Financial Collapse

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Financial Collapse

The Joke is on you – The Federal Reserve is not Federal and has NO Reserves. It just creates currency from thin air, and then you are taxed to make payments to pay them back. It’s called financial slavery. Are we now facing medical slavery as well?

Below are what I see as happening to the world financial system.

The US currency (dollar) will be replaced. It may or may not completely collapse.  Its replacement will be digital. The real future of the people’s money will be physical gold and silver but that could become a “so what” thing depending on our circumstances. Non-Governmental crypto (Bitcoin and others) will probably crash, be outlawed or highly regulated because it will threaten other possible managed governmental currencies. This will not be by ceasing crypto but by making it impossible to convert or exchange Bitcoin or others into local currencies (possible option). The Fed and other central banks will probably issue their own coins based on some calculated value based on carbon credits and possibly silver and gold and other global values placed on resources. All bank accounts will be  converted and then placed into some type of governmental wallet. The conversion will be really poor for the bank account holder as taxes and other conversion fees will be extracted.

At this point, if a citizen owes money, it will be taken from the holder’s wallet. At that point, if the wallet holder has no money, they will be moved from their home, all debts forgiven and moved into governmental living facilities.  After moving, a basic income monthly governmental payment will be made based on what sector of work is assigned to the individual. In order to receive credits in a wallet will require that every person work. Everything that an individual will need must be purchased with the wallet. What is purchased and how much is purchased will be closely monitored.

While silver and gold will have some value during the coming crash, it will be very hard to use as money if everyone is moved into the city and off the land. People will not be allowed to own cars, and will have to use local transportation, by bicycle or by foot. At this point there will be no rural activities as all land except that used to produce food will become unavailable to own or even live on. All national parks and forest as well as other deemed land will be off limits to human activities. This will be setup and enforced globally.

As global cooling (Grand Solar Minimum) continues to make it harder and harder to grow food and higher and higher energy demands will require that this type of system be implemented very soon. My thinking is in the next four or five years. Most of the plans on how this financial system will work has already been designed and are ready to be rolled out globally.


  • Where will China and Russia fit into this system?
  • Will Russia see China as a threat?
  • When will China lose the ability to feed its people?
  • How quickly will the various systems globally be merged into a one world order system of financial and physical control?
  • How quickly will the Grand Solar Minimum and other geophysical and galactic forces start their unstoppable destruction of our very fragile systems of living and commerce?
  • When will food resources get so scarce that there will be global shortages?

And finally this monster that is seldom discussed and masked off from people.

  • When will the waning (weakening) earth’s magnetic field get to its tipping point of rapid acceleration which will or could be an extinction level event happen? At present, we are probably looking at a 25% reduction level. At the rate this is falling we presently may be looking at 5% per year. As above, there is probably a point that this could change to 10% or even 20% per year. Then society as we know it as well as the financial system will have no meaning. To but a tag on the above:

Magnetic Pole Flip

To ignore this or to minimize all the above is to put your life and the lives of those you love in danger.

  • The coming of the Grand Solar minimum.
  • Food loss and a cooling earth. The future of earth is a cold one.
  • Financial breakdowns.
  • The weakening of the earth’s magnetic field and geomagnetic pole flip.
  • The Chinese virus.
  • The vaccine and eventual death of many billions of humans.
  • The fall of the United States.
  • The great global reset.
  • The continued genetic manipulation of humans.
  • The illumination of souls.
  • Christians hiding from persecution and living in refuges.
  • The complete collapse of everything.
  • The great delusion.
  • Mark of the beast.
  • Persecutions of humans by Satan and his Minions.
  • Three days of darkness and the casting of all evil into hell.
  • The triumph of the Divine will of Jesus and His mother – You do love your mother don’t you?
  • A new age of peace that will last 1000 years.
  • All humans living the will of God and the completion of the “Our Father”.
  • Satan will be released back upon the earth for a very short time.
  • Then the end will come.
  • Final Judgment.
  • Infinite rewards for those who love God

I am sorry that I got into the geophysical, solar and galactic items above because this blog is all about financial collapse or how I see it. But in my mind I see what is coming from our financial master is a race to the finish line. Who will get there first? While I am not a gambler I have my ideas. Will our masters win and then die? Or will the universe destroy them first? Me, I am thinking both will happen at the same time. What do you think?

Dennis in Central Texas

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  1. Steve

    Dear Dennis,

    Q1. You are in Central Texas. The maps released about continental change inductees much of Texas will go under water, along with all of Florida and much of Georgia. Have your looked into this? Is your position secure?

    Q2. I used to believe that millennium was future tense as you portray. Hi look at the root language though, the word tranlated as 1,000 YEARS really means an unspecified period of time. Then look at the description of the second coming and Yeshua taking vengeance on the nations. I now believe we are in that period of time already and Satan is already loosed. Read up on the second coming and destruction. What do you think?

    Q3. We are in Australia. It’s difficult to get projections for here. Do you have any info on Victoria, Tasmania in particular?

    • Sgsm_Dennis

      Q1, it looks like we may have beach property. Where I live is 550 ft. above seal level.
      Q2. Well I am looking at the coming 1000 years from a Catholic point of view. Physically jesus will not return, but will be a part of the human spirit during the thousand years of peace. As we will live in His will not ours.
      Q3. Not a lot. If you are thinking about climate, I would suggest you follow electroverse. Just google that and signup for emails.
      Thanks for commenting Steve.

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