Fear is the mind-killer

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Fear is the mind-killer – Dune

I remember when I went to a movie theater (ya remember those) and watched the Dune film. One of the things I really remember was the script “Fear is the mind-killer”. Well, it’s a movie but many movies predict the future and some speak the truth.

After watching Dune, I went out and purchased all the Dune series books. It was a weekend, and I started reading. Deeper and deeper I dived into the story. When I finished, I found it hard to come back to REALITY.

Reality is part of the mind, and FEAR can kill reality.


Fear can be a good thing when it comes to self-preservation.

Fear is one of the most used tools by manipulators for the past thousands of years. Look at the Covid virus thing. Fear probably caused a billion or more to take the jab, and take their children and have them jabbed too! Amazing!

I can remember someone in my family saying “Follow the science”. So here is the manipulation:

Fear the virus (problem) and follow the science (solution).

It’s amazing if you look at it, as manipulative fear is used all over this planet.


  • Russian enemies
  • Chineese enemies
  • North Korean enemies
  • American enemies
  • Black enemies
  • White enemies
  • Christian enemies
  • XYZ enemies

Solution: Armies, missiles, nuclear weapons, guns, bullets, rockets, and taxes to pay for it all. The solution is rape and pillage of 99.99% of us globally. It’s all caused by fear or fear of oppression. Here in the US, it’s about my standard of pizza and beer thing. Most Americans enjoy being raped and pillaged as long as the beer lasts or their cell phone remains charged.

But soon the pizza and beer will end, and if your mind is clouded by fear, then what you do in the next three or so years could be deadly.

Notice I am using fear to awaken your mind to what fear can do to the mind! But my agenda comes from my prepper mind. Soon, in my opinion, all of us need to think about what is coming down the train track. It’s a really bright light and it’s not a train. It’s the end of an age. There are two things on that track, these are

  • Globl cooling and geophysical and gallactic changes
  • The Great Global Reset and the Great Culling

Both of the above are interconnected. One is part of our environment and the other is man-made. One has no evil intent and the other is completely evil. So what is the purpose of this blog? I would hope that your reality is not fear-based, and that will allow you to face the two above realities as best as you can.

The truck is not coming. At least here locally. Normally my wife does the shopping but because of my blog, I have become interested in what is happening at our two local grocery stores. My observation is that there is less and less food and more and more junk. Also, prices are going up weekly. Some things were up 25% from one week to another. Meat is up astronomically. Many things have doubled. I laughed when I saw a piece of salmon which is generally expensive was almost $20. Guess no more salmon for me. I feel really sad about families with children as it is getting harder to provide good healthy food because of inflation.

If you are not a prepper and prepping is not a bad word, think about what you are seeing. Look at our politics, what is happening to car and house prices. Look at what is happening to our food supply and inflation and then think how you will face all this. If you just sit at home and wait for the inevitable, the ending will not be a good one. Become a prepper now before it’s too late.

Best of everything from cool Central Texas this 11th. day of January of 2022.


(C) 2022 The Grand Solar Minimum Prepper

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