CO2 is Plant Food

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The present level is 414.95 ppm which is actually pretty low. Below is some FAKE NEWS that I did using an internet search.

This Is unadulterated Bull crap and is part of the Global Reset agenda. They want to take everything you own and place you in a CO2 city where you will be controlled. All this is coming – Just watch – or not and be surprised when they rip you from your card-board box from under a freeway and place you in a worse place.

WARNING ———BULL CRAP ALERT ——- Check the Graph Below

Why it mattersIt’s the highest CO2 reading since reliable instrument data began 63 years ago, but evidence shows it’s also a peak since well before the start of human history.

  • The rate of increase showed “no discernible impact” from the pandemic-induced economic slowdown, the scientists found.
  • Carbon dioxide is a long-lived greenhouse gas emitted through human activities such as fossil-fuel burning, deforestation and agriculture.

Threat level: Not only is CO2 now at its highest levels in human history, but one would have to go all the way back beyond the beginning of human history — to the Pliocene Epoch, between 4.1 to 4.5 million years ago — to find a time when Earth’s atmosphere held a similar amount of carbon.

Data gleaned from ice core records and other indicators of what Earth was like at that time serve as a stark warning for our future on this planet, scientists say.


Does the CO2 level look like its the highest in human history? This is where a simple little word like HUMAN history is used to feed you crap mixed with mushrooms. The human history they are talking about is the last 60 years. Ya, 60 years. They would have you believe that we have had a huge increase would they not? This is is just some truth mixed with outright LIES! See Graph below:

So don’t drink the cool aide (lies) you are being fed. The CO2 thing is all about control. They want to limit your carbon footprint which is pretty low at the moment. Is there horrible pollution?Heck yes, but its mostly caused by big business which slice and dice up the world and sell it. Of course, it’s at the expense of the earth. If we lower the CO2 levels anymore, plants will cease to grow. Plants (your food) need CO2 to grow. In fact we could double and triple CO2 and plants would be even healthier. CO2 does not cause warming. The warm period we are now coming out of is a normal cycle of cooling and warming. CO2 will not cause the world to burn up and melt everything.

Another Fact. If all the CO2 heads get their way (which they won’t) and the ice caps and Greenland melted, this would immediately cause an ice age. All that cold, non-salty water would pour into the oceans and cool the earth. So have it your way!

More on this later. Before you go, you need to understand that we are now living in an ICE AGE. The period we are living in is a warm part that is ending as you read this. Mostly, our planet is a cold icy one. You and I are probably alive because of this warm period and allowed us humans, to grow food and multiply to almost 8 billion people who want to eat every day. That is all ending now and is the purpose of this blog to talk about what is coming and how to prepare. Not interested or don’t believe it? Well, there is that really big white X surrounded by a red rectangle (on most browsers). Click on that and don’t come back.

More on this later. I would suggest that if you are just starting to be a prepper that you start immediately as time is getting short. The US is slowly going into the crapper and when that finally ends, all of the rest of the world will follow immediately.

Wishing you the best of everything (even CO2 heads) from Central Texas.

Get some seeds
Start a Garden
Prepare for the quickly coming future
Love your family and neighbors

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