Cold Morning in Texas

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Yes, it was a cold morning here in Central Texas (Austin Area). We have been blessed with a nice warm entry into the fall and now winter, but that seemed to change as December faded into January 2022. When I woke up, it was 21°F outside and Cindy the cat refused to make her dash out the back and only looked at me as she poked her head out the back door. I guess she among other things is a weather cat. Smart Cat. Probably smarter than me as I had to make a trip to my summer office to get a switch for my computer system. I have two offices. I spend most of the year in an RV next to my home. It contains everything I need and also houses my radio equipment (radio shack) as I am a ham radio operator. Every year I move my office (computers) into a small room in the house.


So as I looked at some frost on a window this morning, I was thinking about one of my New Year promises to my self which was to grow as much local food as I could possibly grow in my greenhouse and outside with my weed and bug friends. Last year we did get some things grown outside but we had a huge infestation of grasshoppers and weeds that seemed to be especially blessed with good health. I am not worried about vegetable seeds as I have over 7 years of seed stuck away and frozen. If you are thinking about growing your own vegetables which I recommend, then put in a good supply of seeds. That way if you seed save and have stored seeds you will be really prepped. If you are new to seed saving, below is the book I recommend. Be sure to get the paperback version. I have a copy of this book.


People have been saving seeds for probably thousands of years. Seeds were sold and traded all over the planet. Here is one ancient skill you can develop and will be a valuable one as a prepper.

Well, I just checked the weather forecast and it looks like I may be glad to have moved into my winter office. The forecast calls for a 43° high and a 23° F low. As soon as it warms up, my wife and I will be adding some hay to her pet pig’s bedding. The pig’s name is Kevin Bacon! The pig’s pen has a sign on its entry gate “Beware of the attack pig“. The pig actually does not like me, but loves my wife and will roll over and let her rub his belly. I often ask her why she does not do that for me. Her answer was that I don’t grunt as the pig does. My wife often threatens to give food to her pig if I don’t eat it!

Well, that is enough for the cold morning blog from Central Texas. As I am probably preaching to the choir, but things look like 2022 will be a year of even more change as the jab is being pushed even harder. If you are thinking about taking the kill shot, I would suggest that you look really deep into what you may be doing to your immune system. In no case PLEASE do not subject your children to this horrible thing. Also please consider getting ready (prepping) for things like food shortages, inflation, and the possible collapse of our financial systems. It’s not in the mainstream press, but the world is cooling and will bring with that those biblical losses of food. Sorry to end this blog with a bit of gloom, but every morning I wake up is a sunny day even if it is cold, windy, wet, and dark. 🙂

Get some seeds. Check out my blog on seeds.
Start a garden. Check out my blog on that
Love and take care of your family, friends, and neighbors.
Take care and look after those who have less than you do.




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