Food Security in a Changing World Module 4

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Welcome to Module 4 (Long Term food storage). I’ll ask you again. Have you purchased your seeds? There are plenty of seeds to be had now, but soon, like they just announced in the UK, people may have to choose between heating (cooling later) and eating. Yes, it’s that bad, and things are just getting started. Ya, that funny-looking guy with crazy hair just said that. Our president said we will have food shortages. Canada just said the same thing. Inflation is going to get so bad and many food items will no longer be available so a garden is of prime importance.

If you are following the news, things are getting very scary globally. If you have a feeling what I am warning about is BS then so be it.

It is my and many others’ opinion that we will have a complete global collapse in 2023. That is a date that I selected back in 2019 and it sure looks that way.

Not only is the Grand Solar minimum doing its thing, but Geophysically as in our waining magnetic field which is on its way to a flip is speeding up. This is causing crazy gyrations of our Jet Streams. A pole flip is a life-ending event in its final stages as UVC will kill plant life and humans exposed to it. Don’t understand UVC? Well, get with it. What you don’t know can kill you.

The human race has arrived at the Final Mushroom Stage. Soon no Pizza and Beer! So don’t be a mushroom!

Then the Great Global reset which is in full swing right now is trying to control and kill us all off. I don’t know if you are seeing this, but most western countries governments are not their citizens friends. It’s all about Russia which is a smokescreen. In China, the are trying to starve out millions of their people with a false virus thing. The rulers of China are no better than our rulers, they just live in another place and in a different country.

If you knew that there would be a food shortage, should not the US be doing something about it? If energy prices were increasing would not we try to do something about it? If farmers could not get or afford fertilizer would we do something about it?

But no, it’s all about Russia and the Ukraine. The reason you will suffer is because of Russia and what they are doing.

WE LIVE IN A SICK WORLD – In Colorado, you can kill your baby up to the moment of birth! Is that not a lovely thing? It’s no wonder that we seem to have periods of killing each other as no one seems to understand how precious life is. If we did, we would be out in the streets. So if you think abortion is leagalized murder, what are you doing about it? I am a Catholic, and the Catholic Church is quiet quiet quiet. Why? They are afraid. And so are you. Loads of pizza and beer are still available so on with the killing. Abortion is just a legal way to kill chirden all the time. SICK SICK and getting SICKER.

Note: You can kill with words and by doing nothing!

The World does need a reset. All this sickness needs to be destroyed. Its coming.

I am glad I am not on Youtube as I can say things here that cannot be said there. Those who took the Jab, especially three of them could be dead in the next three years as it has completely destroyed your immune system and you may have an AIDS-like system. As more and more jabs were taken, your immune system was damaged more and more.

I do not like to report this as most of my family drank the cool aide and took the jab. Some more than once. This really saddens me very much. Insurance companies are reporting that the death rate is starting to skyrocket. I do not have the time to give you sources on all this, go find it just like I did. If you have fingers to type, the information is out there. It’s your life and you are responsible for it.

There is one thing I can say with confidence if the government says it, it’s a half-truth or a outright lie, or just part of a blinding agenda to control you. If you love your family you had better do something quickly.

Have you noticed how quickly the world went from the virus, to the vacciene to Russia and the Ukraine to fertilizer, energy, and food shortages? Yes, its all an agenda and how easily we are swayed back and forth. Soon they will say we need a solution and you can bet they wil have one.

What to do? That is what this blog is all about. So let’s get on with the next module which is Long Term food storage. I do some of this, but as I have said over and over, you need to have your own grocery store and food storage will help you get there. After this module, there will be three more on gardening and growing your own food.

You can view or download Module 4 by clicking on the graphic below.

6 Responses

  1. Julie

    Good article!! Sorry for your family but it seems there are more and more people that will be
    “weeded out”. Thanks for trying!

  2. Robert Paulis

    Your concern is appreciated but going around claiming to be a Catholic is fools speak. You should know that to break 1 of the Lord’s 10 Commandments is as to break them all. Your cult has turned the 4th Commandment into a polluted side show and you can do your own research to come to the truth.
    I’ll help a bit: Ezekiel 20:12. Is The Sign.
    In 321 AD Emperor Constantine conspired with Pope Sylvester to make Sunday, “the Lord’s Day”. This act is MAN MADE, Edict of March 7, Corpus Juris Civilis Cod., lib.3 tit.12, Lex.3. In 364 AD, the Catholic church made it official; the Council of Laodicea.
    As a Catholic I felt this church organization veered away from Old Testament studies deflecting TRUTH along the way.
    Isaiah 58:13-14 prescribes The Sabbath in a concise, “If and Then” scenario.
    If your interest brought you this far along you should know WHY the Centurions were ordered to the “break the legs” of the 3 men being crucified? (JOHN 19:31)
    Now, peruse the 4 Gospels from the TIME at which Joseph of Aramethea arrived and at what TIME Jesus’s body was removed from the cross. These events are a total contradiction to the hours of the TRUE SABBATH.
    Should you still care enough to learn the TRUTH, Nehemiah 13:19, “as it began to be DARK before the Sabbath… ” proves he, the Israelites, Jesus and His disciples all observed the SABBATH hours from midnight Friday to midnight Saturday, not sundown to sundown.
    The whole world has been deceived but TRUTH is emerging! Everything that’s happening in today’s world is the result of this understanding as the grand LIE is slowly exposed. THE 4TH COMMANDMENT, THE SABBATH OF THE LORD, BEGINS AT MIDNIGHT FRIDAY THRU MIDNIGHT SATURDAY! GET USED TO IT AS WE SHALL ABIDE IN IT, IN OUR ETERNAL FUTURE WITH THE LORD!

    • Sgsm_Dennis

      Hey Robert. Here is my Catholic faith: Jesus is my lord and Savior. Love God above everything (He is my everything and only thing) and love my neighbor as I love myself! Not so complex is is. You can find all kinds of things in the bible to prove an agenda. Thanks for commenting. God Ble4ss You and Yours. Dennis

  3. Grandma Julie

    Have to agree with everything you said, not sure how I found you but will dive deeper into what you just might have to say.

  4. Jay

    Nation against nation is just posturing at the moment. Globalists believe that they’ve got a deal with all of the heads of state. What they will soon find out is that those heads of state will turn these cold wars into hot wars and the globalists will be executed. It’s kind of like the police reports about drug deals gone bad. They turn deadly real fast.

  5. Leethal

    You read just like me. Most of my family took the JAB too. Unbelievable. I told them they got AIDS now. They just shrug their shoulders like nuth’ns happened.

    Yeah, they made a deal with the devil, I told them.

    I told a lady how to deal with doctors. I told her take half of what they say as truth and the other half as lies and she’ll do alright. 😉

    But anywaze you got me thinking about food and storage. I like that – make your own grocery store.

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