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I have repeated this multiple times that the old world ended Christmas 2019. It’s hard to believe it will be two years soon. Amazingly evil things have happened those last two years. As in my book, “Winter is Coming”, We are entering into new worlds. World 1.0 and World 2.0 are quickly fleeting. What comes next is out there for all to see if you only look. A stolen election, A Chinese virus, and the real attack on humanity the kill shot which is called a vaccination. This is so much not a vaccination that the definition had to be changed. But as 2020 slid into 2021 and 2021 is approaching 2022, humanity will soon have to face World 3.0. Some amazing things are being pushed out upon the human race. Medical terrorism in Austria and Australia. The EU and the UK are next. The US will be harder to take down and destroy because of the many millions of weapons owned by Americans. The jab is not working are words you will soon see put out in the open by those who are pushing it. Deep down in the very DNA and in the blood stream of the jabbed things are really working as planned. People are so wrapped up in their crappy life, that they actually believe what they are being told is the truth. They want you to die so bad that they will inject you for free. Vax one was needed and then vax two and then vax 3. It’s amazing as people willingly offer their arms to the poison. They even take their children and offer them up to the science. Now its children and the young, and finally new born and babies. When will it stop? Is this just what is needed? Heart damaging genetic experimenting on babies? How about an instant trip to hell for anyone who does this!

If you are thinking about Thanksgiving you had better do it now. In three day it will all be over. All the turkey and dressing will be eaten. Then what is coming will get even worse. If you are noticing our government and the news outlets are concocting a race war. It’s an amazing amount of words I don’t want to type here. I find it unbelievable that people really believe any of this. I guess it comes down to this: When a lie is repeated enough times and people think it is the truth, then a great victory has been won.

The problem with all of this is that people will not let go of Christmas 2019. Deep in their minds it’s all going to go back to normal.

But things will never go back to normal. If you look closely, normal was not so nice. The human race was lost and corrupt even back then. We were at the flipping and tipping point and didn’t even know it. Back then our minds had been programmed and we had destroyed our children. We had already lost our moral foundation and compass. The US was the worlds source for pornography. We were killing our unborn children and thought that was OK. We had lost our humanity. We had kicked God out of our governments, courts and our lives. Gender had lost its true definition. Sex was just a commodity. The family was slowly being destroyed. Yes it was a wonderful normal was it not? This normal is the reason we are at this point.

This normal has taken humanity into the sewer pits of our wills. We allowed it and we created it and we own it and now we must pay for it. Its pay back time!

But this is not the end but just the beginning. What man will do to himself, the father of all lies and the universe will finish it all.. In my way of thinking its time to end all of this. It did not have to end this way but it’s really our choice. It’s been our choice for thousands of years as we send our sons out as cannon fodder for the elite. How generally and most magnificently stupid humans are. While we are being stupid we become the next day’s food for the wolfs. It happens over and over and over.

What did Albert Einstein say about stupidity or was it insanity?

Ahhh here it is “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.”

While I am a part of this, even from a young age, I often thought that us humans looked much like the ant beds I poked sticks in. Well at least the ants fought back. I suspect that many of you reading this will agree with what had been written. I also think that you like me have been written off as gloom and doom.

Lately, if you can see what I see and know what I know, then you should be at peace. Just take one hour and look at the news. Look at all the evil prostitutes of the main stream press. Then go out and look at the uncensored news. It almost makes me laugh what I am seeing and hearing and the pictures of what people are doing and believing and being paid for.

The press has sold their souls to Satan and the uncensored press thinks that awaken people is the solution. Both are wrong, as both put their faith in false gods. Man cannot and never will be the savior of the world. And Satan just wants to destroy our souls.

It’s really all that simple. It just like that ant bed that as a youth I stuck sticks in. That is what we ants are experiencing and there are more and more sticks coming. Some will fight back, but most will just run and wonder what is happening.

Few will know in the end that the only solution is Jesus and that real peace comes from living in His Divine will.

There is so much to write about but I will leave that to the next few blogs. It’s the humans and the father of all lies and the will of the universe we need to think about. But in the end, all of this will end well. The real problem is getting between now and the end in one piece.

Dennis – in Central Texas.

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