galactic rays pelted the upper atmosphere with radiation the earth became even more cloudy. The earth cooled. Deep in the earth were things taking place as plates smashed against plates and volcanoes loaded up with atmospheric killing energy. The plates and the volcanos just waited their time. Soon they said, very soon.

While the universe was getting ready to do it's worse. Something evil was coming our way and into existence. The hearts of man had become corrupt and evil. Children all over the planet were sacrificed to evil and the god of convenience. Little did the wonderful black-skinned people of the earth realize that this child-killing was especially aimed at them. As the earth celebrated the year 2000, corruption had made its way into everything. The church, government, and the minds of many. More of the 1% had much more and the 99% only had less and less. Soon they would collapse everything and then own everything. Soon we will own it all they thought.

BUT. While the universe was getting ready to do its thing, the creator of evil, corruption, child sacrifice, greed, hate, murder, and the universes thief of souls and teller of lies had a better vision.

His vision was the total destruction and corruption of all humans. Just push here an there and it would happen. In the minds of men, there has always lurked evil. Look at China, Russia, The US, and middle eastern countries. The world reaks with evil and the smell of it rise up to the very nose of God. Look at Illinois and New York with abortion up to the time of birth. They jumped up and down with joy when their laws were enacted. It seems that you are a fetal piece of meat until you exit your mother and take your first breath. Then you are a person. It is the getting out that is the problem. This is pure unadulterated evil and child sacrifice. Lovely to the ear of the evil one.

Now is a great time for evil to propagate and saturate the minds of men. The combination of what nature has for us and what the evil one has waited until just this time will become a crucible of pure death.

Here is my idea of how it will start. Perhaps it will be a bit different, but the results will all be the same. It's the one-in-nine that I see when I go out in public. For that, you must read my next Blog.

Wishing all my readers all the best from Central Texas.



The Essentials


OK, enough of the World 2.0 and 3.0 stuff. At best it is possible and at its worst pure speculation. But there are some foundational things that are not best guess or speculation. I call these Essentials. To get out to the other side of what is coming we will need to prepare. Remember that perhaps 1 out of 10 people living today will see the 1000 years of peace. That not so encouraging is it? but you are in luck, you know what is coming and that gives you an advantage few will ever have. The knowledge to see into a smokey and violent future while upsetting gives you that edge you will need to get through all of this.


My list of essentials is the following and as a consumer of bullet points here they are:

  • Faith
  • Water
  • Food
  • Shelter
  • Location
  • Community
  • Silver and Gold (especially silver

Yes, there could be many more, but the above are foundational and I would like to discuss each one of them.


I truly believe what is coming is the end of days. It's not the end of the world but as I said in a previous blog it is the end of the world as we know it. It is brought on by the evil in men's hearts. It is an invitation for evil to consume the world and its people.

God has turned His back on this world BUT not on his children who love Him.

What is coming is not a punishment for them, but for the evil and possessed people who call Lucifer their god. It is a punishment for those who do his wicked evil and satanic acts and who will take the digital mark.

So what is faith? Faith is a gift. faith is acquired by choice. It is also a blessing. Faith is an act. Faith is a burning attraction for good and pure things. Faith is a fruit of love and understanding. Faith is the realization that you are a child of God and wish to please the Father and live in his will. His will is simple, Love Him above all things and love your neighbor as you love yourself. There is nothing hard or complex about that. For that faith and love, God will protect those during these times. That protection could well be to die from what is coming. But that death will not be wasted like the many who curse God and worship evil.

Faith could be your protection from things that have not entered or ever conceived in the minds of man. It will prepare and protect you for what you were created for.

If you have none of the above except for faith you are on your way. But remember you are not some worthless thing that sits around expecting and demanding to be taken care of like many in the US and all over this planet. No, faith is the foundation of everything else. That everything else is being responsible for yourself and those who you love. While faith is spiritual, what comes next is physical.


Yes water, wonderful, life-sustaining water. The earth and the air and your body are full of it. Having no water means certain death, and not having pure water is a threat to your life. After faith, this is the most important thing that will guarantee that you will live through all that is coming. You can't have enough water. Store it, have means to filter and clean it and live next to it if you can. Before you do anything else take care of this ESSENTIAL.


A person can go a long time without eating especially those who are a bit overweight. But what is coming aren't normal times. Eating freeze-dried and canned food would keep you alive, BUT.

The body needs much more than just calories, It also needs nutrients from green, red and yellow, purple, and any other deep colored fresh harvested plants or fruits. This is really important when it comes to health and living in cold damp climates. It's important when you have to work hard or walk long distances. Life during the coming years will not consist of getting on your cell or internet and ordering pizza. Having and growing food will become your main and only thought and activity as you can't live without it.

Growing food like having clean pure water will require skills that if you don't have them you had better get them soon. Growing food requires practice and knowledge. Being good at having these skills will become paramount in your success.


Shelter is much more than having a roof over your head. In the past that may have been true, but in the future this will certainly not apply.

Shelter is a place that protects you from weather. It will keep your warm and it is a place to be safe. Probably all your storage food will be in your shelter. Shelter will be different during the Super Grand Solar minimum and the complete breakdown of society.  If you live in Canada or the North East, you know what is needed during the winter. You probably use wood, gas, oil or electricity to keep warm, cook your food and keep the lights on. So what would it be like in your shelter if the temperature was -20 degrees F. or lower with no heat for a week months or a winter season? This is what you should be asking yourself. If your shelter is not livable at this temperature, then you will have to move. The only other option is to live underground. If you live above 35 degrees latitude, it will be really hard during the winters and if you are above 40 degrees latitude it will probably be impossible (without power).

Cold weather is hard on the electrical grid and gas lines (and people). If for some reason the grid goes down for weeks or months, then you could be in danger. One of the problems with shelter (housing) is that they have all been insulated and built for a warm period. The author lives at 30 degrees latitude, and my house if built for the weather in Central Texas. It's hot in the summer and cool in the winter. Some years we only have 1 day of freezing. The infrastructure is also built for this weather. If for some reason we got New York weather for a month, we would probably lose our water because of freezing. Our pipes are not all that deep in the ground.

If we have a 400 year or 3000 year Super Grand Solar Minimum, then all bets are off. During the winter of 2018 / 2019 there were some of the coldest days in many previous years in the North East. It's not over yet and things might get worse as years trudge on. During that period. trains and power plants shut down, and interstate gas distribution had problems. As the years progress and we get deeper into the SGSM, what happened in those years will get progressively worse.

While I have no idea at this point how bad things will be, the best thing one can do for shelter is move south if possible. If we have a really bad SGSM, then we will need to live underground during the northern latitudes. I do not envy those living in the North East US and Canada.

Note about moving.

Soon it may impossible or you may be stopped from migrating (moving) The roads will be shut down and you will be trapped where you are. Now is the time to do this if you think you need to. Like everything in this blog these are just my ideas. What you do is your choice, not mine.


Location is a tough one. Not only will there be food, water and climate problems, there will be those two legged evil powered
sub-humans. One thing is ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN, you will die in the city. Don't live there and don't go there as it will become a death trap in the future.

For a good source of reading I would suggest reading The Source by Michener. This book is a fictional story about the Family of Ur. This is a story about an ancient stone age family that had been successful in surviving while living by and among the forces of men, evil and nature.

If you are to be one of the One in Nine , you will have to do the same. Hone your skills, hide from the enemy and look after your family and community. Look like you are lost, poor and in bad health. Look like you have no value. But deep in your mind you smile because the Creator loves you and values you with a burning infinite love.



Another Warning!

There is no shelter in the city in bad times.
If you can help it don’t go there and don’t live there.



Two heads are better than one? Well be cautious whose head it is or you may lose yours. It is a fact that during the little ice age many people survived because of community. It may have been a small village, farming or church community. As bad and horrible as it was back then, what is coming is not nearly as simple as then. What we are facing is an all out attack on humanity along with a coming little ice age or worse. You will need community but a small community you can trust. Good people may turn you in. It could be your brother or sister or your children who think you are crazy. Just think of those who think that way right now and turn away from you when you speak out. Soon it will be much worse so choose wisely. Skills will be needed. Do you have them? I could probably write a book on this subject. Are you ready and have you even thought the community thought? It will be hard, and doing it all by yourself may be next to impossible. The idea of just me and no one else is the thing of nightmares.


Ya, Ya I know I can't eat silver and gold. But these two metals in my opinion could be very useful in a barter system. They are actually real money. Gold and silver are God's money. You can't print it or duplicate it. It's been around forever and has been used for real money for thousands of years. Unlike our currency which is not actual money can be printed by the hundreds, thousands, millions and presently we are printing (digitally) trillions of them based on NOTHING. You can't do that with silver or gold. One other thing, silver can be used for medical things. Silver can be used to stop infections and heal wounds. Do that with a dollar, or pound or paper whatever!

Well that is all for this blog. At the worst the US may only have perhaps six to eight month left as a partially peaceful place. At the most we may have two or more years to get prepared. What God has ordained to happen will happen. Those who hate God, kill and abuse and sell children will soon be coming after you, your wife and your children and grandchildren. What they will do to you and them is almost unspeakable. What will you do? How important are your children?

Or am I just a distributor of fear porn? Am I just a crazy old man with a blog? Is what I write about false and made up? Are things going to be just great soon. Will there be peace on earth and an endless supply of beer, pizza and football?

It's you choice.

Wishing you the best of everything especially faith from Central Texas.


The Answer is Blowing in the Wind


I sat there scratching my head. Just what would my fingers type as I started this blog? Would it be about cold, ice, volcanoes, earthquakes, waining magnetic fields, Sunspots, ice ages, politics, social unrest, or something entirely different?

That's when it really sunk in and I am sure you the reader understand, it's all about food. All the above have implications when it comes to planting, growing, harvesting, processing, and transportation of food.

I suspect that all the above had much to do with the failures at some point thousands of years ago and many civilizations ago.

So the question is are we now seeing the same things that disrupted and destroyed other civilizations before us?

I suspect that the universe is sending a cacophony not of sound but of physical and spiritual mixtures which will change the world as we know it. As I pointed out in previous posts, nothing will ever return to the way it was before Christmas of 2019. Even then there were hints of what was coming if you only listened and looked.

For me, it was nature blowing in my ear. As a small hint of what was to come, that was blowing in the wind. Even the sky was winking at me as if to say look here "I have something to say".

It seemed to start right over the farm I live on. Launched by strong winds heading north and colliding with an unusual coolness. Strange little whiffs of coolness lasting perhaps for an hour or so early in the morning. More hints I thought as my skin relayed what I had experienced. My nose told me the same thing as nature exhaled even more hints. Smell this, my friend, it should tell you something.

When I talked about what I was seeing and sensing, I got only funny looks which made me hide my feelings and interpretations. The whole universe seemed to be focused on our planet, just shaking its head. Shameful it said.

Shame on you for having little love for life and love. Shame for not caring about your children as they are torn from their mothers unable to ever experience the wonderful world that I am and have made. The Universe was speaking but no one listened!

No one listened as the earth changed. The change was not bad but was in perfect harmony with its self and the universe. I have done this before and I am really good at it was it's response No one listened and humans made the same mistakes it had made for thousands of years in the past.

I have been told as a sincere truthful fact that this time it will be different. Very different. Hugely different. So different that it will be almost impossible for most of the humans on this earth to comprehend. The truth is that what is coming is the end of ages. Not just a simple end, but a complete end. An end to end all ends.

That time, that end is heading our way and there is absolutely nothing anyone of us can do except face it as there will not be any place to run to.

The universe and our living God have said enough!

Enough killing, hate, and destruction. Enough of the destruction of everything I hold precious, even to the bees on flowers and running and laughing children. Enough. And at that point, God turned away from the earth. To the universe HE said. Now it's your time. Do what you have been created to do from eternity. The universe just smiled as it was ready.

So the human race was abandoned to its own death wish. A wish created out of hate, lack of love, and especially by those doing nothing. By those asleep or living in their own little petty worlds. These death wishes invited evil to flourish. Soon the laughing of children and good and pure things would be smashed. Evil people and evil things will have their day. The earth and its people will suffer.

As Bob Dylan who was almost a prophet in his music can be summed up in his "Blowing in the wind".  The answer is blowing in the wind! God bless you, Bob Dylan. The song at this URL.

Best from Central Texas



World 3.0 Part 5


Now that the guy in the suit no longer had to worry about all those billions of useless eaters, he could now concentrate on the elimination of all those who had refused their digital imprint and did not see him as their savior. All the true believers almost worshiped the guy in the suit. Religious activities were now limited to his church which was fine as all the members had almost anything they desired. It was hell on earth as Christians and nonbelievers were hunted and killed with no mercy. No more camps as that just required useless expenditures of food and energy. The gift from the suit guy was instant death if captured.

As the world burned and blood flowed the suit guy demanded more and more of his followers. At times he seemed to go into a complete rage and many of those close to him died from just being next to him. In a final fit of rage, the suit guy shows his final plan. All those remaining on the earth must worship him as their god. Failure to do this will result in a slow death. Finally, he takes his position on the newly finished temple in Jerusalem.

There he demands all the leaders of the earth come and worship him. As his rage increased so does his power, as he can now kill with a look or a pointed finger. In a final bing of egoism, he demands that millions of people come to Jerusalem. It will be the final display of his godly powers.

As the suit guy in all his glory rises into the air, there is a great lightning storm. The earth seems to be completely surrounded in a plasma display never seen before. As the suit guys, rage becomes almost a shrieking, a loud voice is heard from the heavens. The word spoken was enough! With that, a huge opening in the fabric of space is opened up, and a great wind envelops the suit guy and the millions there. A large raging deep red and black hole appears in space and the suit guy and all those who took the digital mark are swept up into the fiery blackness never to be seen again. The world is now at peace once again.

A thousand years

The peace will last a thousand years and those who did not take the digital mark and were faithful to the will of their Creator will rule the earth. God's children will go to the stars in at the end of the thousand years the suit guy (Satan) will be allowed out of his firey hole to once again tempt God's children. Then the end will come. The evil will be placed in a dark place for eternity. God's children will then share in all that their father is. His children who are the Children of the Light will forever explore the love and depth of their Father. What is and whatever shall be will be at peace forever. Such are the rewards of those faithful ones. Those faithful ones who are the very breath of God.

Here is what few know or even think.

The breath of God the Father is your Creator. Jesus the Son of God is your Savior. God the Holy Spirit dwells in you and you are His temple and is the life of your soul. We are the Children of the Light.

Wishing you love and the best of everything from Central Texas.


World 3.0 Part 4


Yes it's peaceful here in the smart city. All is well and it's citizens find that if they behave that they will receive their little pay in their credits every month and that they with their new wonderful digital body embedded signature purchase needed things. Nothing fancy and absolutely no meat, but just enough to get by. In the news, the new world order is fighting to make them safe. Nightly clashes are shown as the Non Citizen as they are called are hunted down like wild beasts. Many are given another chance to comply with the needs and wants of the peaceful world order, but many many millions are put in camps never to be seen again. Its illegal to hunt, grown your own food and live off grid. Only the cities are free to walk around in. Land that once was used by the public is off limits as the earth is allow to heal. Mother Earth is thankful!

Every citizen is expected to work and make this new world a success. If you are too old or too infirm to work you will be sent to special camps where your needs will be taken care of. Rumours have it is that you will be slowly starved to death there, and when you get so weak to the point of uselessness you are euthanized in a humane manner.

Slowly things are changing in the peaceful city. One thing that has changed is the birth rate. Fewer and fewer children are being born. It seems that only the trusted and most valuable of the new world 3.0 are having children.

Another thing that seems to be changing is that fewer and fewer are attending regular church and people who attend their new savior's church seem to prosper more. At the saviors church sermons are all about how much better and blessed it's followers are and how great and loving and powerful the guy in the suit is.

It's a great day in the peaceful city. The Non Citizens have almost all been destroyed. There is to be a great celebration next Sunday, and on that day all citizens all over the earth will be given a large portion of meat. It is a gift from the suit guy as a thank you for you hard work and obedience to the success of World 3.0. There will be wine and special drinks and deserts as well. There will be no work the next week as it will be a week of national rest. Little do they know that it will soon become an eternal rest as the food is laced with the suit guys weapon. Once eaten, it will only take the application of a certain chemical to activate death in the merrymakers. The wine and food will become their last meal as they drink the water on the first day of rest. Monday will become the day that all those useless eaters are finally removed from the suit guy's earth. Only the faithful members and the elite will not have not received the poison laced foods. A drink of water will just be that a drink of water as almost a billion people around the earth die.

The suit guy laughs, as billions of souls have been torn away from God. It's the devils revenge. It's the reward for the mark of the beast. But what is next is even more amazing:

Cheers and best of everything from Central Texas.


World 3.0 Part 3


Clip from my Book "Surviving the Super Grand Solar Minimum":

From our future history (Book 1)

It’s a Grand Solar Minimum like occurred during the Maunder Minimum. Yes it was cold and icy; but people froze to death and starved. People were less healthy because of poor nutrition and exposure to the environment. Crops failed in more northern latitudes. There were summers and some crops were able to be grown. The crop growing areas had to move 300 to 600 miles south to produce any food. Winter started earlier and lasted longer. Spring was a crap shoot when it came to planting seed because of frost. The summer was shorter and wet causing fungal problems. Seasons abruptly started and ended. People migrated south. There were wars because of food shortages. Some areas went completely off line. In the US it was better to live below latitude 35 degrees. The US financial system failed because of high food prices and energy costs. People realized that there would not be enough food available (at least what they could afford). There were social disruptions and people on the streets demanding that the government help them. During the winter the electric grid suffered badly with blackouts and disruptions. After the minimum hit its peak, the United States no longer existed as a viable place to live and work. Medical facilities are not available. Police and law enforcers went home to take care of their families. Martial law was declared but it was impossible to enforce it. After about 20 years, the sun started to warm the earth once again and it became possible to grow food. The US at that point had a population of 90 million very thin people.

From our future history (Book 2)

It’s a 400 year Super Grand Solar Minimum. All the above will happen with some additions. Most people will not be able to live above latitude 35 degrees. If you live below latitude 35 degrees, you will have to live underground during the winter because of brutal cold. Canada will no longer exist as a country. All of the US will go offline when it comes to food production. It will be really hard to grow food during the short summers. There will be no power or any type of services available to people. The population in the US was reduced to 20 or 35 million at best. The best places to live will be a bit above and below latitude 15 degrees. Migration will be south and countries will resist people coming to their countries. This Super Grand Solar minimum will last 35 years, utterly destroying civilizations. It will warm up after it’s all over. Sun Spots will return and people will start moving north once again.

From our future history (Book 3)

It’s a 3600 year Super Grand Solar Minimum. Things go badly after the year 2021 (as they are starting to do now). Food becomes really hard to afford because of energy and food inflation. The economy collapses. Stocks, bonds, 401ks, retirement funds and all banks fail. The US is bankrupt and Social security fails. Because of all credit lines being destroyed, the JIT (Just in Time) food delivery system freezes up and food is not delivered to stores. People that had money cannot get to it because of the failures. What is transpiring in the US is happening on a global scale. People cannot afford to drive their cars, pay rent of purchase food. Marshal Law is attempted to be enforced, but starving people will not be quieted. US cities and other global cities are burned because of unrest. People desperately look for food and armed people decide that to eat and feed their children they will do anything. The US goes into complete anarchy. All the above takes place while winters get colder and colder, and more and more food production goes off line. Australia goes into a historic drought. Parts of Europe are buried in snow and can’t even dig out during the winter as the military there and in the US is helpless. Europe, Australia and parts of northern Europe begin to look just like the US. China is having a problem feeding it’s billion plus people and there is unrest. By 2028 the earth will be a different place. There will be pockets of people surviving in slightly warmer places but not many. Because of high levels of volcano activity a new Ice Age will start. Earthquakes which are epic during Grand Solar Minimums will destroy places all over the earth, especially the west coast of California and the eastern part of the US and along the Ring of Fire. Food and energy availability will become a thing of the past. When this is all over they may be 500 million people alive on the earth. Because there are no global records that speak of what happens during this kind of period, thing could be even worse. I see during this period that if we are smart enough, we will build floating islands around Central America and grow food. But in this world that we live in now, I don’t expect it.

More gloom (sorry)
Sometimes I sit up at night thinking about what I have written above. It’s pretty bad I must admit.

The thing that really keeps me awake is the following hard facts:

  • People don’t live on farms or have gardens for growing food.
  • People don’t have any idea how to grow food.
  • I had a young lady ask me what I did with seeds I just purchased.
  • People don’t understand the JIT system.
  • People have maybe two (2) days of food in their home: perhaps a little more.
  • People have little or no survival skills.
  • We have become a society of Cell Heads and whiners.
  • Because of junk food and our way of life, many people are mentally and physically in poor shape.
  • Obesity is epidemic.
  • We have placed our complete society at the mercy of fragile electronic systems.
  • We seem to think that solar and wind will somehow green the planet (whatever that means).
  • Our children have been protected from birth and don’t know how to take care of themselves or make simple decisions. (Many still live at home).
  • Very few people will actually believe the SGSM will happen because of the global warming garbage. It will be too late to do anything when they finally realize what is happening. Good way to reduce the population. Very Sad!

So to sum it up – No Food – No Life – it’s that simple. Me I am thinking future story 2 or 3. What about you?

Our Savior

Just when things look very bleak, a savior will arrive. He will be dressed in a nice suit and tie and have a great smile on his face. He will sympathize with what is happening in the world and that we deserve better. From his lying lips and smiling white teeth he will have a plan, but to save the human race we will all have to work together like bees in a hive. He explains that the problem is all those greedy companies and hoarding people and farmers who control everything including all the precious food. To make it through all of this and "it will only be temporary", we will all have to give up all our personal needs for the whole.  There must be one great global clearing house for commodities like food, medical, power and security. Everyone will be given a place to live in the city where they can feel safe. All that completely cooperate will receive a subsistence salary. It will not be easy, but this man looks like he knows what he is doing and has the right answer. The weary hungry world that is still dumber than a rock will accept the new global system.

To actually implement this great saving system, all humans must be part of the great digital system that tracks all their needs and ensures that no one gets more than they need. Hoarders, troublemakers, and those who oppose the system will just be left out with no way to buy, sell or be employed. To prevent fraud, all of those in the system will have an imprint on their head or hand or arm that cannot be seen but read by special scanners. This will ensure that each person on the planet gets what they need. Those in the system that know who are abusing the system are encouraged to be reported to the one world security forces so they can be removed.

The whole world is at peace. No more of that stupid religion stuff, and all are encouraged to worship at the now world wide combined church. It's really peaceful there and you can worship what or who you wish as long as you don't push it on anyone else. There is even a peaceful place there for the guy in the suit!

The guy dressed in a nice suit and tie will still have a great smile on his face. It seem that his teeth are even whiter than they have ever been. There will be nightly newscasts that all are required to be watched (more credits). News that show the glowing results of the new world 3.0. Also a great look at all those sorry disruptive people who are being rounded up. This scum they say have been working against the now peaceful world we are now living in. Be sure to report anyone they think is not fully part of the system. There are huge rewards awaiting those for doing this.

To insure safety, and security of all global members of World 3.0, 5G has been pushed out all over the earth. From fiber, 5G RF systems and even from space, the whole world will be tracked and connected.

Nothing will happens unless it happens using the system. Not a drop of water or an ounce or calorie of food will be drank, used or eaten without permission through the new system. 

Where you went, who you spoke to or what you worked on or wrote or the very words you said will all be stored in the gigantic ever growing and controlling AI system databases.

The world was at peace. I repeat, the world was at peace until one day..................

Cheers and the best of everything from Central Texas.



World 3.0 Part 2


World 3.0 will happen, but how it happens depends on every person on this earth takes what is written below and lives it. If not everything you have ever worked for or loved will disappear from the face of the earth.


Do not allow those who would steal your dreams, you treasure, your worth, your hard work, your cherished children, your spirit, your faith or your very soul to succeed.


Yes indeed, World 3.0 will be an icy place, but the world will also burn with unrest and war. The picture on the left is Rolf Witzsche. I will really miss this kind, gentle and loving person. Rolf has passed on to his Creator, and unknown by many leaves this planet a lesser place by the absence of his loving spirit and love for humanity.

Rolf saw a coming full blown Ice Age as shown below in the graphic. The scale on the left in the graphic is solar wind which has diminished as seen by measurements made by satellites. The sun is a large collection of gas and plasma fed by galactic currents. These currents are not constant but cyclic which in the past has caused the earth to heat and cool. We have just finished a heating period and are descending into a full blown (thousand year) icey period. As the currents that provide energy to the sun become weak enough, the sun (much like a weak fluorescent light) will go into a LOW GLOW mode. The sun escentially dims and the earth cools and a new cold and icy ice age is born. It stays that way until the sun awakens with increased galactic current.


It seems that the whole world and the universe are not at rest. There is a great agitation in the minds of man. There is also a rumbling that can be heard as the universe makes the works of its puny citizens  fade into insignificance.

The absurd CO2 argument is like a grain of sand compared to the vastness of the universe. How stupid it seems as the folly of all this will be exposed in the backdrop of the Super Grand Solar Minimum.

Ice Age Thinking

Here are some facts to think about. Many of these facts are derived from Ice Core Data which is about as good of data as you can get. Humans presently are living in the Pleistocene period. As shown in the graphic, we are living during one of those periods of a pulse of warm climate. For the most part, the earth has been an ice planet for 80 to 90 percent or more during this period. So technically we are living in an ice age called the Pleistocene. Generally when people talk about ice ages they are really talking about the cold periods of the Pleistocene.

The big question is are we coming out of this present cycle of warmth and heading back into cooler time? From many things, it looks that way and will be covered in this blog. Remember I am just a traveled, free thinking old man, so don't expect any great solar physics breakthrough from this blog.

To answer this question is really important and could determine if we are prepared for what is coming or not. What could be coming is a cold that would cause the human population to teeter on extinction. I would think that most would agree that it is a good reason to look at the data we are collecting now, and very old and ancient data called ice core data. None of the ice core data is made up or messed with. It has no political agenda at all. It's just the bare facts laid out for us to look at and ignored at our own peril.

Most of us have heard about the little Ice Age and the problems it causes with crop failures, little food, migration and disease and generally a crappy place to live in Europe and the US. People survived through all that and eventually things warmed up and things got better. But what may be coming is a different animal (dog) as they say. What is really startling is what happened during the Little Ice Age compared to the Younger Dryas. See the graphics below.


A crazy 0.5 degrees Celsius Change.

Take a look at the temperature variation during the Little Ice Age. (graphic below) The misery of the Little Ice Age was caused by a temperature drop of around 0.5 degrees. Europeans almost froze to death. There are good records of what happened during these times and can be read about.

Now for something different

If we look at the same graphic during the Younger Dryas, something totally different happened. Cooling during that period was 15 or more degrees Celsius cooler than the Little Ice Age. No one in Europe if they were living there would have survived.


World 3.0 will a very cold time perhaps ending in a thousand year cold and icy period. But what about what might happen to the human race during this period? It is suggested that you read what I have written at the top of this blog. I would suggest you cut an paste the red text and email it to all your friends and family. It's really a message for the whole world and will be what I will be discussed in the next blog as we continue looking at the human part of World 3.0.

Best of everything from Central Texas


World 3.0

It's January 2022. New year celebrations globally were almost non existent. The world was getting even colder and the winter of 2021 / 2022 is a brutal one. Crop losses in 2021 were huge. China was having problems feeding there people not that the CCP actually gave a crap about it's people as the CCP was just one big gang of thugs intent on world domination and nothing was going to get in their way, even the people of china.

Here in the states, things were not much better as the results of the election and Trump's overwhelming win were still being disputed. It seems that The US was going into another civil war. The US never recovered from lock down 1.0 and 2.0 had finished it off. Millions of once employed and productive people had lost everything. There was little hope left on the faces of Americans, and the brutal winter and ever escalating food costs made matters worse.

As the grand Solar Minimum (a super one) slowly made it's intentions made known globally there were huge increases in Atmospheric Compression events. Places that had never seen snow were seeing it. As the jet streams went out of their normally behaved tracks people were experiencing extremely violent weather. Actually it was not weather that was changing, but climate!. This mixing of very cold and warm air created intense collisions. In this case, two different jet streams collide, usually side by side. On one side is very cold or frigid air that may have originated in the arctic and another jet stream that originated in lower latitudes and brings with it intense mostly extremely hot and moist air. At the boundary between these two, some amazing, violent, and dangerous things were happening. Intense positive and negative lightning were mixed with huge dumps of snow. Many feet of rain in hours and the creation of extremely large hail which were softball size and larger were killing people and animals all over the planet. Some of the hail events wiped some small town and villages off the face of the earth. The most scary and perplexing thing was this was happening in a random fashion all over the planet. People became afraid of what was happening and tried to stay indoors as much a possible. 

It seamed that the earth had been on a Roller Coaster Ride for millions of years but was now in motion, violently moving down the track. The earth, sun, and our solar system and galaxy all seem to be intimately entwined in a multitude of cycles. There was harmony there, with occasions of great violence. The earth and the universe did not seem to care about the citizens living through this almost apocalyptic moment. The reality was that the universe did not care about it's citizens. Just deal with it was the message.

The Awakening.

At the start of World 3.0, more and more crops had failed. Bad weather, cool and short summers, and early frost all targeted the failing mono-culture growing of food.  Prices continued to rise and some things were never seen in the grocery store again. And early In the year 2023 the now 8 billion people on the earth came to the realization at the same exact time that there was a food shortage. Billions of people world wide purchased or over ran food supply facilities and horded any food they could get their hands on. Globally the military was called out, but how do you stop a million starving people from getting to food at any moment?

The New World Order

The elite (1%) were ready for this as they had stripped the earth of most anything valuable which left billions on the streets to die. Some people had predicted what the New World order would look like but were very very wrong. Soon people found out that the New World Order was taking on a new look. It seems the real intention was not to alert humanity of the coming cataclysmic earth changes but to keep there eyes on other things like the political side show in Washington and the Chinese CCP virus and any other things they could think of. Enslavement would come later - Much later.

While the press was filled with unbelievable garbage, the elite were stripping humanity of any thing of value. With all their ill gained rape and pillage, they were preparing for what was coming. They laughed when they thought about all the CO2 and political useful idiots freezing and starving in the coming years.

Yes, it was one great wonderful party, but humanity was not invited!


The intention was not save anyone but their own asses. They would wait in their rat holes until the damage was done. The population of the earth would be a billion or less, and they were going to let the universe do it's dirty work for them! And when the whole earth had ripped each morsel of food from each other they would come out of their holes like roaches that they are and take control.

That's when things will get really interesting

To be continued!


Dennis in Central Texas


World 2.0


Well we have talked about world 1.0. If you are reading this then you are an expert in it as you have lived through it. I have spent the last 76 years living in World 1.0 and mostly except for a few things have been blessed with everything I ever needed. Rich? Well not in money but very rich in spirit. But something happened in the last 25 years. I guess what I am talking about is the world and especially the US has lost its moral compass. The US and most places on this planet have becomes cesspools of porn, baby killing factories, pedofiles (yep even in my church) and the transport and selling of human flesh. Marriage and the family have been desecrated. I could really get graphic here but wont. Just that sex is a commodity and not a pure gift any more These of course are subjects never talked about or heard about if you live in a Black Box. We have told God Himself to take a hike from our schools and public things. So with the coming of Christmas 2019 and that Chinese escaped virus we were led into World 2.0.

All I can say about that is when the calendar pointed to January 2020, little did we know that soon we will get and reap what we have sown. What we have sown is evil. Ya you may say I am not evil, but you let evil live right next to you. You let your children be exposed and bathed in it, and for that we now have some very almost useless children who have no moral platform to base their lifes or decisions.

Like in the 60's, If it feels good do it!

So with that I say goodbye to World 1.0. Nice knowing you.

So let's get on with World 2.0. World 2.0 will only last for at a maximum of two years.

After that world 3.0 will be born, and the world will yearn for the way it once was. So what is going to happen for the next two years? As you can tell, I like bullet points, so here they are:

  • Medical craziness as the shutdown of the world due to the Chinese virus will be pushed out as far as possible. At some point, the Global Elite (your masters) will relent, but with that will come even worse things.
  • Medical Tracking (your permit to actually do public things).
  • They will try to enforce lockdown 2.0 which will lead to a even larger collapse of what is left of the middle class and small business.
  • Continued and increased joblessness and homelessness.
  • People unable to feed their family properly or if at all.
  • Governmental Cryptocurrencies instigated all over the planet and for a push to a centralized Cryptocurrency.
  • Possible complete failure of our present financial system.
  • Talk of a guaranteed income. (just sit on yous ass and don't make trouble).
  • Continued loss of crops and growing areas due to global cooling.
  • Increased food costs. (4, 5 6 and 7 X increases in some products).
  • Possibility of a VE 6 or 7 Volcanic eruption that add to the above cooling.
  • Possibility of large earthquakes here in the US and other places. This and the above bullet points all happen during Grand Solar Minimums.
  • The US never recovers from the November 2020 election. 
  • US troops in large cities due to conflicts. Burning, looting and possible armed events in the streets in large and even small cities.
  • Because God has been run out of the US, evil people and evil things will replace what no longer exists.

That's enough I hope. Will all the above have to happen? There is one glimmer of hope but a small one. One day the good citizens of this country could all stand up (millions of citizens) and say enough. Will that happen? Well I point to my black box blog. People will not do that as they are afraid, asleep or just dumb as rocks. Take your pick but I believe all the above. Below is a graphic or World 2.0. There are two things I would like to point out. The Rich get richer and people who have lost everything lose it. Face it, what would you do if you had nothing and your family needed shelter and food? Would you lose it? I suspect most of us would. So how do you feel about all that is coming? And before I close this blog I would like to ask some questions. They will be in bullet points:

  • Are you interested in a war?
  • Are you interested in burning down everything?
  • What would you do if you had no money or food?
  • Do you like the idea of 16 to 25 % interest rates?
  • Would you like to have an interest free loan on a car or house?
  • Do you think that everyone should have a home, medical care, food, safety and a peaceful existence?
  • Do you like being taxed to the point where your are broke?
  • Do you like the world as you exist in now?
  • Would you like to live in a world where productive things happen?
  • Would you like an atomic weapon to be dropped on you or the city you live in?

So my question is why don't you do something about it? Do you like being a slave? Remember life is about choices. Mostly a simple yes or no. What is you choice and what will you do if you do nothing and in the end have to make that choice?

In my next blog, I will go over World 3.0. I can assure you it will not be nice. It will really get bad. So if you think what I am writing about is just BS, then go back into your black box and drink that last beer and eat that frozen pizza as the next beer and pizza will be a long time coming.

Wishing you everything Good from Central Texas.







How many things can you do very well if you're hungry? Most people need air to breathe, water to drink and food to eat. Take any of these away, and the really important things like your heart beating will cease to function.

My blog has always been about food and growing your own. I have been over and over this and I hope some people have taken me seriously.

I suspect that in the back of most people's brains is this "Where are things going" type of thinking. Perhaps you don't pay much attention to that brain activity, but if you wait too long to actually look closely what is happening, then it may be too late.

The world as we know it looking back to Christmas 2019 will never be the same. I sure hope you enjoyed it. Place that in your memory as well. Christmas 2020 will not be like 2019 and Christmas 2021 will certainly not look like 2020.

If you have not noticed that things are not the same as they were last year (2019), then I might ask you what brick or rock have you been hiding under? If you think that everything will work out if you just sit at home, then you are living in a big black box.


I find it very amusing that many (most) people would never want to talk about the things  in the above graphic. Most would take one look at it and say it's "very negative" and go back into their black box never to come out again. Sorrowfully at some time they will have to come out and it will be too late. Hopefully you don't live in one of those boxes. Once you come out and take one look around, I am sure you will yell "crap", then at that point you can get on with your life.


There is no life in a black box.

So what will life be like in the next few years? From the looks of things, it looks like the Grand Solar Minimum will be with us for the next 30 years or so. As we go into 2021 and 2022 and 2023 thing will only get progressively worse. Worse in what you may ask? The answer is worse in everything. Especially worsening food availability. Like the title of this blog : It's ALL ABOUT FOOD". If you cant see this coming, I would suggest you purchase my book "Surviving the Super Grand Solar Minimum. While this book was written about 1 1/2 years ago, nothing has changed in it. And everything in it has been mostly confirmed. This will help me keep this blog going as well. This blog will cost $300 to renew in January. You can get the Book Here at this URL.

You can also help me if you need seed. Both of these two seed providers can be relied on. When you purchase I get a small commision, and using me will not have any increase on what your seeds would cost. The URL is HERE.

I have purchased thousands of dollars of seed from the above in my microgreen business.


I have gone over the following for the past two years. I think it's worth repeating. So what is the human race going to face the following 25 to 30 years?

Before I start, it's not going to be nice, so if you live in a NICE BLACK BOX, then you should go over to Facebook and look at cute cat and puppy pictures.

The List:

  • Global Governance (they will try)
  • Social Unrest
  • (Super) Grand Solar Minimum
  • Magnetic pole flip of the earth
  • Increased Galactic radiation
  • Increased clouds
  • Unstable and wandering Jet Streams.
  • Biblical droughts and floods.
  • Collapse of the North American food growing chain. It will be really bad in Canada and it the US Northern States.
  • Decreased SI (Solar Irradiance - Cool Sun)
  • Possibility of a global grid down scenario caused by the earth's weak magnetic field and a hiccup on the sun.
  • Possible micro nova at the end of the 30 year period.
  • Probably a little ice age at the minimum.
  • Severe DNA damage from the increased Galactic Radiation. Caused by the earth's weakening magnetic field.
  • Economic crash (happening now).
  • Huge increases in food costs (happening now).
  • Global starvation.
  • Possible US population decrease to 90 million!
  • Possible WW3 with Russia or China or starting some place on the planet (India and China).
  • Global growing zones going down, and North Africa becoming the new bread basket for the world. Do you think you will get any food from there?

I could easily write a book on each item above. I suspect if you are reading this, then I can almost guarantee that you don't think about any thing on this list too often. This I suspect is my FINAL WARNING. To get through this you must come out of your box and start preparing. I suspect if you are in the same frame of mind like me, your family and friends think you may be just a bit crazy. I know it's that way with me.

My plan is to work with what is coming our way. There are HUGE possibilities in preparing for the above. People will need help, and that is where you can prosper and at the same time help your neighbor. It is not possible to get through this period by yourself.

Soon the new money will be food, water, protection, silver, gold, the human spirit and a community.


Below is a picture of World 1.0.

In my next blog i will go over World 2.0.
World 2.0 won't last very long, perhaps for all of 2021 at best. Then, World 3.0 will take place and won't end for the next 20 years. That will be a subject of a blog as well.

World 1.0 takes no words to describe. All of us went through it, and it will never return again. It ended with a Chinese virus from a lab that probably escaped and changed the whole world and the way we live.

Wishing all my visitors the best of everything.   Dennis in Central Texas


Take a Reality Break

OK I know most of you out there are sick and tired of this Plandemic thing. Yes the virus is real but is being used to destroy the world as we know or want it. It's an agenda of destruction, insanity and control. Its an agenda to what I think is to completely destroy freedom democracy and goodness.

So put down that Cell Phone. Actually turn it off for a day and see how you feel. After reading my blog, turn off whatever you are using. Turn off your TV and radio or your MP4 player. Quit watching all those useful idiots burning things.  Even my pet pig does not crap in his home and then roll in it. It all stinks and it is meant to destroy what freedoms we have left.

The take off your shoes, put on some shorts. No socks and take a chair with you and go outside. Sit under a tree and just listen. Here on my farm the stars were bright, and I could hear crickets chirping. My outside cat begged for a little food which I told him soon! If its daylight go out in the sun and face it. Close your eyes and look up at the sun and enjoy the warmth. Notice how your back side is cooler. Turn around and let the sun bathe you its goodness. As you walk around do you feel what you are walking on. Is it green grass of something else? Sit in that chair and close your eyes and just listen. Are the birds chirping? Is there a breese hitting your face? Wiggle your fingers and toes. See how instantly they respond to your wishes. You will notice that things are normal out there and the world is still the world. Notice that once your return to your home how silent it is. Beware, once you flip the switch or power up all those things you left behind the chaos starts again. The agenda it thrown in your face. The manipulation and tracking starts again and you become a hunted animal once again. Things are not normal there and that is where they want you! Welcome to insanity!

My warning and the warning of others. Have no doubt that eventually the caos, insanity and objective evil will soon prevail unless you wake up. Unless you say ENOUGH. Unless you shut it down, it will eventually consume you, your family and your children.

From what I am seeing, it will actually take this evil to come to your home and toss you out in the streets before you believe it. Then it will be too late.

But that's not all that is coming and we live in interesting times (an old curse). Not only are we being manipulated with this virus by destroying our jobs, our food system and any thing that is good, it will get even worse.

Please note that when my contract comes up for renewal I will not renew it and Surviving the Grand Solar Minimum will cease to exist!

Why? Money and the fact I won't have the time for this blog as few ever return and I have a feeling that most that do are like minded. I will be looking after my family in the coming months and years as the Forth Turning makes it way into our lives. Interesting thing about this is that the outcome is nothing more than a choice. People have chosen and that choice is "DO NOTHING" and the rewards of doing nothing is that you will loose every thing that is dear to you. Yes even the pizza and beer will not be there. But all the above is just a small part of what mankind will soon have to face.

All along the purpose of the "Surviving the Grand Solar Minimum" has been about global cooling and its implications. It's on it way (a gift package from the universe). If you understand what is coming you can prepare for it.

So what is the gift from the universe I just mentioned? In a nutshell it's 35 years of cold icy weather that will destroy our crop growing systems. Soon the 7 + billions of people on this earth will wake up and realize that there is not enough food. Unless something is done and done quickly, then many billions of wonderful people (usually the weak and poor and those who will not listen) will vanish from this planet.

There are dangerous times coming our way. Even if the planet was at peace and everyone loved each other, that would not be enough to get through this. Soon you will have to grow your own food. It's not possible to live through what is coming the next 35 years on stored food. If you think this then you are wrong.

So whats new? Actually nothing, as what I am presenting below has been repeated many times. So please read what is below and make your own decision. The dark side wants to enslave you and the universe is speaking to you. To quote a movie "Winter is Coming".

To start go to Electroverse at this URL.
And for the complete article go to this URL.

Below is a picture that I have edited a bit to focus on where we are going in this gift from the universe. What is happening, (read the article by Valentina Zharkova ) is that the sun is taking a holiday and will return to what we humans call normal in 35 or so years. The magnetic fields of the sun are going into reverse (canceling) mode which will result in a cooling earth. Note that in the graphic I have colored this period.



To top all this off, there is one last thing I would like to mention. That last thing is that it looks like the earth's magnetic field is on it way to flipping. The north magnetic pole will become the south magnetic, etc. To do this, the magnetic field will eventually get to zero at the point of flipping. OK, so what you may ask. Well at the moment the earth magnetic field has been reduced by around 22%. The earth's magnetic fields protect all life on this planet from radiation for space. They also protect our power grid when the sun has a hiccup. With reduced magnetic field protection, smaller and smaller hiccups will be need to take down our electrical system. Then no power. Then we will be looking for horses and will let our cars rust. I suspect this could reduce the earth's population down to a few billion or less. I have no doubt that this will eventually happen unless we kill each other with hate. In that case only a few will survive. BUT its actually mandkinds choice and I am not bettion on stupid hating, godless humans to make the right choice.

With that I am heading to breakfast. I would suggest you think about what I have written.

Wishing all of you love and especially enlightenment in the coming times.

Dennis In Central Texas

Got Seeds?


The above pictures are from the Great Depression era. Many people in 2020 will be losing their homes because of the lock down and the destruction of jobs. A repeat? Well yes but it will be many times worse.

Not only will we be facing all this, but the Grand Solar Minimum and the magnetic pole reversal and waning magnetic field of the earth are relentless and cannot be stopped.

As I watch the world go crazy with the virus, unemployment, shutting down of our food systems and the crazy prices at the grocery store, I am reminded what my grandparents went through during the great depression here in the US. They didn't want to talk about it much, and my grandmother always brought up positive things to talk about. She always just said "Well we just got by" and ended the conversation. They were just children at the time, but you could see that there was a branding of sorts deep in their minds. Later in life when my grandmother married, they always had a garden, chickens, and of course a pig or two for ham and bacon. There were mules and horses and a milk cow.  This was city living at the time. My Grandparents lived on the wrong side of the tracks so to speak, but that was were the switching station was and my grandfather had to be close to the tracks. My Great Grandfather was a teamster and brought cargo that arrived on ships into Central Texas.


So why am I bringing all of this up? Well I see what my Grandparents had to go through breaking out all over the world. We are probably not going into a Great Depression but and end of an era or the fourth turning. I call it world 2.0. It's a world that few can even bring their minds to think about. It makes the depression of the 1920's and 30' a walk in the park. Now is the time to start thinking about your own security and especially food security. Not only are we facing what I think is a man made virus that was put together in a lab and escaped, but we are facing people who want to drag the United States down. Any sane person should see what is happening. It's amazing what people are putting up with.

None of this really surprises me though as the US has been dumbed down to the point that they will believe anything they are told. Even worse most do not know how to take care of themselves.

My Grandparents did, and I do because I watched, but our children and grandchildren can't tell time, write a letter or tye their shoes.

That is why the last eight or more months I have been involved in new ways to produce food that even the most dumbed down American could do. We all must soon learn to produce our own local food or we will soon see food being used as a weapon. I suspect that if you and I are hungry and have no food, we will consider anything to eat that next meal.

I and about four other people are working on some amazing things. All of these things which at the moment are being patented will be available on our new store in about four months or so. We are also looking for people who might be interested in being team members of what we will be releasing in the future. Some of the things will put food growings systems we now use to shame. You can expect food output to be almost four times (yes 4x) as good as the sorry way we grow food now. It's not chemical or mechanical but earth based. Please follow my blog to see what I am talking about.

In addition I have a new store where I sell seed. At the moment I have more that 30 plus types of seeds for sale.

When we release or new food growing technology, my store which is up and running an the moment will be moved (merged) ino our newer store. I can almost guarantee you will be blown away by what is coming. If what is being released is used globally, then the world could increase the food supply by 4X. You will be able to grow much of your food in your backyard, and local food growing communities would feed hundreds of people.

Please believe me when I say that I am not a snake oil salesman or selling a "Pig in a Poke", or something that sounds so good that it's not possible. I am putting my reputation on the line on what will soon be released.


You can visit my store HERE at the following URL. Please note that at the moment seed is only available for shipment in the lower 48 states. We hope to offer shipments to Canada soon. If you are not in the US, I would suggest that you VERY SOON source your own seed locally.

Thanks and best of every thing from Central Texas.


You and I are Wonderful


After looking back at many of my blogs, I hope I have not fostered a sense of hopelessness. As I look out at the world  when I was three, four and five. I can remember hiding in the grass with a large stick and a bottle of water looking at life as it passed me by. I was a big game hunter at the moment and I was ready for anything. There in the weeds I could see people walking and cars going here and there. Ants I can remember thinking. What is the purpose of all that ant like movement?

Well that was around seventy two years ago, and little did I know that until I could actually look at all those ants as my brothers and sisters would I discover that relationship between everyone and myself.

I guess why I only saw ants at that early age was there seemed to be no meaning in it. Who were they, where were they going and for what reason? Of course at that time my universe was a closed up one as I had the stability and love of my family which I never questioned. But there was one thing that burned in my being and that was a sense of self. Little did I know that it would be years in the future to finally discover who I was and what I was about.

So if I may, I would like to blog about what I discovered lurking there in my very being. It took a lot of works, tears, sorrows and large amounts of discovery to finally come to this point in time and understanding.

First, I found that I was unique. I was much like a snowflake as it fell to earth. Looking closely, I found that I was a most beautiful and a complex creation. Indeed every human on this planet is like that, but few do realize their beauty and complexity. All of us are amazing creations.

The next thing I discovered and it was painful at times was that while I was that amazing bundle of things, so was every one else and we all have this almost undefinable connection. We seem to have this magnetic and spiritual connection and if we let it, it can bind each of us in a wonderful sense of what and who we are.

Humans in their make up are not meant to be an island where they only live.

Next, I realized that I could create things. I could create mental, spiritual and physical things. I realized that I was not trapped into what society seems to dictate, but I was free to be most anything I wanted. Of course that means I could create good and bad things.

Of all the things I have created in my life, love was the best creation. Love from my outlook was wanting the best of everything for everyone no matter how they look, sound or what they do.

As a technical trainer, I discovered that people are open to most anything if approached correctly. I found people are hungry for answers, help and an atmosphere of safety.

When I discovered how wonderful I was, it was easy to see this is others. All human have the build in ability to be creative and simply amazing. It simply takes my breath away talking to and engaging those who see life as an opportunity to share, cherish and expand all the possibilities of love.

I firmly believe that love has tremendous power. It can defeat armies when combined with communities of loving people. The collective NO has a power to change even the worst things.

Finally, I created this burning desire to live on a planet where everyone's needs are satisfied. A planet where there is no war, and everyone is looked after. It would be a place where children can run and play and be safe. My desire is that each human could develop into what has been placed in their very being at birth. It is a world where there are no taxes, slavery and conflict. Health care is for everyone. It is not a perfect world but one that we have the absolute ability to create. This is the world I try to live in even if it does not exist now. But one thing is for sure, it does exist in my mind and it can exist in yours as well. If enough people want and demand this world, it will happen. It's the power of yes or no.

Mankind is on the cusp of some monumental things. The evil blood sucking part of the world is increasing it's hold on things more and more. Soon you will have to decide if you want a better world or a world of hurt. Along with this virus we are suffering with and its manipulation, there are the global, galactic and universal reality of change heading our way. The Grand Solar minimum is real. So are food losses and the possibility of global food shortage.

We as humans at this point in history have the option to be that wonderful amazing creations we all are or we can sit back in that closed off world of me and mine or indifference and let it destroy you. Personally I want to live in that better world I just described even if it's in my mind.

Perhaps, what is happening is creating hopelessness, but I can see a different outcome, only if we collectively choose it. We don't have to be controlled or be debt slaves. We don't have to come to a moment where we will eat or pay our bills. We don't need armies or weapons if we just choose that. That is a world we are heading into. Is it a world you want? If it isn't, what are you doing about it? Yes you are small but you are a wonderful creation that can do wonderful things. You have been told you are nothing which is a lie Start living that wonderfulness and say yes to it.

Can you imagine what this world would look like if we took all the money we spend protecting each other, things of war and armies and spent it on peace, love and happiness? How prosperous would you be if there was no taxes and there was global peace. What if there were no boundaries of Me and You and Them? Can you imagine a world at peace? Where life is cherished and we are all brothers and sisters? It's POSSIBLE but you must WANT that!

Love and wishing all the best of things from Central Texas


1 OUT OF 10


If you have been watching the world lately, then you may have noticed that it seems to be going crazy with stupidity. After having watching what people are willing to put up with, I am seeing more dead people. Lately when I go out in the public, I have started playing a little mind game. I try to pick out the 1 out of 10 who will survive what is heading our way.That means I am looking for the 900 million who will be alive in ten years. The others the 9 out of 10 will be dead. This is assuming a global population of 9 billion which we are approaching.

I really hate that I am thinking these thoughts, but it seems that humans are mostly a stupid species and are afraid to do anything on their own. If you look at what is happening now and in the past, it seems that humans will put up with about anything like herded sheep. Once it gets so bad, the sheep revolt, but it's always too late. The sheep herders just laugh and continue to shear the sheep. Of course there are fewer sheep. That is exactly where I thing the global population is going. The sheep herders are winning and have always won.

While I am not sure I will be the 1 out of 10 to make it through all this, I certainly see it coming.

There is a solution to all of this but I don't see it happening as it seems that genetically humans are not capable of getting along for very long. As humans, we have never seemed to have had an embedded moral compass. Even when we did, it only worked in a half ass way and only during good times. When things got bad, it always becomes a "Every One For Them Self's" environment. There is power in community, but I have beat that dead horse for the past years in my blogs with little.success. What we need is a global community that will eliminate all the sheep herders, but little chance of that.

As I said above, there is a solution and that solution is Jesus. But that seems to put people off. Why I am not sure.? All He wanted was for people to love God and our neighbors. Pretty simple, but not very sophisticated enough I guess. Perhaps it's just too simple. A solution to world peace and global prosperity? But then apparently too simple I guess. Or perhaps people don't want peace and prosperity?

If you are turned off by religion, then I have a suggestion. The problems with religion is that people seem to think they must be a part of it and therefore add their little crappy cruddy part to it. How in the heck can you add anything to Love God and your neighbor? That is absolutely perfect, and if you add anything to it you only corrupt it.

That is the reason I think most people see religion as a collection of crazy people. To be a Christian is absolutely simple. Just follow and embed what Jesus said into your life. Don't write thousands of books about it. Don't create thousands of laws about it. Don't wear special clothing or cut your hair a special way. Don't wear silly hats or caps. and especially don't push your beliefs on others or kill them because they are different. All this is corruption of the most pure and perfect law ever. You could sum up the law as "LOVE".

I am absolutely sure that the solution of  "Loving God and our Neighbors" (the law of love) will never work. The reason? Jesus said that in the end, there would be little flesh left on earth except for the intervention of God.

So, will you be the "1" out of 10? Perhaps you are the one out of the billions who see what we are doing and what is coming. Perhaps you are getting ready for all of this.

Getting ready in my opinion has two levels. One is spiritual and the other is physical.

You had better take care of the spiritual first as you may be one of the 2 through 10. So what are we globally facing soon? I am thinking very soon.

The Global, Geophysical, Solar and Universal Train wreck.

While humans here on on earth seem to be intent on killing each other, the universe seems to have it's own plans for our little blue planet. I Like bullet points so here are some:

  • Waning and changing magnetic field of the earth. (Down 20+% at the moment)
  • Magnetic North and South Pole Flip.
  • Grand Solar Minimum (Perhaps SUPER One).
  • Cooling Sun
  • Increased Galactic Radiation and increased cloud cover.
  • Galactic current sheet intensification (Micro Nova)
  • Possible decent into a cold and icey multiple thousand year periods of the present Ice Age
  • Because of our weakening magnetic field, the possibility of a grid shutdown caused by the sun.

The Social Implication of  the Global, Geophysical, Solar and Universal Train wreck.

You didn't think you would get away from this did you? All the above bullet points have happened before. They were deadly and at some point almost reduced humans into extinction levels. But we are still here, so there is hope in getting through this. Again, here are some of my loved bullet points on what the human population will have to go through.

  • Global crop failure and famine
  • Cold and icy times
  • Drought and excessive heat
  • Narrowing of global growing season
  • Human migration
  • War and social unrest
  • Attempt at Global Governance. They will eventually fail.
  • Huge reduction in the global population
  • Medical problems and disease
  •  Human and animal and plant life pressure caused by an increase in radiation.
  • Violent weather - Rain, wind, hale, ice and snow.

We all live on this planet, and mostly we don't do a good job about it. We are nearing a point where the earth will soon push back. Do you think about the fact that we are all now eating and breathing plastic? We have sliced and diced the world and sold it. How many cell phones can we make, and how much electronic generated radiation can we take? How much longer can we go before we have to decide to eat or pay your bills. How much longer can millions be unemployed or without food? These are thing ALL of us will soon have to face in the future and some are now facing.

The useful idiots are out there burning down everything and big technology is looking for way to track and control you. Soon there will only be a few big company's that control all the food and we will become their slaves.

These are things we all will face and are we even thinking about them? Are you still living in your little closed off box? Better come out of that box before it's too late.

If you thought that this blog was about DOOM AND GLOOM

Then you are wrong. This blog was about REALITY.

Cheers and best of everything from Central Texas


It’s a Cool Wind Blowing


It's a cool wind blowing here in Central Texas. I guess if you live way south of here like in Australia, then it would be a Cold South Wind Blowing as it's winter there. It KINDA feels like a small part of winter never left here in Central Texas.

Greenland is piling on the snow and ice. Take that you Global Warming useful butterflies.

It's been cool almost all of the spring here and I thought the North Wind would never stop blowing which was rather harsh on my newly planted garden. Today is June 14th. and the north wind just stopped blowing. For the previous 7 days we have had north wind.

I suspect this cooling is directly being caused by a cooling sun, and the Grand Solar Minimum which is slowly showing why we call it a MINIMUM. It's not over yet and we are just getting started.

Some of the things I am hearing is crop failures all over the earth. China is having problems and there are runs on grain. Australia is importing wheat this year and Vietnam has shut down it's exports of rice.

Last week the pacific North West saw unusual snow, and its been very cool from Denver north. Ontario is seeing the coldest weather in years. All over the earth seems to feel what is happening and it's not good for global food supplies.



The war on meat and humanity seems to be getting worse as riots, burning and general anarchy seem to be creeping into our society and all the mushrooms are just sitting on their collective rear ends hoping it goes away or it's not really real. (suggestion - write your senator or representative - they can probable help - end of satire)


I cannot believe how much people are not preparing for what is coming or even know what is going to happen over the next few years. Well politically and spiritually I may not know but I certainly a see a FOOD SHORTAGE in the winds and they have not stopped blowing. I guess when the Pizza and Beer runs out and the pantry runs dry they may just start to worry.

In the next two years, the almost 8 billion people who like three meals a day will finally realize that there will not be enough food to feed those 8 billion. Soon this planet may just have enough food to feed 4 billion. That's when the hell on earth starts. I suspect it will be "Every one for them self".

There is only one solution to growing in the deep depths of Global cooling and the Grand Solar Minimum and that is:

Local Food grown by Local Farmers for Local People.

Photo by Francesco Ungaro on <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

The solutions will be growing at home, in our back yards and in Solar Greenhouses. We now have the technology to create a modern solar greenhouse that is energy efficient and does not need huge amounts of external electrical power to heat or cool them. Any thing else is just a MONSTER high-tech garbage dump that contains money and eventually will fail. Food at home can be supplemented with sprouts, Microgreens, grow towers and a grow bag system outside or under a small Greenhouse. Local solar greenhouses can circle the city and provide the city center with fresh food though out the whole year. The greenhouses would use modern plastic covering, earth provided cooling and heating and a covering that could be automatically rolled out during periods of bad weather, very cold nights or excessively hot days. These solar greenhouses can be assisted with solar power and for supplemental lighting and local power if needed. In addition to these solar greenhouses, there is additional technology I can't speak about right now that will make them even more efficient.

Please note, vertical farming in large buildings will eventually fail especially if the grid fails. Every thing in these monsters will die. Not so in a Solar greenhouse that uses solar power for pumping water and lightning and earth cooling and heating. This technology is available now, and I hope to be a part of it's execution. So can you if you are not the couch potato type and has a beer and pizza belly. You will die with the 4 billion people on this earth that never though beyond their nose, and live in a small box physically and mentally.

All the above has to start very soon or our cities will become burned out shell of days gone by as people flee what will be inflected on them. What we need to start with is the simple design below and add a little technology to it.

Well that's all for this blog. I sure hope you are doing something about your food security. If you are looking for seed, here are two I recommend HERE.

Cheers Dennis


I eat an all plant diet and have for about a year. I am now 77 and have as much energy as I did when I was much younger. This book (PDF) is free. To get this Book go HERE. Note: you must use your email to get the book - Just a heads up and being honest.

Cheers Dennis

The 2020 Garden And Something Different

Looking at Sprouts and Microgreens (small Scale)

Well my 2020 garden is in full swing. The tomatoes, squash, potatoes and peppers are prolific. I am waiting on my Okra and have had a meal only once, but more is coming. I also have a large amount of late seed potatoes to put in this week. It’s getting hot and humid here and it finally looks like there will be no more north wind in June (which we had). It looks like that is over. While the heat is great, I some how suspect that we will have a short summer and quickly go into a cool fall. I also have a feeling I will be harvesting late potatoes and Yams.

So what is up on my plate for the hot summer in my house? As the above states, I am growing sprouts and microgreens for all that salad I will be eating as I pick huge amounts of all types of tomatoes. Below are some pictures from a manual I am developing.

On another note, my wife just about has had it on me using her Nana room as she calls it for an office, so I am in the process of moving into one of our old and small (but air conditioned. RVs. To get my attention, she now has to call me on on of my radio’s. I must admit it is a bit quieter out here in the RV.

Here is a bit from my manual I am developing. Note: Probably in about three months, I will have an online store. I will also be looking for some Team Members to help me with it, so stay tuned.

Why grow food in your home?
I can imagine what you are thinking about food after going through the Corona Virus and feeding your family. That is exactly what is going through my mind and is why I am writing this little book. We live in a JET (Just in Time) world when it comes to food. Your local food store has at best 3 days of food on the shelf. It has a few hours of food if everyone who shops there for some reason like an ice or snow storm, hurricane or perhaps some dangerous social problems decides to stock up. The shelves would become empty. The JIT truck has just loaded up its haul to the store. The grocery store is low on some items, and that is where the trucks come in. If for some reason the trucks can’t get to the grocery store, the products that had a low inventory will soon be out and will not be replenished. At that point Too Bad – No Food. Hard to realize but the difference between having food and not having any is a truck and a warehouse that runs the trucks. What has been written above has always been that way, especially as people went from growing their own food (perhaps like your grandparents) to depending on purchasing food from the local grocery store. I would agree that it has been nice to get food from all over the US and food from many different countries. I bet you have enjoyed doing that as well.

What it all comes down to is three things:
• Growing Food and processing it
• Warehousing the food
• Distributing the food (JIT Truck)
If any of these three things fails, there will be little food to purchase, that is unless you grow your own food which this book is all about.

Wonder No More
The iGrow Green Machine located at our store (Mart) has thought out a solution to food and food security. It really didn’t take much thinking; we only had to look back at our relatives that grew their own food. We just sort of copied what they did, but inserted some more modern things to make it easier to get started,
Lets face it, it would not be easy to one day just decide to get a tractor and start farming. What the iGrow Green Machine has come up with is a way to grow you own food at home or in your back yard or In a small apartment. No tractors required and no digging in the dirt unless you want to. So follow along as we explore growing food at HOME!

The WHY of it

Why growing food in your home?
As you have just gone through the Corona Virus experience, you have seen the many things that have created problem with the food chain. At the moment while this has been written, things have gotten even worse, and at least where I live there has been a large increase in food prices. Even this should be enough to make you start thinking about growing your own food, but there is one thing on the horizon and that is that we will be looking at climate change and what warmer or cooler conditions in the coming years which will have a huge impact on the global food supply.
Huge food price increases
Possible Social Unrest
Global Cooling / Warming
Financial Problems

Any of the above things could take food off your table and leave you or your family hungry.

The End Game

If you are new to growing food, then this is the place to be. The path to food security is a path of many directions, but here at iGrow Green Machine, we have mapped out a really simple path. This path starts out simple and as you become more confident, grows in complexity as you progress down this path.
Before we start this path, let’s look at what the ending will look like. It’s always a good idea to see where you eventually end up as you progress.

That path should end with you actually Growing and Eating and Storing food that you actually grew. Not food from the store but YOUR OWN food.


So to get started, here are our suggestions. Obviously they are products we really feel will make your transition into growing food easy and successful. All of these are available on our online store.
Step 1 – Growing sprouts and microgreens Inside you home
Step 2 – Growing in a grow tower in your home
Step 3 – Setting up a grow bag system outside

Solutions Step 1
Sprouts and Microgreens
Growing sprouts and microgreens is pretty easy and will provide you and your family some really tasty things that you can eat directly or add to your salads, soups, that special sandwich you like to make or just about any food.
The wonderful thing about sprouts and microgreens are that they are nutrient dense. They provide many of the vitamins and other things that contribute to a healthy body and immune system. If you eat these two super foods you probably won’t need to take a multi-vitamin. Beside all the above reasons to grow and eat sprouts and microgreens, there is one other good reason. That reason is that they are kid friendly.

Solutions Step 1 (sprouts)

Growing sprouts is simple and it’s relatively inexpensive. Sprouts can provide you with the super food and the power-packed nutrition your body needs at a price that is right. So by growing sprouts, you can save money while eating right. Sprouts are just that sprouted seeds. You eat the seed sprout. With Microgreens you don’t eat the seeds or roots and only the stalk and leaf. More on Microgreens later.

Solutions Step 1 (sprouts)

Well that enough of that. Here a few closing pictures of sprouts and micogreens I am growing inside this summer:

Day 8 – microgreens not harvested yet and still under a grow light:

Well that’s all from Central Texas. I hope all of you ( you all as they say in Texas)are doing well and have returned to work.

Remember to keep your immune system in good shape and this virus will just fly past you. Recommend (not medical advice) Vitamin C, Spirulina, Chlorophyllin, St. Johns Wort, Zinc and Vitamin D3.

Go out side and get plenty of sun so all of these can work properly as they are all photo (sun) activated.

Wishing you all the best.


The 2020 Garden Part 11 of ?

See what you get when go out and pick some wild sweet Texas Dew Berry’s? Yep you are looking at some jam that will make the store bought stuff fade into insignificance. AND this type of jelly is no where to be found in any store in the US. Too Bad!

As I have stated before. there an uptick in the Grand Solar Minimum. Today is April 23rd. 4:25 PM. Looking out the window, I can see the north wind blowing all my vegetable plants to and through . I am looking at some projections and the North East area may be looking at snow into May. Its been really tough on my plants this spring. I am still adding 5 gallon grow bags, and have another one hundred coming. I have run out of room in my 50 x 100 ft. garden and have resorted to grow bag growing which works really well. I am starting to see some baby squash now, but I really need more heat to get things going. It’s been really weird as we have run the AC and the heat in April. We are seeing some very violent weather come out of Texas lately. I went back into some of my old blogs, and notices that many of the storms and heavy rain start here. Heat and moisture is collected here in Central Texas and then is fed up north where it collides with cooler temperatures (Atmospheric Compression). That sort of thing flooded the US food basket areas last year and I suspect it may happen again.

Hopefully many of you are getting tired of all the shut in and have decided to start a garden. Now would be a good time to get seeds as there is huge pressure on company’s that sell seeds. You can still get them, but many seed types are sold out and you have to wait for your delivery. I have had to go to four or five different seed providers to get what I want, especially for my fall garden that will be planted in two low tunnels. In the future I will also be growing in the house. I am looking at microgreens, mushrooms and two hydroponic towers. I am planning to eat fresh veggies and even some tomatoes from the house.

Ideas – Growing on top of a frame. Why bend over when you can harvest overhead? This is from my friend in China.

My potatoes are looking good – Harvest in 60 days. I have a 100 ft. row of these guys.

Below are two pictures of some sprouting and microgreen trays I am testing. So Far so good

Here is a view from my outside camera of my Ruth Stout Garden. On the right are my grow bags (outside the garden). I am growing sweet potatoes, potatoes, squash (summer and winter), egg plant, tomatoes and peppers.

Well that all for this blog. At the moment it’s May 5th. 2020 and another cool front just blew through. Bet the temperature dropped 20 deg. Very strange year here in Central Texas weather wise. If you are having problems getting all the food at the grocery store like I am, you probably should start growing your own food. I have already harvested about 20 lbs of squash, and the tomatoes are starting to put on tomatoes. Squash, Kale and carrot soup with home made bread tonight for dinner. I just planted a bunch of finger potatoes in grow bags and I have 50 more lbs of potatoes to plant. Guess what I will be eating this winter?

Seriously, if you have not started growing your own food, you will be in a world of trouble in the future. Things are not looking good here and in Canada as the economy has been wounded and there is more and more unemployment every day. I am hearing things like this virus thing may be around for the rest of the year! I sure hope not as that could completely destroy the world economy. Also the Grand Solar Minimum is forcing many country’s to quit exporting things like wheat.

To put it in a SIMPLE way – No Food – You Die!

Best of everything from Central Texas

Start a community (over your phone if necessary)
Order some seeds
Scout out places you can grow
Start a garden or a community garden
Take care of your family and especially your older members.
Take care of the needy and those who have less than you do.

It’s time to start outfitting your ship


I eat a all plant diet and have for about a year. I am now 77 and have as much energy as I did when I was much younger. This book (PDF) is free. To get this Book HERE.

Look Here Not There – Looking at the Enemy

Have you noticed that the enemy has poked their heads out for all of us to see lately? Like Senator Elizabeth Warren want a “Corona virus Containment Corps“. Yep they want to track us down, take our blood and temperature. Bill Microsoft Gates want us all to have a vaccine and to have a certification. The WHO wants to take care of all this from a global stand point. And the ?pope? wants to give me a universal income so I can sit on my rear and do nothing.

So what is going on here while we all listen to our rulers as we watch crappy video and TV at home? What people don’t understand is that we have four enemies. All of them want to kill most of us. One of them wants to kill ALL of us. These four are the following:

  1. The Red Guy with horns known to most of us as Satan. Or Lucifer called the Light bringer, shining one, light-bearer but it’s a dark light.
  2. The Globalist. (every thing except the CCP and Russia)
  3. The CCP (The Chinese Communist Party)
  4. Russia

Two (2) through four (4) all work for the Red Guy. Number two directly, and the CCP and Russia indirectly. The CCP and the Russians probably don’ts believe in a God, but two (2) for sure knows and they are in bed with the Red Guy (1).

Almost all our worlds leaders (except for the CCP (3) and Russia (4)) are in bed with the Globalist (2). The CCP and Russia have a sort of agreement on who gets the world when this is all over.

The Globalist want to reduce the earth’s population by 80% but the CCP and Russia just want to kill all those who occupy what they think of as their land at the moment. The CCP is slathering out of their mouths for the USA. One problem is that they don’t want any people in the US, so they must be destroyed. Looks like Russia will get Canada and Alaska in the deal and perhaps parts of Europe. India belongs to the CCP for sure. The Globalist just want it all and probably realize that the CCP and Russia doe not see it that way.

Wonderful right? We now have four enemies, one of which wants to kill all humans. One that works for the Red Guy, but don’t understand that he wants them dead after he uses them to kill all of us off. Finally we are looking at the CCP and Russia and they want us to get off their property (as in dead).

Two (2) through four (4) don’t want to use nuclear weapons as this messes up the real estate and the Red Guy (1) doesn’t really care.

So are we up the creek without a paddle? I would say yes, except there is a paddle, and that would be Jesus. I think He said that men’s hearts would fail them with the things that are coming.

But it gets worse. The globalist (2) see the CCP (3) and Russia (4) as the enemy. So the real estate may really get messed up if things go nuclear.

So how does the CCP get rid of all those stinking Americans on their land without messing up the properly? My idea is an EMP, and wait for 90% of Americans to kill each other or die. Use a Neutron Bomb which kills people but does not destroy property. The Neutron Bomb is a low yield thermonuclear weapon designed to maximize lethal neutron radiation in the immediate vicinity of the blast while minimizing the physical power of the blast itself. The problem is that it kills everything living like bees, birds, animals etc. Not all that clean. And last, how about a virus. Perhaps the one that escaped from china?

All the above is pretty nasty for sure. I absolutely believe everything I have written above. So what is a poor human to do? With all this coming at us at supersonic speed things don’t look so good at the moment.

Here are my thoughts. In the end it will be the globalist who will win. I am thinking that China has way too many people to feed, and the Grand Solar minimum may cause the CCP to be tossed out by hungry people. You can be sure that is worrying them at the moment.

The Secret Speech of General Chi Haotian at this URL Here.

There has been rapid development of modern biological technology, and new bio-weapons have been invented one after another. Of course, we have not been idle, in the past years we have seized the opportunity to master weapons of this kind. We are capable of achieving our purpose of “cleaning up” America all of a sudden.
So here is why the CCP wants the US. ” If the Chinese people are strapped to the present land, a total societal collapse is bound to take place”.

Think about it. All this is becoming very obvious. Every day there seems to be something else comng our way. Not just the above four, but the Grand Solar Minimum, collapse of food, and the weakening of the earth’s magnetic field. Boy do we need a break! Global Warming anyone?

Best of everything from Central Texas


I eat a all plant diet and have for about a year. I am now 77 and have as much energy as I did when I was much younger. This book (PDF) is free. To get this Book HERE.

The War on Meat – Global Control of Food AND you

So how are you feeling sitting there in your home just waiting for things to happen? What will our rulers and masters tell us to do next? Sorrowfully, probably 93% of the worlds population will go along with what they are told to do. The war on meat and food is just one part of what our rulers and masters want. Have you noticed that these lock downs are actually destroying the middle class even more. When I say middle class, I am talking about people who actually employ people and run small businesses. When we come out of this if we ever do, there will be a solution. The solution is that all of us rich and poor will need to be vaccinated. You will need proof that this has happened or you will not be allowed to go in public. No trips to the store or even drive your car.

First, lets be clear, this virus we are experiences kills. The following is my take on all of this. I would suspect that this virus kills people who have really bad immune systems. So who might that be? If you have had chemotherapy, then that completely killed your immune system. If you have some really bad infection or medical problem and you are taking drugs then you may have a compromised immune system. If you diet really sucks and you are a fast food addict then you may be compromised. If you stay inside and are rarely exposed to the sun, you may have weakened your body’s defense systems. Americans may have the worst diet in the world. Diet can contribute to a compromised immune system. GMO, junk, fast and processed foods are horrible for your health. Drinking, smoking and doing drugs take another link out of your body’s defense system. And finally it kills older people especially those in care centers. Why is this. It’s a no brainier. Most of the people there suffer from some medical condition that requires care and attention. If you are older, say my age which will be 77 this coming May, you probably have some medical condition you are being treated for. You may have eaten a horrible diet all your life. You may be weak and stay in a lot, get little or no exercise and rarely go out in the sun. Obesity is another killer. Just being overweight can have health effects. You may be taking drugs that compromise your immune system.

So lets look at another thing. Being shut up in your home can cause mental problems. Humans were never made to be isolated. Being isolated can cause health problems. You need the sun and to get that you need to go outside. This is a sneaky virus which seems to have the ability to infect people easily. So when it gets into your body, and you have a great immune system, you may have the sniffles or nothing at all.

Viruses are nothing new. There are perhaps millions of them in our environment. If it were not for the body’s immune system, humanity would not exist. It’s a healthy immune system that protects us from the viruses. So just being healthy goes a long way in protecting us.

The crux of the problem and an observation: If your system has a top notch immune system, this virus will probably just fly by you. BUT, any thing you do to destroy or interfere with your immune system makes you a target. With this virus, it looks like a short trip from a compromised immune system to being infected, to the hospital and in some cases a bad outcome. The solution? Stay healthy.

Below is a blog I wrote last year. You may have been reading about meat shortages, no eggs, or chicken and pork in short supply at the grocery store. All this works into what this shutdown from the virus is doing to our food system. Personally, I no longer eat meat, fat, oils, milk or eggs or any thing made from these items. But I don’t have a war on meat. I like all these things, but at my age with a history of heart problems (bypass surgery and diabetes) my decision to go plant based is my choice, not something being decided for me.

Here are three great YouTube video’s on plant based health. Please don’t eat one of those bloody burgers!

Link one HERE
Link three HERE

Yes there is a war going on and it’s trying to kill our consumption of that horrible disgusting meat.

As you probably believe (wink wink) that eating meat is warming the planet, and if we don’t stop will burn up the planet and we will all die!

From the Urban Dictionary:

If you have never heard the term “useful idiot” it was the attitude held by Vladimir Lenin towards communist sympathizers in the West (America). While Lenin and the Soviets held them in utter contempt they also viewed them as tools for dispensing communist propaganda to other countries, thus infecting foreign cultures with their totalitarian tripe. After their mission was complete, they were no longer “useful.”

Perhaps most were sent to reeducation camps and other places.

It’s a term the refers to brainwashed American Marxists who blindly support any ideology that gets themselves out of real work and causes others to pay their way. Jeepers, I hope I don’t offend anyone with the above. But surely anyone who believes that destroying the consumption of meat and eliminating animal agriculture to save the planet must be a “Useful Idiot”. But that’s my opinion and I am a flawed human. I have constructed a few graphics below for you to enjoy.

Coming to a school and restaurant near you. Yes veggy burgers are the real thing. I tried one as a test. Disgusting at best. Created gastric anomalies and was not sure what I was eating.

Yes meat products thanks to chemistry. My taste buds are on overdrive right now!

OK so whats this war all about? So what is the agenda. There is always an agenda and it’s not always obvious but this one sure is obvious. Its called global CONTROL of food.

The end result of all this is for corporations to supply all your food. Modern agriculture is frowned upon, and will ultimately reduce their bottom line if you eat good healthy nutrient dense foods you grew or others provided. It is the agenda of globalists that want to put humanity in a box where the will be forced fed (pun intended) anything they like. It’s the complete subjugation of humanity on a massive global arena.

Just think. At this moment if you are lucky, you are a FREE RANGE SLAVE. Yes you can move from place to place, but the company owns you and the store ( and your house if you actually purchased one) and this will get much much worse.

While I watch all this play out, I am amazed what people are not doing to save themselves from all this madness.

What they are not doing in my favorite bullet points:

  • Drinking the cool-aide
  • Be happy don’t worry as they drive down the road with their cell phone in front of them.
  • Not preparing for the above agenda
  • Not preparing for the Super Grand Solar Minimum
  • Sitting on their posteriors doing useless things like looking at their big screen TV
  • Eating the incredible bad for you GMO and processed foods
  • Not preparing for most anything
  • Not growing their own food
  • Not starting local communities
  • Having at best two weeks of food in their homes
  • When things get bad thinking they can call or write their representatives (too funny)

So soon if you ignore the above bullet points, you will be enjoying living in a corporate built and financed box where as I said above feed their processed food boxes.

It is my belief that we are quickly approaching a fracture of the global growing systems. Crop failures continue to add up, and you only have to look at the grocery store prices to realize this. In two years your life that you may have enjoyed the past years back will cease to exist and complete disappear.    

Food will = $$ and if you want to create value and food money in the coming years just start a garden. While food is not the ultimate solution, there are no other solutions unless there is food available.

Darn, again I could not sleep, and this is the result of that. Its 5:00 AM here in Central Texas, and I can hear that darn rooster crowing outside. It’s time to think about what is coming our way. Its not just you and that grumpy guy in Texas, but its the whole world.

It’s time to prepare.
It’s time to grow a garden
It’s time to join or start a community
Winter is coming and also those global corporations who are coming for you

See you next blog and here is wishing you the best of every thing for you and yours


I eat a all plant diet and have for about a year. I am now 77 and have as much energy as I did when I was much younger. This book (PDF) is free. To get this Book HERE.

Read This If You Like To Eat

Not too many warnings left

While the Corona Virus rages around the earth and grocery stores are cleaned out and food is getting harder to find, there is something else going on during all the distraction of this virus. Is it OK to be distracted? If your health is at risk then the answer may be yes, but there is something even more dangerous then the health effects of this virus and that is food loss.


If you like to eat then you had better listen to what many are talking about. As this virus swoops through the whole world, those who escape and were not killed by this virus will soon have to face another life threatening problem. That problem is food availability. That problem is being caused by the Grand Solar Minimum that looks like it may be a 400 year or longer cycle of conditions that are not conducive to growing crops. This cooling could last the next 35 years.

I suspect there will be another problem along with this virus and crop failure and that will be our government who will want to control everything and you wont have much say as it is an Emergency!

Will you give up all your rights because there is no food and riots on the street? I suspect that many of you would. Just protect me and give me food and I will do as you say master! It looks like that is where we are heading and all that would entail. But that is not the reason for this blog.

The reason for this blog is that food will soon become Money. You and I and your family and friends need to become farmers again. Having someone there TO FEED YOU will soon be coming to an end.

Yes its been nice to go to the marked for food that some one else planted, watered, grew, harvested, packaged, transported and sold at a market while you sat on your lazy rear end and did nothing to produce it. That my friends will soon be ending, that is unless you want to be an even greater slave than you are now.

So lets face it, if you don’t grow your own food you are a food slave, and if the governments gets their way in this that will only increase. If they can control food, then it is quite easy to control everything else and our wonderful constitution will have been buried under tons of governmental control. This will be control that you did not vote for and in many cases you did not know anything about. That is what is coming you way and it will all start with this virus that globalist are thanking their lucky stars for.

I have written over and over about growing your own food. It’s not rocket science. Your ancestors did it and none probably had a horticulture degree.

Plant a seed in good soil and keep it watered and generally it will fulfill it reason for existing and that is to produce something you can eat.

Wow is that so hard or crazy? Of course it’s not. Some expert out there will tell you that it is hard and the insects will eat up everything. Oh its so hard and I am such an expert that has been all through this and as an expert I can tell you its hard. Well BULL. If a 76 year old grandfather can do it so can you. If you are young it will be even easier. At 76 I hurt a bit from all the work but eventually I will have a garden that can feed all my family. SO CAN YOU.

It will become harder and harder to get seed. That can be done now, but will become harder in the future with this virus. Get 7 years of seeds (At most $100.00). Get non GMO and heirloom seeds. Harvest your own seeds and trade with others. You will never have to purchase seeds again.

So what is coming down the line? What is that double light we see coming our way? Yes one is the virus, and the others is the Grand Solar Minimum and food loss. Last year farmers in China, the US and other places all over the earth had problems getting crops put into the ground. Some were never harvested, and some were not even planted. That was the 2018/2019 crop season. It now looks like the 2019/2020 crop season will have the same problems or worse as the previous one. China, the US and the rest of the world will be looking for food.


Follow my Blog on my garden so you can see even an old guy like me can grow food.

Here are my two places HERE that I trust and have purchase thousands of dollars of seed from them for my personal garden and my microgreen business.

Take care of your self. Protect your older members of your family (Like Me).

Cheers from Central Texas


I eat an all plant diet and have for about a year. I am now 77 and have as much energy as I did when I was much younger. This book (PDF) is free. To get this Book HERE.

The End of the World?

Hello from Central Texas. Below are MY IDEAS and not truth scratched out in granite!

Yes things are happening as in regards to the Coronavirus here in Texas. Cases in North, Central and South Texas. Is this a world ending event? The question to this is yes if your are selling fear and 20 year supplies of food. The answer is yes if you have gone absolutely crazy with fear. As in the book and movie DUNE, Fear is the mind killer.

I have friends in China, and yes there were some pretty rough times there, but things are returning to normal and people are returning to work. Were there huge economic and medical consequences of the virus? The answer is yes. People there got sick and died and some did not. Yes it is in the general population but less and less as times goes on. Trains and transportation are once again moving as all the car and truck traffic suggests and speaks volumes as to what is happening. Life is slowly returning to normal in China.

Because we live in the Nanny States of America “NSOA” I am not sure how all this will work out. The most at risk here in the US are the old, especially those who have severe medical problems which nursing homes are full of. The young not so much. Smokers especially are at risk. If your immune system is weak or impaired you are at risk for sure. Eating fast food all your life puts you at risk as well as most have no idea of their health quality. This virus normally does not kill the healthy. Again if you are suffering from some severe medical condition you need to keep away from people.

As a 76 year old grumpy grandfather, I am worried as well, and at the moment I am keeping out of crowds and away from people as best as I can. I fully suspect that I and my family will eventually become exposed to this virus. Probably every one on this earth will. But that is not the end of the world.

When it’s all over.

When it’s all over I may not make it through all this. Death is a certainty and a eventuality for all of us. If you first think this way and suppress the fear and prepare, then you can live your life with joy until your final breath. That’s how I try to live. If we go crazy and only think of our self’s then there will only be anarchy and darkness.

IF you have older fathers and mothers and grand parents, now is the time to look out for them. If possible, have them stay home and you take food and supply their needs as we get through this. (Yes decontaminate it first).

It will end and I think by the end of the summer it will all be over with and we will have to count the dead much like the wonderful Chinese people are doing at this very moment. But it will not be TEOTWAWKI “The end of the world as we know it” unless we make it that way. Don’t run into a wall of fear and don’t listen to all those fear merchants. Fear is the mind killer.

We have something headed our way that is even worse than this virus, and that is global cooling which will eventually destroy our ways of growing food. Look at this virus and the coming food growing problems as an opportunity to start living in a different way. Soon we will be looking at a new world as we cast off the shackles of oppression. Become a part of that.

Wishing you health and the best of everything from my little farm here in Central Texas


I eat an all plant diet and have for about a year. I am now 77 and have as much energy as I did when I was much younger. This book (PDF) is free. To get this Book HERE.

The Future of food

The future of food in the coming years will not be from some mono-culture behemoth food production system, but local farms that circle urban cities. Food will then be produced by:

Local Farmers
Growing Local Food
For Local People

The 1000 mile salad if you just think about it is simply crazy. There is an enormous waste here in fuel and infrastructure costs to provide that salad on your plate in your home. Even worse, you have no idea where that food came from, what was used on it and even who produced it. Simply put, you have absolutely no control over food you purchase and eat.

Local food negates all this as it is local and is available for inspection by the local food purchasing public. Not only that, it is much fresher and will last longer eliminating waste normally associated with products we regularly eat. One other advantages is that the income for food purchases are kept local and can be use by local farmers to continuously improve quality, availability and diversity of what they are growing. Local food is a win-win for the consumer and the farmer.

The future farm that will be growing for the city core that uses their products will be grown in efficient, low energy use type greenhouses. This type of system has been used for many years in China and has fed many hundreds of millions of people in what I would call mega cities. It is simple and easy to implement and the results are there to see. It is impossible to argue with the success of this style and method of growing local food.

The times they are changing is a song that echoes in my mind as I am a child of the 60’s. Nothing is more true than that at this very moment. Times are changing, and the way we feed our country and local communities is going to have to change and change very soon. With the Grand Solar Minimum creating all types of food losses globally, things will need to be different if we are all going to eat on a daily basis. It is projected that this cooling period will last almost 35 years, and will damage greatly the way food is grown at the present.

I am impress by a company who is creating value for farmers who want to start using this new technology, as they have taken the basic Chinese Solar Greenhouse and added modern technology to improve it’s efficiency and easy of use in an almost plug-and-play system. Things like growing mushrooms in the same greenhouse that feeds CO2 to the vegetable plants growing in the same greenhouse. Also on the table are geothermal cooling and advanced coverings. These coverings are hail resistance, thermally insulating and create an evenly distributed sun light to the plants. Using efficient exhausting of heat build up is provided by a temperature differential vacuum system that brings in cooler air that replaces warmer air. In the winter, these systems can be buttoned up at night by automated blanket type of coverings and create huge energy savings.

ROI. Return of investment can be quite good as the production of mushrooms along with vegetable can quickly pay off the initial investment in their greenhouses. The idea of growing mushrooms in a greenhouse along with vegetables is a new idea here in the states. As you can see below, the typical greenhouse in China is as far as the eye can see. This could easily work here and in your city as well.

Image result for chinese greenhouses

If you thought growing mushrooms is a crazy idea, then think again. There is a better way to do this and most of the work is done for you. The method is as follows: Composted materials like wood and straw are sterilized and formed into logs. These logs are then inoculated with mushroom spore and then frozen. These logs are then transported by regeneration trucks to the local grower who places the logs in a warm greenhouse on a rack. In ten days mushrooms may be harvested and continued for the next few months. This system is so simple that anyone could do it. See below.

If you are interested in this technology please contact me below. There will also be a seminar taking place here in Central Texas (Austin) for those interested in this new business model. The future is local food and as a community we all need to get involved. It is my opinion that this is a great start.

Cheers from Central Texas

I eat an all plant diet and have for about a year. I am now 77 and have as much energy as I did when I was much younger. This book (PDF) is free. To get this Book HERE.


I am not sure how to write this blog without sounding negative, but some times reality is just negative. This blog is actually a type of warning. It’s of course like every word in this blog as they are MY WORDS. So as a reader it is your choice to consider what I have to say is a bunch of bull or has some value in it. As a thinking human you have the ability to make choices. This is no different.

Things we may be facing in the coming weeks and months.

  • A global pandemic
  • Global shutdown of shipping (getting closer to that now)
  • Global shutdown of air travel
  • Financial Collapse (watch the stock market)
  • Shutdown of global food distribution
  • Global shutdown of manufacturing
  • Global inability to travel or move or relocate
  • Global shutdown of all borders (already happening)
  • Global collapse of medical systems
  • Global shutdown and collapse of _______ Fill in the blank.

if you are reading this blog, just plug in your countries name in the above bullet points where it says “Global”. And then there is this:

This global pandemic is just the icing on the cake for the Grand Solar Minimum. Personally I was hoping for a few more years before the inevitable collapse of food supplies made it’s final thrust into the global population. The pandemic looks like it will speed up and compound what will happen to food supplies.

The question is how do you even plant food during a pandemic? In the US this may be even harder by the fact that our bread basket states will suffer like last year or even worse by conditions that do not allow planting. If things here in the US eventually become “China Like”, then who will deliver the fuel, seeds and fertilizer to our farmers. From what I am hearing, crops are not being planted yet in places in China.

So what is the point of this blog? Well If you think I am crazy perhaps nothing to you. But for those who will listen it is time to prepare WHILE YOU STILL CAN”. Even if I am ABSOLUTELY a crazy old man, preparing would be advantageous just in the fact that you could still use what you prepared with.

The facts are:
We are looking at a global pandemic which could cycle around the globe a couple of times. Russia and some countries around Italy are closing their borders. The Grand Solar Minimum is happening (Length probably 35 years).
The earths magnetic fields are weakening and may flip. The sun is shutting down. Cold times are coming.

Personally I think this is the end of ages or something like the book “The Forth Turning”. We have polluted this planet badly. Our moral compass has been lost and we are getting to the point where everything is a commodity is almost over. It is time to clean the slate. All of the above may just do that. Personally I would like to see a new world emerge where people actually love each other. Obviously it’s not that way now.

I am personally shutting my life down and will only engage in things that will profit my family, friends and neighbors. I just oped out of e-commerce and shut everything down, as soon there will be little to actually sell in a store. I will keep this blog up until I can’t afford it (Yes it cost money) or my maker pulls me home!

One last comment on what I think is coming. Because we live in such a marshmallow wimpy country now where even our children can’t make decisions, tell time on a clock, tie their shoes, and we shield everyone from bad news, it will be really bad here. It will be really bad on our children, and shame on you for letting that happen if it applies to you. The US is no longer a country of pioneers but a collection of social media BS. Endlessly checking our cell phones and running into walls. How do you think we as a collective country will face anything that is bad and serious? God have mercy on us I pray.


From Central Texas


I eat an all plant diet and have for about a year. I am now 77 and have as much energy as I did when I was much younger. This book (PDF) is free. To get this Book go HERE.

What If?

This is a heads up blog and a bit of “What If”. If you read this blog, I suspect that you have been following all the virus problems going on in China and gradually being exported into the rest of the world. Because of the things I do, I have had a keen eye on all these happenings. I also have a couple of people who have more insight into what is going on with this virus. Not so much the numbers which seems to be a global cover up, but the actual ramifications of the virus.


At the moment, China seems to be shut down when it come to producing products for the world.

In an effort to produce as cheaply a product as possible, the world has flocked to China for their cheap labor. Huge amounts of technology was exported there, and now most countries like the US have little manufacturing capacity.

Example: 95% of the medicine we use here in the US is made in China. That figure puts a chill up my spine. There is now and has been a shortage of certain medicines needed in operations. If this keeps up, we may see a huge slow shutdown in surgeries in hospitals. It seems we have place our very security in certain areas because of the search for profit which has no bearing on what you would want.

If this virus continues to expand and engulf the whole world, then the global financial system will pay dearly for their decisions of profit first. Probably most of the items sold or seen on Google and Amazon are produced in China. Probably most car parts are manufactured in Asia or in China.

What I am hearing from my friends in Asia is that things are really as bad as all the doom and gloom whispering we are hearing from the alternative media. While the numbers can’t really be confirmed, the problems can. The problems of food, medical help, and medical isolation are real. The problems of manufacturing in Asia and especially in China will soon to be or are shut down are real. The fact that it is impossible for China to isolate any one city or area or even the whole country is real.

As other places on this world become infected by this virus, it is looking more and more likely that we will all as in globally have to face the ramification of this virus. These ramifications are and will be financial and of course medically. The whole world may eventually be exposed to this virus.

Heads UP

We all (at least I will) need to monitor closely where this is going. We (here in the US and globally) will probably be told that there is a problem after it is too late to prepare for it. This virus just arrived in time to be the icing on the top of global cooling and global crop losses. These two things should not be taken lightly, but most people have closed their eyes to anything bad ever happening to them especially here in the US. While the insanity of man caused global warming increases to almost a roar in the mainstream media, a huge two horned monster will with certainty show it’s ugly face.

While I am just speculating, billions of people could loose their life’s from the above two horned monster. Hopefully the readers of this blog will see what is coming and will prepare. If you need your medications to stay healthy you need to stock up on them now. If you (perhaps by law) need to stay home or isolate yourself, you will need a supply of food and water. Two months or more is only a suggestion but easily done now (in the US).

If you ever took typing (wow you are old). I remember typing the following

“Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country”

Now is that time, so do the following:
Prepare for that “What If this happens”
Get some seed and start a garden.
Look after your family, friends and neighbors.
Take care of the poor, homeless and those who have less than you.
And finally get on your knees and pray that the two horned monster will pass over you and your family.

Cheers and wishing you the best of everything from Cebntral Texas

I eat an all plant diet and have for about a year. I am now 77 and have as much energy as I did when I was much younger. This book (PDF) is free. To get this Book go HERE.

The 2020 Garden Part 7 of ?

On the left is a hydroponic NFT setup. It’s really simple. The NFT trays are laid out on some Home Depot plastic sawhorses. The trays are American Hydroponic nursery trays. The reason for the nursery trays is that I am growing baby plants for restaurants. A nursery tray has holes that are closer together. The blue 55-gallon tank at the end holds the nutrient and the pump. I am constructing another one with wider sawhorses and 6 NFT trays for growing lettuce, Kale along with some mustards. I have enough of the 55-gallon tanks to create three of these systems. I have enough of the trays to probably make 12 of these systems. Perhaps later. In the system, I am growing Shiso, Purple Basil, and Red Vein Sorrel. The plants are growing in Grodan Rockwool plugs.

Yeah, I almost finished adding mulch to my new garden as you can see below on the right. Just a few more tractor loads and it will be all finished. Thanks to my grandson Dennis and his friend Mackenzie (community member) for moving everything over all the exposed soil. In a week, the whole 50 x 100-foot garden will be covered in about 18 inches of hay. There the Ruth Stout garden will sit until mid-April and just cook. On the left, are a couple of things. The black plastic cages will hold my grow bags in which I will plant all those crazy veining squash that would take over my garden. I will soon place cardboard under the cages. It will be late April before they get planted, as I don’t want any frost damage. On the other side of the fence are planted onions and garlic. While both of them would be OK even if it snowed, I have protected all of them with a layer of hay.

My next task besides growing more starts is to create a large sweet potato bed down by my son’s place. I am very lucky and thankful to have two of my sons living here on the farm.

That’s all for this blog. Hopefully you are working on your garden for the spring. If not, why are you even reading this blog?

It is my opinion that there is only one more year left (and it will be a bad one) to get started preparing for the Grand Solar Minimum. There are all kinds of crazy things going on, and not just the virus from China. I suspect that this coming spring will be much like the last growing season or worse. Things in the future will only get worse. The earth’s magnetic field is weakening and we are seeing a huge increase in the intensity of Galactic Cosmic Rays. This is causing an increase in clouds and cooling. The weakening magnetic field of the earth is causing the jet streams to go absolutely crazy. And to finish it all off, the sun’s magnetic fields are going into an opposing arrangement.

So cheers from Central Texas

Now is a good time and it is running out to:
Purchase seeds and start a garden
Take care of your family, friends, and neighbors
Look after the poor and those who have less than you do


I eat an all plant diet and have for about a year. I am now 77 and have as much energy as I did when I was much younger. This book (PDF) is free. To get this Book go HERE.

The 2020 Garden Part 6 of ?

You could also call this blog starting the starts. As I started a much larger garden this year (50 x 100 ft.) than I did last year, I will be needing many more starts than I am used to growing. Finally, I saw some of my tomato seeds germinate and pop up their little green heads yesterday. Today as I write this it is February 3rd. and I am now looking at what I will seed today. Working with all those tiny seeds has been a challenge.

I was also amazed at how long seeds can last. I found in a storage box here in the house some Okra seed that I have on purpose saved. The okra from this seed was something that I had grown for over 20 years. The seed I found was dated August 2003. My wife soaked some of it for a day in water and then wrapped them in a damp paper towel. All of the seeds (about 7) germinated. So my treasure I saved back in 2003 will again produce food for me this year. I am amazed by how wonderful seeds are every time I poke some in the ground.
The picture of my seeded starts on the left is all sitting on a very long heating mat. The mat is connected to a timer that turns the mat on every thirty minutes and then off for thirty. Once they germinate and put on some true leaves I will pull them off the mat and put under grow lights. I use LED and T5 fluorescent lights for supplemental light.

One caveat about heating mats and that is they will dry out your potting mix rather quickly if you don’t monitor moisture closely.

The first onions I planted are making their way through the hay. There will be a lot more hay added later. Remember, if you purchase onion starts at the big box store and cannot put them in right away, just go out and plant the whole bunch in the garden and keep watered. Then later when you are ready to plant, pull the whole bunch out. I double plant onions much closer than I would normally, then I thin them out and my wife uses them to cook with. If you notice the black plastic crates on the right of the picture, these are for growing Waltham Squash and other vining types. That will keep them out of the garden. I will then use grow bags to grow in. The crates stabilize the grow bags and keep them off the ground. Before I start this I will place cardboard under the crates. This also keeps out weeds and perhaps even ants.

Now for something different! Yes, Microgreens are not exactly Ruth Stout!

The microgreens are also looking good. These will probably be eaten by someone in a restaurant this coming week. Daikon, Triton and Rambow radish make up the twelve trays. If you are looking for really good for you full of vitamins type of food to eat, radish microgreens are it. In studies, Daikon radish microgreens had huge amounts more of good for you nutrients than broccoli. I think it was 40 times more. I eat radish almost daily in my salads.

If you don’t like radish, then there are all sorts of microgreens that you can grow. Here are a few from our shop where we grow indoors. There are probably 8 different microgreens in the picture below. Finnel, Mustards, Carrot, Beets, Swiss Chard, French Parsley and of course radish. As I walk through the shop, I often pull a selection of microgreens and make a mix.

That’s all for this blog. I am still following the Coronavirus closely. There is not much information out there except for those who know nothing. Much like me, anything I write about it is only speculation. I know one thing for sure, if they come out with a vaccination for this, I sure wouldn’t run there to get one. Probably the best thing one can do is quit eating all that crappy fast food, and grow some of your own. I would highly recommend that you put microgreens in your diet.

It’s time as spring is on its way so:

Get your seeds and start a garden
Prepare for the coming Grand Solar Minimum
Look after yourself, friends and family
Take care of those who are not as fortunate as you are.

Cheers from Central Texas

I eat an all plant diet and have for about a year. I am now 77 and have as much energy as I did when I was much younger. This book (PDF) is free. To get this Book go HERE.