End of the road?

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2019 – End of the Road

Well, it has been some time that I have added a post (Blog). It is amazing what has taken place in the last month or so. If I had gone to sleep then, and just woke up, I would not recognize the world as it is now. Do you have the same feeling about December 2019? I sure do.

Have you noticed all the fear talking points lately? It seems that the Sewer Swamp Creatures (SSC) must keep us all in deep fear so they can control us. Hmmm – that seems to be working does it not?

I am seeing terms like “The End of Everything”, or “Climate Lockdown”.

Then there is what is happening in Australia and in the UK and in other places where the sewer swamp creatures seem to be running things as they did in Nazi Germany before World War II. I always thought the people of Australia had a bigger backbone than they are showing right now. I guess I was wrong as it seemed that when they gave up their weapons a few years back I should have known.

The sewer swamp creatures (SSC) here in the US seem to be trying to emulate what is happening in Australia. Thanks for the example Australia. If it was not for the 2nd. Amendment here in the US, I suspect it would be even worse here. Personally, I see not being able to get food, travel, or have medical attention as a death threat. In my eyes, a death threat is a crime against humanity.

So why did I come out of my hole and start typing again? I guess it is what I am seeing every place I look, and that is a shutdown of all our systems we wimpy marshmallows have come to need to survive. Things like JIT food (Just in time), cheap everything, parts, and services. It looks like the global system of transporting goods is breaking down. Oh jeepers, no fluffy pink things from China. The world seems to be running out of cheap energy and fuel.

Speaking of pink fluffy things, the reason is that the new green deal has shut down hydrocarbon and coal production globally. Ya, we now have those wind turbines and those solar panels that don’t work when the wind does not blow or the sun does not shine.

I am now hearing terms like rolling blackouts this winter here in the US and the UK and The EU. Well, Australia lost it two years back with their “Green” thing. Sorry to be so hard on Australia as I have some good friends there,

So here is what I suggest, and you had better get these things soon:

  • Two (2) years of food
  • A water source and a way to purify water
  • 7 years of seed
  • Medical supplies
  • A way to protect yourself
  • A way to cook using wood
  • Emergency lighting
  • Extra clothing and shoes/boots – especially warm clothing.
  • And many other things (Just think what you would need if it were not available.)

The other thing I am seeing is that those who have taken the jab are dying or might die in the future. I feel really bad about this as my whole family has taken it. As you see, I am an old grumpy stupid gloom and doom person. From what I am reading, almost all those being hospitalized have had the jab or jab 2. Jab – Bad, Jab2 – worse, and Jab 3 – kill shot? Of course, you have free will and can do and decide what you think about all this.

Here are my spiritual suggestions.

Get right with God and your Savior Jesus.

Whether you know it or not, you are the most wonderful thing God has ever created. You were created with an immortal soul, a mind, and free will. In a way, you are a very very small piece of God. That is why you are so special and important. Your soul is the Temple of the Holy Spirit which is the light that burns in your soul. With your free will, you can extinguish that light and go into the darkness.

You might ask why God lets things get as bad as they are now and are getting worse by the month, week and hour? The Answer:

It’s the free will thing. Without free will, we would be mostly a robot. Yes God, No God, and whatever you say, God.

From the looks of the world, we have used our free will for evil things. We have let the light of the Holy Spirit in our souls go dark. We can let the light of the Holy Spirit go dark by just sitting on our rears, or not caring or being a couch potato. When you don’t understand that you have a soul and that you were created by God as a wonderful gift, then your little spark of light will slowly dim and eventually go dark.

My suggestion is that you ask the Holy Spirit to renew that light and to bring His gifts of Joy and wisdom with Him. Jesus said that in bad times He would send a helper. I am thinking that He was talking about the Holy Spirit.

Come, Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of Thy faithful and enkindle in them the fire of Thy love. Send forth Thy Spirit and they shall be created. And Thou shalt renew the face of the earth.

Best of everything from Central Texas. Time is short so don’t waste it.

Get some seeds
Start a garden
Look after and love your family and neighbors
Share what you have with those who are in need


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