Earths Future is a Cold One

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Well, this blog is about the Grand Solar Minimum that I think may well be a Super one. So if humans are having a bad time this March 2022 with threats of war and people spouting the nuclear word. Then there is inflation going off the charts and possible food scarcity just for political reasons. What is coming geophysically will not be a tea party either. We must now face the cooling earth as I said in my last blog which does not give a flip what you want and think, as it just does what it must do. This solar cycle is a bit more intense than the previous one. See graphic below. When this one is over, I am thinking we will go into a Super part of the GSM. I just hope the sun does not one-day burp out a really intense CME during solar maximum. I enjoy air conditioning here in South Texas in the summer.

Remember that Sunspots do not cause heating or cooling, but are an indication of the activity of the sun. More sunspots – the warmer the earth and fewer sunspots the cooler the earth. It’s all about energy from the sun hitting the earth. This is the sub-line of my blog – It’s not you, it’s the sun baby. Global warming caused by CO2 is a lie and an agenda to control all of us. Soon all of us will hope we have some global warming, and the plants we grow for food would sure love more CO2 too. It’s called plant food.

New data provided by the students of Earth to Sky Calculus and Dr. Tony Phillips of show that cosmic radiation levels in the Earth’s atmosphere are decreasing as the new solar cycle — Solar Cycle 25 — gains strength. Do notice how the sun protects the earth from Cosmic Rays? Remember, the more intense Cosmic Rays are, the more high-level sun-blocking clouds are created which cools the earth. I suspect this decrease will eventually stall out and increase once again.

Bad news for the UK and North-Western Europe. A recent study notes that the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC) is losing its stability. The AMOC carries warm surface waters from the tropics into the Northern Hemisphere where it keeps Europe warm. Then it cools and sinks. It then returns to the tropics and then to the South Atlantic as a bottom current. From there it is distributed to all ocean basins via the Antarctic circumpolar current. Without a working AMOC and Gulf Stream, Europe will be very cold. Note: the UK is at the same latitude as Alaska. Without a working AMOC, the UK would have Alaskan weather. Wonderful fun right?

The Gulf Stream which is part of the AMOC actually comes close to me here if you head south to the Gulf of Mexico. It’s rather strange that it takes a detour to the gulf and then makes a u-turn and heads for Florida and then North. Strange indeed. Must be my Magnetic Personality? Also, you must remember that all that hot water the UK baths in must come from the mid and southern oceans. and the temperatures of that warm water are caused by the intensity of our star. Less active sun, cooler the waters. But it does take a delayed time to change. It’s not an instant thing.

BUT, there is one other thing that can cause the AMOC to drop dead and cause an ice age. You will love this. If a bunch of cold water came from the north (melting Ice) and was dumped out into the ocean around the UK, this cool water would slow down the transfer of warm water and if cool enough completely stop it. Yes, a little Ice Age. Remember as the earth goes, warm = cold eventually. Also, remember that it takes water vapor and humidity, and rain that eventually becomes snow to store all that ice in northern latitudes. The warmer things are, the more humidity (water vapor) is available to the planet.

Then there is the waining Earth’s Magnetic field. This weakening and movement is indicating that the magnetic poles will soon flip.

Note: This is a subject that NASA carries close to their heart, and the general public is kept in the dark.

The reason is that a magnetic pole flip can cause all sorts of things to go wrong. You sure don’t want the public to worry and prepare for such things, do you? We might spend less at Walmart and actually start prepping. Not a good thing. Things like wandering Jet Streams which we have seen in the last two winters are caused by these weakening fields. But that is not all, there is DNA damage, and it also makes it easy for a weak solar storm to take down the power grid. At the flip point, there will be no protection from Solar and Galactic Radiation. This can destroy life as we know it and if you look at fossils, there were a lot of animals that became extinct and a bunch more new ones that showed up during these periods. It is estimated that the fields are around 22% down and are speeding up they’re decent. Won’t find much on this every day in the news.


The UAH temperate dataset is maintained by former NASA scientist Dr. Roy Spencer and his University of Alabama in Huntsville colleague, climate scientist Dr. John Christy. They use satellite data to measure the Global Lower Atmosphere. Lately, things are not going the way globalists and TPTB want it, as their data is showing a cooling. This is so upsetting to them that you and I would even know this, so it has been banned on social media. Darm this is dangerous information to get out to you is it not? Still, think global warming is an agenda to control us? I would say yes. Please close your eyes when viewing the graph as it may enlighten you. Then you will not want to pay a carbon tax to reduce global warming. Yes indeed the earth is cooling and the future earth will be a cool one.

Then there is this. I have used this graphic many times over the years of blogging. There are a few things to notice about this graph. First the up and down are almost digital. Also, there are longer periods of cool than warm. Also, look at now and periods before now. Note many of these periods are warmer than now. Ya think Global warming is real? Also, look how fast it can go from warm to cool. Also if you look at the length of the warm intervals, we may be coming out of a warm period soon. This graph combines several ice-core records from Antarctica.

One of the more interesting findings is the speed of these changes. Within the incredibly short time span of only a few decades or even a few years, global temperatures have fluctuated by as much as 15°F

Also, the temperature of the glacial periods is getting cooler and cooler. Perhaps the bottom of the next one will be even a cooler one?

So where has this taken us? This year there have been huge amounts of cold records broken, and snow as well. Japan could supply the world with snow. Some places had snow that have never seen snow. As usual, the Grand Solar Minimum is doing its thing. Volcanic and earthquake up-ticks, floods, intense drought, and on and on. The jet streams have gone crazy and even as February became March they have not stopped amazing those who watch such things. Humans – well they just suffer. Speaking of humans, we are still suffering from the human condition. Humans still have not learned how to get along. And, it gets worse when there is a food shortage. Is it me, or does anyone look at all these things? I guess there is still beer and pizza in the refrigerator, so all is well. It may just take a huge intense flash in the sky to wake them up. Hopefully, you have run out of pizza and have intensified your prepping because of the craziness that started at the end of 2019 and the last two weeks have astounded you. Ya, me too.

Cheers and best of everything from Central Texas

Dennis – Deep in the heart of Texas

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