Cosmic Rays and Earth’s Magnetic field

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Increasing Cosmic Rays tell a story.

What do Cosmic rays have to do with the Grand Solar Minimum, humans, and food? Well, probably everything, especially that Cosmic Rays are increasing here on earth as the Earth’s magnetic field moves towards a flip. No, it’s not a polar flip as in the physical earth flipping, but it’s magnetic poles. When a magnetic pole flips, the magnetic fields get weaker and weaker as it reaches the flip point. This weakening has multiple effects on the earth and humans. these are:

  • DNA Damage
  • Wandering of the earths jet streams (Really wierd weather – like now)
  • More Cosmic Rays (DNA Damage)
  • More cosmic Rays (More clouds and a cooling)
  • Less protection from from a CME coming from the sun (Grid down).
  • Other unknown effects as humans have not experienced one.
  • This list is imcomplete

Besides humans on this planet going absolutely crazy and becoming more and more unstable, there are things happing in our universe as well. If you look at magnetic reversals which seem to occur every 10 to 13 thousand years which is a normal cycler, there are also half-cycles (6000 years) as well. Most of these 10 thousand year intervals take the human population to an almost extinction-level state every time they occur. I hate to say this, but it sure looks like we are headed into one of the 10 thousand year periods. This extinction-level event could happen between 2030 to 2040. It really depends on the speed of the weakening of the earth’s magnetic field. At present, those fields are down around 25% and decreasing faster and faster with time. (Note: This may be up to 30% at the moment) As you can see from the graphic below, Cosmic Rays are increasing more and more every year.

Now the bad news. I suspect that before the poles flip, the decreasing magnetic field strength will allow a very small Sun CME to completely destroy the earth’s power grids. As you can imagine, this will place all of us back into what our ancestors faced. No cars, electricity, air conditioning, medical attention, or any of the nice things we take for granted today.

So OK, what is the intent of this Blog?

This is a prepper blog, so where I am going is that the increase in Cosmic Rays tells a story and creates a warning. I suspect that long before the poles flip and take us back into the dark ages, that Grid Down will do that even before the universe sticks us with an even bigger one! If you are a prepper, then where you live will matter. If you have not watched my video “Rules for the Super Grand Solar Minimum“. then do so. If you live in a city of a million or even half a million and the grid goes down, can you envision what that would be like? 1 million people with no water, food, transportation, medical help – use your imagination. I sure would not like to be there and I am sure you would not as well.

Perhaps you have read someplace that the government thinks that after the grid is down for a year, that there would only be 90 million Americans alive. That may be optimistic!

That’s all for today’s blog. You might think about where you live and the population that you live around. I am not all that happy about where I live, and a bug-out plan may be in the planning stage.

The problem with my plan may be that the CME will take out my car’s computer and I will not have any gas-powered car or truck to use. I am too old to do it on foot, so I may be up the creek as they say.

Best of everything from Central Texas – Look likes it will not be in the 90’s today. Dennis

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