Food Loss and a Cooling Earth

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Food loss and a cooling earth. The future of earth is a cold one.

Here is what is being pushed out by the CO2 heads or the paid Global Warming Prostitutes:

“Let’s sidestep the semantics about consensus and just state that the science is clear, human-induced climate change is happening, will have many negative effects on the bulk of humanity and that is why we need to accelerate action to avoid the worst of it and do so a multitude of fronts.”

The above is a most wonderful set of lies. Here are the lies

  • Let’s Sidestep- Yes, let’s sidestep the truth.
  • Consensus – Yes, science is always about consensus not facts.
  • Science is clear – Science is NEVER CLEAR.
  • Human Induced – Yes, humans are more powerful than the Sun!
  • Climate Change – Climate is always changing.
  • Negative effects – Bad Bad Humans.
  • We need to – Who is we?
  • Accelerate – Yes accelerate and go completely green.
  • Avoid the worst – Yes it was the worst, but the worst is being pushed back over and over.

All the above is an agenda and has really nothing to do with science. It’s all about control and you eventually having nothing and being happy! Science is never about hard facts that can never be changed, and the consensus is a mad man’s dream. Run when you read or hear consensus or follow the science words. Those who use these words are trying to control you or have swallowed the propaganda.

While I have written much about global cooling over the past 5 years, I can assure you that I have been wrong about many things especially timelines.

The above ice core data plot is one of my favorite ones. The one thing that stands out is that the earth is a cool and icy earth most of the time. Note that on the left of the plot is our present time. As you can see from the plot it is a warm period. As you can also see that there have been periods that were warmer than today and there were no SUVs or all that many humans.

From the looks of the ice core data, there is around a 120 thousand year cycle between warm and cold periods. One thing for certain is that during the cold periods, it would not be possible to feed the almost 8 billion population we have today.

So if you think about it, global warming is a good thing. You and I would probably not be alive except for our really nice warm period. Do you see the lie now? The problem is that this is coming to an end, and the earth is cooling off and will not be able to support the billions of people who like to eat every day.

Sunspots. Well, a good way to predict warming and cooling caused by the sun is the Sunspot Count. The more sunspots, the more energetic the sun is. More sunspots occur during warming periods and fewer occur during cooler periods. Note that during the Maunder Minimum and the Dalton Minimum which were cold periods there were no or fewer sunspots. Note that for the last few 11 year cycles sunspots are becoming fewer and fewer. Around 1980 – 85 the corner was turned and we are now going into a period of fewer and fewer sunspots and of course a cooling earth.

NASA – Sunspots

So what about food and sun spots? The nice thing about global warming is that during these periods, crops may be grown further north than during cool periods. As the earth cools off. crops grown at really northern lattitudes begin to have problems. Problems like reduced growing seasons, less sun, and late and early frosts. The weather becomes wetter and there are more environmental problems like mold and also health issues. As things cool, places that grew great abundant crops must move south to substain the same crop production. We are now seeing this happen especially from 2019 to now. In the next few years the problm will get even worse. This year Canada had huge problems and the US had a 40% reduction of Durum Wheat. At some point, there will not be enough of last years harvest to carry on to the next. Soon Canada will go off line and places in the US that can grow normal crops will have to move further south.

Durum Wheat

There are also other problems with food. and that is inflation and our food distribution system. There can be food but if you can’t transport it or afford it it will be just the same as having no food. There is also the fertilizer and farm equipment part availability problem. The above is a good reason to grow your own food.

Soon the almost 8 billion people on this planet will wake up to the understanding that there will be a food shortage. When this understanding happens all the food that is available will be stripped from any place that it can be found. Places like stores, warehouses, fields, and your house.

  • The coming of the Grand Solar minimum.
  • Food loss and a cooling earth. The future of earth is a cold one.
  • Financial breakdowns.
  • The weakening of the earth’s magnetic field and geomagnetic pole flip.
  • The Chinese virus.
  • The vaccine and eventual death of many billions of humans.
  • The fall of the United States.
  • The great global reset.
  • The continued genetic manipulation of humans.
  • The illumination of souls.
  • Christians hiding from persecution and living in refuges.
  • The complete collapse of everything.
  • The great delusion.
  • Mark of the beast.
  • Persecutions of humans by Satan and his Minions.
  • Three days of darkness and the casting of all evil into hell.
  • The triumph of the Divine will of Jesus and His mother – You do love your mother don’t you?
  • A new age of peace that will last 1000 years.
  • All humans living the will of God and the completion of the “Our Father”.
  • Satan will be released back upon the earth for a very short time.
  • Then the end will come.
  • Final Judgment.
  • Infinite rewards for those who love God

OK, this is the end of this blog. So what can you get out of this blog? Besides what our masters think they are doing to us with perhaps billions being dead from the vaccines, there are all the geophysical things that are going to take down our food production systems and perhaps our grid. I have no idea when things will get really worse than they are now, but there is no dought that they will and this winter and next year (2022) are looking to be prime candidates.

There may be only a few more months that you can use to prepare. After that, if you have not, you will become a burden on those around you.

Dennis – Central Texas

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