Food Security in a Changing World Module 3

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Welcome to Module 3. As stated in this module, this would normally be on long term food storage, but because of the times and what is going on in the world, I thought this would be better to post now as the spring seed purchasing is going full blast.

If you are watching the news (PLEASE NOT CNN), then you know that countries that surround Russia are preparing for war. Some right next to Russia are considering joining NATO. Many countries are providing Ukraine with weapons. Apparently (its hard to know) but the war in Ukraine is really messy for Russia, and has created a humanatarian problem for many people leaving the area. Europe and the EU are in a jam when it comes to energy, food and now cold weather. Many of the same problems there will be comming to the US soon, especially food availabality. fuel cost and things as simple as medical supplies. China has shut down a large port city because of what they say is an uptick in the virus. I think this is a lie to make it hard to get supplies to the US. Much of the food coming from the Ukraine area will not make it to the market this year. Watch the news as I suspect that the Middle East will soon be seeing food availability problems much worse than they are now.

While this is not for sure, but up to 2 billion people could have food security problems soon resulting in starvation. I sure hope this is not true, but with climate and geopolitical problems and furtilizer shortsages, things are looking a bit dark.

Perhaps you are getting tired of me constantly saying get your seeds, but you really should. 🙂

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